SSS... new hosts and a new home

Super exciting news!

After announcing last week that I'll no longer be hosting Shadow Shot Sunday there were a number of lovely people who contacted me expressing an interest to keep it going! So there is now an awesome SSS team who have set up a dedicated SSS blog to continue linking your fine shadows to! Your wonderful new hosts are Gemma Wiseman, Magical Mystical Teacher and Rose. Thanks team! There are also some kind people who voluteered to be standby hosts for when the team may need some extra hands and they are Suzanne, Desirae and Katerina. Thanks guys! I mentioned last week that his would be the last SSS hosted on my blog but as the new team have already set up a new blog and are ready to go, you can head straight over there to link up. Gosh, how organised are they!?! Very! So go visit the brand spankin' new and very stylish Shadow Shot Sunday blog and say hello to your new lovely hosts and link up your shadows!

The last...
Shadow Gallery
A selection of some of the submissions from last Sunday

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The Shooters:
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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #187

Some little shadows flapping about on a breezy day!

And the source of those shadows are these birdy flags that I have hanging across the front of my carport. Whooosh! It has been a rather windy weekend so far!

I'm joining in Shadow Shot Sunday! Just click the image above to join in too!

See! Told you the the team were organised! They even have a super cool new SSS button! Again, thanks to all of you for participating in SSS and for your sweet comments and emails last week. I'm so thankful that it will be continuing so I can keep shooting shadows (because I am addicted!) and join in as a participant!

Happy Sunday!


Thanks for all the hard work you've done Sunday by Sunday for the past few years, Tracy. I hope you'll be proud of the new Shadow Shot Sunday site. Enjoy your "retirement"!
Admin said…
a very good news and happy about did a great job and goo luck to the new blog is joining again..was out for a short trip last time..

Travel Snapshots
BLOGitse said…
Teacher said it already - enjoy your new kind of freedom! I know how much energy and commitment meme hosting takes.
Are those birds in those flags? Do the flags have a special meaning or are they just for decoration?
Merry xmas, happy holidays!
robin. said…
THANK YOU tracy!! xxoo
Hi Tracy! Wow! Is this not the best that we can continue with your legacy?
Thank you so much for doing this-you have brought together a wonderful group that share the same addiction-shadows! Thanks to you, my shadow files have grown since I had an 'excuse' for 'collecting' them. Before that, I would just take shadow shots for myself and not know what else I would do with them! It was a non-SSS'r that told me about your meme when I had posted a shadow shot. The rest, is history...
Ralph said…
Tracy, that this blog continues is wonderful. Since joining on 19-09-2009, this meme has been a big deal. The art of shadows was heretofore unknown by me, and now I keep my eyes open for the changing and artistic lighting. Queensland is beautiful, your captures stunning!
Anonymous said…
Many, many thanks, Tracy, for all the work you did to provide us addicts with such a wonderful meme .... and I am delighted that the new team have got things up and running already. Enjoy your 'retirement'!
Almost forgot to say, excellent shadow shots!!
LV said…
Thank you Tracy for the short time I have had each Sunday. It was a pleasure and I will definitely miss you. I will check out the new group now and get my SSS ready. Take care.
Ms. Becky said…
Thanks for hosting SSS all these years Tracy, you've been a fantastic host. Your shadow shots are always intriguing and fun. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. and great shadow shot this week! The first shot is very provocative. happy Sunday to you.
forgetmenot said…
Thank you, Tracy for hosting SSS--I have really enjoyed participating and will continue to do so. Keep taking and posting your great photos. Mickie ;)
Dina said…
Bird flags--how sweet!

Thanks again, Tracy, for all your years of dedication to your meme.
See you next week at SSS 2.
Kelly said…
Many thanks to YOU, Tracy, for bringing us this opportunity to share shadows here each week. You've made me look at the world in a whole new way! Thanks, too, for including Mabel in your final collage. I'm sure her tail will wag when I tell her. :)

I like your shadow today. I didn't grasp exactly what I was seeing until I scrolled down for the second shot.
MyMaracas said…
Thanks again, so very much, for starting and hosting this meme. I'm so glad that it will continue, and I look forward to seeing your entries there. Thanks, too, for including my sandcastle boy in the last collage.

I adore that second shot of yours, with the bird shadows showing through the flags. That is truly an outstanding catch.
Catherine said…
thanks for being such a wonderful host for 3 years - hope you are going to continue as a participant - greetings from the Riviera...
Hootin Anni said…
As I posted on my blog today, I'm happy to have met you through SSS, and wish you the best in coming days/weeks/years. Thanks for your devotion to your wonderful meme throughout the three years in existence. All your time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

SHADOW OF CHRIST is my direct link for Shadow Shot Sunday2.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Ah Tracy - This post is wonderful with all your fantastic collages! That is your specialty and we will always thank you for doing them each week!

The transition seems to be seamless! Only just realised that with next Sunday being Christmas, the end of one era and the beginning of another may have been a little "faint"! People would be too involved in Christmas activities to take time here on the net! Perhaps it timed just right!

Once again I thank you heaps for all your time here! I think I have travelled with you right from the beginning - or close to. It's been awesome!

Super hugs girl! May the sunlight and shadows always be with you!

