Mopey Ms Smithy

My submission for the Illustration Friday theme this week: Stitch

Mopey Ms Smithy (acrylic on an 8 x 8 inch stretched canvas)

"I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear"
- The Smiths

So Mopey bitterly contemplates an evening of baking cupcakes.
Brooding aurally accompanied by the melancholy of Morrissey.
Mopey finally found comfort & happiness in the sweet solitude
of devouring 12 delicious cupcakes without having to share any.
& shortly after endured a lengthy & painful sugar induced stitch.
Or it may have been indigestion...


JO said…
cute, poor Mopey, after eating 12 cupcakes, I wouldn't be able to fit in anything.
i love your little story!
and i love your character even more.
she's fabulous!
Kim de Young said…
Very cute and meloncholy, she should get some peppier music though!
Willie Baronet said…
She can wear her apron!
pretty day said…
Cute picture! I love your characters' amount of hair- lotta hair, little face. Really cute.
Tizzalicious said…
That's too cute! It reminds me of a Blythe doll, do you know those?
Hey Harriet said…
Tizzalicious - Yes I do know of Blythe dolls. I adore them! As does Mopey. Mopey finds the comparison very flattering. & Mopey thanks you very much ;)
That's so amazing that we both thought of The Smiths for this topic. "The Smiths" would be a great IF topic, but I doubt that the majority of people are into them. They're one of my tip-top favorites. To me, Morrissey's lyrics are not depressing, but funny.

Your dog constellation is so funny! I love the comic strip. It makes me want to do one, too, just for fun.