Shadow Shot Sunday #167

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #167

Shadows cast from a crowd of folk garbed in yellow and orange marching through King George Square mid-week. I'm not sure what this gathering was about and as I was running to catch my bus I didn't have time to be nosey and investigate.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Don't you just hate it when you don't have time to be nosey and investigate? :-)
robin. said…
huh? wonder what was going on? they created nice shadows anyway.
Dina said…
Your shadows are really on the move. Nice action.
EG CameraGirl said…
The yellows and oranges add a lot to this shot of shadows.
Beverley Baird said…
Love the shadows and the bright colours! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Sylvia K said…
Colorful and busy people and shadows and what a terrific shadow shot for the day! Yep, I hate it when I don't have time to be nosey, too!! Thanks as always for the weekend fun, Tracy!

BLOGitse said…
You busy to catch a bus, me busy with our guests from Australia!!!
Happy Sunday!
fredamans said…
Lovely street shadows! Thanks for adding my figs to the showcase!
Here's my guess to who these Shadowy folk were: A gathering practicing to be traffic cones! hehe. Happy SSS!
whizkid said…
Nicely captured, on the go! :)
I don't see any women in the crowd. I wonder if it was a men's only event?
Ralph said…
The pedestrians and shadows too are moving with alacrity. On the go, perhaps they are urban warriors. Perhaps not, but I feel the motion here!
Ms. Becky said…
yeah, there a some questions for this scene - what? who? why?
oh who really cares, it's a great shadow shot Tracy. it has movement and mood. I hope you have a fun fun weekend. and thanks for hosting SSS every week.
Very good photo with a lot of shadows :)

Martin Lower said…
I guess hi-viz jackets don't have a brighter shadow than ordinary clothes!
Unknown said…
thank you so much for the linky!!! Your blog is addicting.
Anonymous said…
Dreadful panic earlier - Mr Linky would not cooperate - but all well now!! Love your shadow shot ..... a protest?, a demonstration? - doesn't matter, the shadows are good!!
Spadoman said…
I see some were carrying signs. Now I am sooooo curious! Great shadows though.

Annabella said…
Everywhere in the world people are marching. No wonder really. Great shadow shot and thanks for hosting.
Laura said…
lovely shadows gathered too!
MyMaracas said…
Great catch - shadows on parade.
Kay L. Davies said…
They were there for us, to create shadows. What else could they possibly be there for?

—Kay, Alberta, Canada
Molly said…
Tracy, you caught some brilliant shadows there!
Mmm...interesting. I like the bike tire :)
cieldequimper said…
Love the shadows and the bright yet muted colours!
Gemma Wiseman said…
This looks like a group of people nquite intent on a protest! Love the variety of shadows they cast and their tops seem to glow en masse!

Thank you for including my shadowy clock tower from last week! Your collages are always terrific!

Have a great unchilly weekend! We have some sun today!
Great composition of shadows, above and below!
I totally forgot to thank you in my previous comment for including "me" in the gallery this week. Merci beaucoup!
DougVernX said…
Looks like a very bright parade! Thanks for featuring my pic from last week :)
Powerful image, Tracy. This one is a gallery piece for sure. The colors, the composition, the odd aura of mystery, and oh, yes, the shadows!
Twiggy said…
Great picture that makes the viewer curious. Have a nice sunday!
annette said…
mmm looks like a protest to me!! Hiya Tracy, its been a while,hope all is well down your neck of the woods, have a fabulous Sunday A :0)
Stef said…
You still did capture nice shadows..Happy Sunday!
Kathe W. said…
in a way these shadows are ominous- perhaps it's just the times making me think that way.....
good morning everyone ;-) Im sorry I uploaded 2 links. the first one s wrong, I wasnt quite awake when linking sowwyy. the second link contains a shadow picture.

A Wild Thing said…
I'm so glad I don't have a real job anymore, I have a very short commute...down to the bottom of the stairs to the spare bedroom, to await my fuzzy clients appearance through my front door...and my camera never leaves my side!

Have a great week Tracy!!! said…
love your shadow capture Tracy! & all of your collages are so nicely done too.
I hope you have a great week.
; )
Little queue said…
I love all the shadows in this shot!
genie said…
Walking shadows....pretty cool. T’is a shame you didn’t have the time to find out why the colored shirts. A really neat capture. Genie
Alexa said…
Love the way you caught these marchers in mid stride—and what strong, crisp shadows they cast! Thanks for breaking your rule and including me in the gallery again.
Lynn said…
Love the strong colours against the shadows - the people are very busy aren't they? Sunday again - love checking our everyone's SSSs and seeing all the different photo and the way people catch shadows.
Arija said…
Great shot with the early morning light casting decent shadows. Love the shadow of the bike.
Angie said…
Terrific shot - looks like a Union thing to me!
Catherine said…
am back to blogging here on my new laptop in London - couldn't miss SSS for much longer!! lovely collages today and love you SS this week - it is hard to get good people shots with shadows and this works very well whatever the event!!
Hootin Anni said…
Wonderful!! Such a fun, sunny, day!
Kelly said…
Whatever they were up to, they were a bright and colorful group!
urban muser said…
i like the mix of color and shadows. especially like the shadow from the bicycle wheel. have a great day!
Eden said…
Fantastic shadows. Beautifully captured.
Anonymous said…
Nice shadows, and I love the pop of yellow.
FiveSibesMom said…
I am so curious as to what is going on in the photo - the colors of yellow and orange along with the stretched shadows makes for a very curious shot indeed! Happy to join another Shadow Shot Sunday! My one Siberian Husky was gazing off and prompted by post on "day dreaming" this week. Hope you'll enjoy! Happy Sunday!

PS - my first posting was in error as my link was incorrect, hence the double post. Please use the second one for correct viewing. :-)
Shydub said…
Thanks for featuring my shadow models hehe.

Thats a lot of shadows you got there. I wonder what that parade about, could be going to the ball game hehe. Nice and interesting shot
Full-On-Forward said…
GREAT CATCH!!!!!!! I like this one a lot!

Just put up my post. This is my first time to enter and I look forward to finding more shadow worthy shots. Blessings, Debbie
Lesa said…
Hi, first time joining SSS-- thanks for hosting.

Your shadow makers may be headed to a road worker convention. ;o)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos again! I really enjoy looking at everyone's shots. I especially like the watering cans and butterfly on coneflower.

Thanks for adding my photo to the collage! I can't wait to participate again.