See you at SSS2!
Full-On-Forward said…
What an awesome Collage!

You are a JEWEL and we all thank you. Thanks to the new team as well!

Love and Hugs from SC,

Tracy girl .. I am red faced that I had no idea this happened .. I missed the boat completely girl .. I am very glad for the volunteers that cropped up though too!
Tracy you have done an outstanding job while being our hostess and I want to thank you for that .. if I hadn't joined I would not be looking at shadows and light the way I do now so I want to thank you for bring my photographic skills up a few notches girl !!
Thanks for all your hard work .. I appreciate it .. and for the new hosts too !
Joy : )
Sam said…
Gosh! I had no idea that this was the last one! I missed out last week so I missed all the news! Thank you very much for starting this great meme and hosting on your blog for all these years Tracy! XOXO's
Tracy you are a peach! Thank you for all you've done these past 3 1/2 years. Mommy put shadowy roses on her post today just for you!! So happy the others are picking up your mantel!!
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

ps-Our mommy is Cassie at inamazinggraceland.
DougVernX said…
Harriet I've enjoyed this blog. Your shoots are super. I'll be happy to see your shots in the new version of SSS.
DawnTreader said…
Thanks for hosting for so long and good luck to the new team.
Anonymous said…
Love your flags! :)
T... said…
oh what fun flags...
thank you for starting the shadow shots enjoy your 'retirement' :)
...happy holidays and have a wonderful week
Unknown said…
Gosh..T. It started at 2008? Seems such a long time ago. Honestly, I have mixed feelings on this change. While I am sure the new ones will be a great host...somehow, its not the same without you hosting. HOWEVER, I am happy that you are spending more time for yourselves. This blogging thing-y does take up so much of our time, so I am super glad you get to have more time doing what its best for yourself.I find myself struggling to even do a post...let alone all those collages and linking..I would have gone bonkers a long time ago. So, its a new and fun beginning Yay :) , and also I look forward to coming here more often...maybe..not dedicating to SSS..but the back to the good old HHarriet blog pre-SSS. Some of these awesome shadows should be printed in a book.

Happy weekend T..I am on a long leave...finishing off end December and hibernating at home hehe...miss you and big hugs
Lighthousegal said…
Thank you for being our ever Gracious Host for the SSS meme. I know it had to be very time consuming for you. I hope you find time to participate at least every now and then.Take care and enjoy your free time!!
Cassie said…
Our computer is acting loopy. Came back to visit and tell you I put a special post up for you today. Thanks again.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Thank you so much Tracy for entrusting us with your wonderful meme! Have a great holidays!
FiveSibesMom said…
Many thanks to you for hosting the Shadow Shot Sundays...I've had fun and enjoyed your work too! So glad there is a great team picking up the reins and continuing this great weekly photographic event! A big shout out of thanks to all!
Hot Fudge said…
Tracy - will the world still be the same without your wonderful input? I know I have been missing in action for some time, but I just had to hop on line and thank you so much for linking up folk from around the globe. We have moved back to Sydney, but Brisbane is still very much in our hearts. Take care.
Alexa said…
I'm repeating myself, since I've already visited the "new" SSS, but thanks for including me in your last gallery—and I'll be looking forward to your great shadow shots there!
It's just not the same, dear Tracy, but I am so grateful, nevertheless. Of course I love your birdy flags in their glorious primary colors with that sky. You know how to saturate!

So Tracy, I have a LOT of blog entries for SSS on my site that link to your blog, of course, not the new site. If people go there now looking for SS, they won't find it. Can you have some sort of redirect or notice that shows on top near the header so people won't be too terribly confused?

Or, looking at it another way, confusion is rarely fatal. They'll live.

Bless you always for sharing your creativity and inspiring so many around our little blue planet. Me included.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic collage Tracey - you really have the gift for seeing things. Loved the collages you made from last weeks contributions and your shadow shots were very intereting this week. Didn't have a clue what the first one was til I saw the second one and that had it's own little mystery to it as well. Congratulations on a brilliant finale as the SSS founder and host. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your shadows on the new site. :)
Arija said…
Great shots of the prayer flags and their counterparts.

Thank you for a great time sooting shadows. You made us all very much more aware of shadows and their value in photography.

Have the best Christmas ever!!!
urban muser said…
thanks for all the work you have done on SSS. it was one of the first memes i joined when i started blogging and i had such fun with it. i'll be sure to check out the new place. all the best to you!
Katya kate said…
I'm sure was lonely to know SSS meme would stop, now that I'm starting to love taking shadow shots. Glad it's been well supported and that the meme goes on. Thanks too for choosing my shadow shot from last week. So flattered.

Have a great week!
Hi Tracy -- I just read on somebody else's blog that you had "retired" from SSS. I was an infrequent contributer, but frequent looker, except when we're on a roadtrip as we were during October and November. Now that we're settled in for the winter I've started to catch up. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all you did on this lovely meme and obviously the wonderful bloggers that agreed to host it are a tribute to what you founded. Good luck on your new endeavors and I'll look forward to seeng what you post.
Lynn said…
I haven't participated for a while but did want to say that I had such fun when I was participating and that I still keep a close eye out for interesting shadows. I am sure that I will participate again and in the meantime thanks you you for starting this off and thanks to the new team for continuing