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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #147

A little kookaburra slightly obsessed with his own shadow. Or he's sulking because I refused to give him more food. I'm not a meanie. I fed him plenty.

Happy Sunday!

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Ralph said…
You know how kookaburras are - it is never enough!
millie said…
Animals can be so quirky...I wonder what they would say if they could talk????
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
I didn't know what kookaburra is but google helped me! :)
This is the last time I participate from Casa - from next Sunday I'll post from Helsinki...
So, is that a kookaburra bird of the wild? Just there on your porch or (?) waiting for MORE food? Or, is that in a zoo? Or, is it our pet kookaburra?
Although he probably is sulking because he's not getting more food, I'd like to believe that he is fascinated with his shadow!
Patti said…
I'm with Paula..the kookaburra loves looking at his own shadow!

Thanks as always for hosting, Tracy. And thanks for feeding your Kooka friend. ;-)
Dina said…
How lucky you were to be so near a sweet kookaburra (AND his shadow).
I vote for sulking...I'm sure it's a ploy he's used before to tug at the heartstrings of unsuspecting humans..."poor me. I've got no money to go shopping for food of my own and no hands to carry it home if I did. While I appreciate all you've fed me already...I'm still quite hungry...I really am. I should be charging you to take photos of me and my shadow anyway. We are quite handsome and should be paid accordingly." Did he look up and bat his eyes after you snapped this photo? Haha...I could go on impersonating your Kookaburra all day :) Love the!
Sylvia K said…
I think he's looking at his shadow, too, and maybe hoping you'll realize just how cute he is and give him maybe just a tad more food!! Fun shot for the day, Tracy, I love it! Enjoy the weekend!

Catherine said…
He does look a little peeved...great shot and great collages asusual - thanks!
Alissa Nicolau said…
The kookaburra looks so awesome! I'm gonna look him up on YouTube to see what I can find for Hugo's eyes. And how cool that you got to feed him!
Anonymous said…
He probably thinks he deserved more food, in return for posing so prettily for you!
niko said…
that's a beautiful shot!!

here's my first ever share

thank you very much!
Ms. Becky said…
I'm becoming very fond of kookaburras! I love love love this shadow shot Tracy. everything about it. happy SSS, and have a great week! thanks for hosting.
Chubby Chieque said…
That's cute.

And they sounds early in the morning, right?

Hope everybody's in the best of health and enjoying the great weather downunder.

Molly said…
kookaburra thinks his shadow looks pretty cool!
Spadoman said…
Sure, you said you fed him, but his body language tells me something different. The poor little thing. He needs love!
Just kidding, of course. Great shadow shot, up close and personal.

Laura said…
I've never seen a kookaburra before...he does seem to be admiring his shadow!
Tracy girl this little creature looks so deep in thought !
Perhaps he?she? is trying to use some ESP method to convince you "just a little more food please?" and I'll leave you alone, I swear ! .. wait a minute .. that is the line my cats use on me!!!!
Joy wink wink
Sarah said…
What a cutie. he sounds a bit like my cats!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Now you are connecting with my world! We feed a little family of kookaburras daily! Love the subdued tones and shadow lights in this shot! Beautiful!

And thank you so much for including my last photo in your collage! You always make such a great effort to help us feel good!

Enjoy your weekend!
Hi Tracy,

Well, I know that you are not a meanie, lol. What a cutie, and a wonderful shadow shot. Thank you so much for hosting SSS and have a wonderful week.

Best and God bless,
Sue said…
I bet he cocked his head at you and then gazed meaningfully and pointed his beak at a spot not too far away for him to reach. Could there be a bit of foot tapping going on as well?
I don't like it when they swoop and pinch food from the table, I'm nervous of that massively strong beak and any misjudgment - ouch!
Love your collages, and I always notice shadows I missed the previous week, there's never enough time to visit everyone :(
Thanks for including my rock pools. Have a wonderful week.
cute penguin and shadow how nice that he was still enough-- your collages are so well themed :)
Carola said…
The bird is watching his shadow. What could be better for Shadow (Shot) Watch Sunday.
muchlove said…
the little kookaburra looks a bit camera shy!
EG CameraGirl said…
I bet a kookaburra never gets enough. :))
Unknown said…
Nice shot, he does look like he is admiring his shadow.

Have a great week.
Unknown said…
Cute! ;-) Have a great weekend Tracy.
4 Lettre Words said…
Awww...well, he is a looker!
robin. said…
what a fun shot of the sulking fellow!! just getting back from a continuing ed course...hate when real life cuts into my weekend.
Clever fellows those kookaburra's...I miss their morning call :) Great shot!

