Shadow Shot Sunday #148

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #148

These shadows were found at Sandgate Pier this week and it's interesting to note that the area is quite a popular location for film shoots. A couple of recent ones being for a commercial for UK improvement store and garden centre called Homebase, which should be airing on British television stations from this month. Also an Aussie film currently screening in cinemas called A Heartbeat Away contains many scenes featuring the Sandgate Pier. I almost saw the film the other day but ended up seeing Limitless instead. Judging by all the less than favourable reviews I've heard and read for A Heartbeat Away, viewing Limitless was probably the better choice. And I enjoyed it much more than I expected to!

Happy Sunday!

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Sylvia K said…
Oh, these are gorgeous shots, Tracy!! Rich colors and what a beautiful place!! Would love to there right now! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Dina said…
Your shadows are bold and dramatic.
My imagination sees them as giant razor wire shadows. (Guess I've been living in the Middle East too long.)
Tom Hilton said…
Great sculpture, wonderful shadows. I really like these.
Wondrously strange sculptures--and even more wondrously strange shadows! You stumbled upon a good shot!
Patti said…
Beautiful photos and I love the calming shades of green and blue.

You have Homebase. Here we have Home Depot. Same idea I guess!

Thanks for the fun meme, as always
Ms. Becky said…
there's something very soothing and cool about your turquoise shadows today Tracy. I love those first two photos, though they are all remarkable in their lines and colors. it's a WOW series of shadow shots for me. thanks for hosting, and have a really great week!
Yummy, yummy images! They make me happy!
Generik said…
Very cool choice this week! I could spend a lot of time shooting those pieces and their shadows. It's no wonder filmmakers like them.
Gerald (SK14) said…
The shadows are really striking.
niko said…
oh noh! the shadows are awesome!! just lovely!!
Laura said…
these are wonderful shadows Tracy...each more fascinating than the next...I love the cris-crossing of all the different forms and the soothing colors too!
BLOGitse said…
Great shots Tracy!
Greetings from snowy Helsinki. Next week we should have sun again. It was so beautiful on Thu & Fri....
Have a good week ahead!
EG CameraGirl said…
How interesting that this spot is used for ads in the UK. :)
Ralph said…
The shapes offer unique and complex shadows. The artistic look of these sculptures complement the azure sea that projects from the end of the pier. Neat!
millie said…
i like to visit places i've seen in movies or on tv! this pier looks like a calm, relaxing place. i can see myself sitting and enjoying the view.
Unknown said…
Great to participate in the challenge!
Martha Z said…
These structures are not what I envisioned from the shadows, nice capture.
Helloooo Tracy!!
Love your shadows today - they are so tropical looking. What a great place to just sit and enjoy the water...ahhhhhh! Have a lovely weekend!
Karla & Karrie
S. Fann said…
lovely piece of work :) stimulating insights working magic HA. it's a jumble of flavors you're offering here.. the artsy-elements and sweet vintage-vibe-in-hues. lovely.
Molly said…
I love your shadow pics Tracy. Had a sneaky look at your previous post of the the early morning across the bay.
So beautiful - wordless!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Those are gorgeous shadows Tracy, have a great weekend.
Christine said…
Wonderful, colorful (if that's possible, you've done it!) shadows, Tracy.
Limitless is on my weekend list and I'm glad to hear you liked it.
Happy Spring (fall to you I guess) and have a wonderful week.
Rinkly Rimes said…
Very unusual shadows, seen from any angle.
I like the mystery of the shadow source until one
reaches the end of the series - than it is quite a
robin. said…
what fun shadows today tracy! great colors and depth!!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love those curved scuptured features enhancing the glorious water view with a little art! And what a wonderful mesh of shadows they cast!

Enjoy your weekend!
I like those things...and the colors in the photos. The shadows look a bit like some sort of metal palm frond and make the shadows look like an especially cool place to be standing. Hope you're having a nice lazy weekend Tracy :)
Hi Tracy,

Your pier shots are so pretty, and so are your early morning shots below. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week!

Take care,
Carola said…
Your shadows are so interesting, great structure.
Sue said…
What a great series of interesting shadows and a lovely location Tracy. How intriguing that it's being used for a British commercial, I wonder how they'll incorporate it. Have a lovely week, and thankyou for giving so much time to host SSS.
A Wild Thing said…
Ahhh, yes, I'll just drag my blanky right there on the beach to catch some rays and listen to the surf...did someone say paradise...lucky girl!!!

