Shadow Shot Sunday #166

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #166

A fun display at a huge shop fittings warehouse in West End. I often pop in there to sneak around to take photos of all the mannequins they have lurking around the building. The mannequins don't seem to mind. They've never once objected!

Happy Sunday!

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Ooooooo!!!!1 Aaaaahhhhh!!! That is way, way, way too cool! I'm off to go photograph ghost towns today (in the heat)!
Gerald (SK14) said…
hey that's very ingenious
Gemma Wiseman said…
Suspended shadow! This is so creative! Such fun to wander taking photos of mannequins! Hope your weekend is less soaked with chilled rain than ours!
Cassie said…
What a cool ShadowShot. You always find the neatest shots! Happy SSS.
Sylvia K said…
Fantastic! I love it! The mannequins do make wonderful shadows! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy! Enjoy! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Beverley Baird said…
What a fun shadow! Great mannequin!
have a lovely weekend!
Cassie said…
Oh, and I forgot to say I really liked your July18th monochrome photos.
BLOGitse said…
That's a cool shot!
Isn't if funny what kind of hobbies we have... :)
It's hot and sticky in Helsinki, a short thunderstorm a couple of hours ago but now sunny...
Happy Sunday!
Dina said…
Very . . . different!
Glad those giants have no objection to your photographing them.
Ralph said…
We need to keep our feet on the floor and not on our desks. How does this 'person' keep hi feet on the floor when all the way up there??
Hi Tracy, you sure do have "The Eye"! Way cool photo.

Hope your week is grand,

Kathy M.
Ms. Becky said…
oh dear, how many ways do I love this photo? this is fun fun fun, with an eerie atmosphere too! you looked up. the shadows are a blast. thanks for hosting SSS each week Tracy. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. this photo is over the top. d'oh!
robin. said…
would they get that table down from the display if i realllly wanted it? great shot tracy.
MyMaracas said…
What an awesome find! And what great shadows.

Thanks for including me in this weeks collages!
Carola said…
An eye-catching decoration. Great shot with awesome shadows.
Patti said…
Great capture! What a cool set of shadows.

I agree mannequins are a perfect subject. They won't ever talk back.

Dianne said…
I have often found inanimate objects to be most cooperative :)

fantastic scene, I love it
Anonymous said…
Super fun shadow shot!
& aren't you glad.....that they've never objected :)that is!

What a fun place to explore!
Have a super weekend Tracy!
Karla & Karrie
Sarah said…
Sounds like a great place! I would sneak around and take mannequin shots too!
Shirley said…
That's a really neat shot!
Terri said…
Great capture! Love it.
billsoPHOTO said…
Lovely shadow shots today!
leanne can blog said…
What a fun sign.
A Wild Thing said…
Boy...I mean girl... do you find the funkiest stuff to shoot or what, that's a really fun display, must be a clothing store huh???

Boy have we had the heat lately and drought conditions, don't mind the heat, but I'm trying to garden here Mother Nature, it's a good thing we got a few good rain showers yesterday. How's your winter coming along? Have a great week GIRL!
Kathe W. said…
very clever and quirky shadow shot! Have a great week!
Maude Lynn said…
That's really cool!
Stef said…
Yay! I am but so happy to see my name and Elmo's photo! Thank you so much! This is truly inspiring!
Unknown said…
That is an awesome shot, I love,love,love it. What fun it would be to do a photowalk with you, you know all the coolest place to take photos.
Angie said…
fantastic shot - what a great place to pop into!
Alexa said…
Oooh, cool shadows—and these models are always happy to pose! Thanks for putting my pic in this week's gallery, Tracy.
Shydub said…
Thats really an interesting subject and great one. Cool shadow and nice shot.
Very dreamlike and fun. What a kick of a shot, Tracy.
That's a little surreal, your shadow shot...great artistic shot, Tracy.
dash robin said…
Love it, thanks and cheers, x kate
Mom's Place said…
hahaha nice shadow shot...
Very cool shadow shot :)

Lisa said…
Nicely captured photos.

Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher
Annabella said…
You have such a fun eye for the extraordinary...lovely shadow shot. Thanks for hosting and so happy to be in the Shadow Gallery! Happy SSS.
Elizabeth said…
suitably weird and wonderful.......
loved it!
Gengen said…
This is cool...Join again. Thanks for hosting. Happy SSS! mine is ready.
Elizabeth said…
I wanted to comment on your beautiful black and white poem below but couldn't fin where to
very lovely anyway!
Kelly said…
I bet this IS a great place to find shadows!! What a fun shot!
Eden said…
Wow, I love this shadow. Great capture.
Spadoman said…
Right after you left, this mannequin told me it DID mind and that next time you'll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
It is a great shot though, the shadows are hanging right along with the hardware. I can just imagime the size of the window or opening that is letting that much sunlight into the building! Wonderful.
And thanks for your kindness, I made the cut again!!!!

Unknown said…
Cool shot; love this theme!

Molly said…
Great shadow pic!
Unknown said…
Creative and fun display and great capture of it! You don't have to ask the sitter for permission to publish!!!
And Ruby says thank you for including her in the shadow gallery.
Unknown said…
Such crisp shadows and so intriguing. I love it!
DougVernX said…
That's an interesting sculpture. Nice capture.
Maria's Space said…
Very cool shadow shot.
Anonymous said…
Very fun!
HK Badger said…
Very clever photo! But also very random, it's the first time I've seen a mannequin sitting on a chair suspended from a wall!!
A strong shadow shot and funny comment - I bet there are more of those elegant mannequins...
Wow awesome shot! What fun to be able to shoot the mannequins, I bet you get some fabulous shots.
moshi mooch said…
I love this picture! What a fun shot.
That is very funky! It's hard to imagine what that building must look like...those are hanging on the outside of it? Now I'm wondering...what are "shop fittings"? What do they sell there? Interesting shot :)
genie said…
I love Gemma’s “suspended shadow” comment because that it exactly what it is. This is awesome. I bet you have just the best time wandering all about that warehouse. I certainly would. Again, thanks for your work sponsoring this is so enjoyable. Genie
Dimple said…
This is very different!
JunieRose2005 said…
COOL shadow shot!!

I have a post this time!
Pblacksaw said…
I did have shadows hanging around on my blog.. but life's adventure made me too late..I missed Mr. Linky.. sorry..
Have a great day!