Christine said…
I love this shadow shot, Tracy. I've never seen a kookaburra, EVER, nor heard one, and I want to do both so badly. More kookaburra photos, please!
Angie said…
Sure looks fed up (play on words here)! Great shot.
DougVernX said…
Well this is a first. I have never ever seen a kookaburra. I know we used to sing a song about them at summer camp. Thanks for a new experience and thanks for featuring my shadow shot last week! :)
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Wonderful shadow shot, how on earth did you get so close to him?? Wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Kookaburra is a cute name: I never heard it before.
Nice photo!
gengen said…
Maybe he is curious of what he saw below heheh. Mine is up...
JunieRose2005 said…
That's the cutest shot I've seen in awhile!! :)

I did one this time!
(still into my flowers :) )

Unknown said…
what an interesting little bird, and neat shot. there are plants where i grew up that are called cockle burrs (might be one word or two, i'm not sure) but i pronounce it 'kookaburr' ... random memory, wanted to share!
Jan Halvard said…
Buenas fin de semana!

Muy bonita foto...

Jan Halvard,
noruego en La Paz, Bolivia
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!
Karen said…
Used to sing a song about a kookaburra in grade school: "Merry, merry king of the bush is he."
Thanks for hosting, Harriet! blessings on your week.
whizkid said…
a kookaburra! the real thing. i'd only seen the cricket ball version :)

happy to start participating in SSS again. Have a lovely week!
Alexa said…
It's my very first kookaburra—thanks, Tracy! said…
aww....what a cute little thing! he's probably nodding off to a nap with his belly full!
He's a cutie. Is he your pet? He looks underwater, sort of, with those wonderful aqua colors. And thanks for putting my last week's shadow in the prime first position!
Anonymous said…
Or perhaps the bird is thinking, what does that woman with a camera thinks I'm thinking *LOL*
Have a great SSS ;-)
Unknown said…
I've never been even close to a kookaburra. I'm dying for more info and pics!
Hootin Anni said…
love, Love, ♥♥LOVE♥♥ this photo!!!!
Anca Pandrea said…
So we aren't the only ones obsessed with shadows... He is cute!
Oh I love it! A sulking kookaburra with shadow!! I can never get over what huge heads those birds have! I wonder how they can navigate with those big old noggins. ;<) x-cassie
Eden said…
Hahaha.. that is so cute! Love it.
Dianne said…
he's so sweet and fuzzy :)
Kelly said…
Kookaburra!! Now I'll be singing that little song for the rest of the day!

He's cute checking out his shadow that way.
Kathe W. said…
I'd heard of Kookaburra's but neve had seen one- he's so darn cute! How could you resist ???
Anonymous said…
He is cute! And I'm sure you are not a meanie. :)
Maude Lynn said…
That's a really cool capture!
April said…
Great photo!
Victoria said…
What a hoot! This little guy is apparently very skilled at practicing looks to induce guilt, and thus obtain more treats. Good for you for staying strong and drawing the line at enough is enough. You wouldn't want to contribute to kookaburra obesity. (I am sure one day he will look back and thank you for your tough love!)
Heather said…
How cool is that!! A real kookaburra right beside you! You even got to feed him. *squuuueeee* I've only ever seen them in zoos. It's so much fun seeing other parts of the world through the eyes (or lens!) of someone else. Neat shot!!!
This is not a case of me and my shadow, it is a case of where's the food! Good shot looking down over his head. He must have ventured quite close.
PJ said…
I wish we had kookaburras, the name alone would make it worthwhile...a great photo, T.
A Wild Thing said…
He's such a bitch...they can be such pains...that's the way the squirrels are here in Iowa, they come up to the window and scratch on it...and let me tell ya...terriers go ballistic when it comes to squirrels on their turf!

I finally forced myself in from the outside to make some comments to my buds...ahhhh...spring!!!

Have a great week Tracy, enjoy your Autumn and be thankful you don't get snow!!!

jane said…
I love your shot - I love your Kookaburra - he is so cute
Legacy of Love said…
I love your little guy! He is soo cute. Great party, have a great week
forgetmenot said…
What a cute little guy--"Kookaburra Sits In the Old Gum Tree"--one of my favorite songs as a child. Mickie
Thanks for the new wrinkle in my brain -- I had to look up what a kookaburra was. At first glance it looks like a penguin :-) Thanks for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday -- glad to participate again this week.
Arlene said…
Great photos!

I missed Mr. Linky again. =)

Hope to catch him next weekend.

Enjoy the new week everyone!

picciolo said…
wow he came close! What a beautiful bird
: )