Have a great week Mistress of the Shadows!

J.Rylie.C said…
So pretty!

My shadows, please come and see.
maryt/theteach said…
Love the green tint, Tracy! :)
GVK said…
my post this week - Supermoon.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful place to capture shadows, and I can see why it is popular for film shoots. Gorgeous!
Lighthousegal said…
Looks like a Beautiful Place and a great place for pictures. Of course, to me any pier is a great place for pictures. Great Shadow Shots too!! Thanks for sharing and for hosting this meme!!!
Kathe W. said…
beautiful shadow shots- wish I were there in the sun shine! We've got a few more months of rain....
Have a great Sunday!
Your colors of aqua and teal always look like a sunny day and underwater at the same time. So cool. said…
What a lovely place to spend an afternoon.
Lots of interesting shadows here too.
Have a great week Tracy & thanks for hosting your wonderful meme!
: )
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Your shadow shots are fabulous plus it looks like a gorgeous place to spend some time with or without a camera. I hope you have had a good weekend.
E Makes Art said…
Fantastic photos!! You're making me want to go visit this pier...I can reach there by car from California, right? ; )

Anonymous said…
The sun will make this place new to look at all the time, the shadows form will change ;-)
Great shots, Tracy, and thanks for ones again to show one of my SSS!
Ever Green Tree said…
Loved your take of SSS! Very creative.
jane said…
What gorgeous colours and the shadows are so deep - I can feel that warm sunshine on my back -
apologies Harriet I think I have posted my pic twice- due to a spot of bother with the URL !
Vintage Gal said…
Beautiful shadows ~ I'm linking up this weekend. Hopefully, I did it right ;-)
Sarah said…
Now if I see the Homebase advert I will actually be able to knowledgeably say whare it was filmed! It looks post-apocalyptic somehow.
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow shots.

Have a great week, Tracy!
Linda said…
What a fabulous place for shadow photos. Enjoy the weekend.
Dianne said…
I love the bold shadows in contrast to the soft colors and light
Spadoman said…
I love the use of sculpture on your shadow shots. You seem to be able to find them and put their shadows to beautiful use.
If I may crow a little, I used to work in the motion picture industry. There are certain places that many directors and photography directors like because of the light and structure. This pier must be one of those places.

Kelly said…
I couldn't imagine what your shadows were until I saw the final photo. They reminded me of feathers for some reason! Quite interesting!!

Thanks for including my chimney shadow in your collage this week.
Unknown said…
beautiful shadows and the shadow makers are so cool!
Anonymous said…
Pretty shadows.
Looks like a beautiful area!
Anonymous said…
Super shadow shots! I will have to look out for the Homebase advert (we can see the Hawick branch over on the other side of the valley!)
gengen said…
It is a quite beauty.. mine is up..
DougVernX said…
I love taking shots of metal sculptures like in your photos. Such dark contrast.
Unknown said…
I LOVE the colors and the detail of the shadows!
Unknown said…
i love love LOVE the second one - i want to paint it! :D
Heather said…
GAH!!! The best shots! I really love your style Tracy! I wish we lived closer. I'd get down on my hands and knees and beg you to teach me stuff! Awesome shadows this week!!! <3
Legacy of Love said…
Great shots! Love the green
FiveSibesMom said…
Another fabulous array of photos! Love your pier shots, so lacey and delicate! Hope you can pop over and check out our supermoon shots! Have a great week!
Linnea said…
Thanks! Those are really interesting shadows you found!
This is my first time to post on Shadow Shot Sunday and was a lil confused as to why the links don't show up like they do on last weeks!!
Your shadow shot of the pier structures were very interesting and neat. Liked them very much.
I am in no way a photographer, but have to say I have improved over the last almost 2 years since I have been blogging.
Thanks so much for hosting this different type of Meme, There are some really neat photos.
Blessings, Nellie
Unknown said…
Great shadows this week Tracy, and beautiful views of the water. Thank you for featuring last weeks SSS. Have a great week. Jo
Unknown said…
Hopefully I linky-ed up correctly! What fun, so thank you for doing this!
I love your shots for this week, especially the last one!
forgetmenot said…
Love the sculpture and love the shadows they produce. Good eye for seeing something interesting and unique. Mickie
Alexa said…
Wow, Tracy—exquisite shadows! (And thanks for showing mine.)
picciolo said…
I'll keep an eye out for that Homebase ad, what a beautiful place!
: )