Art Found Wanting

"Thou art weighed in the balances, & art found be hanged" is Natalie Sunderland's debut solo exhibition currently enriching the walls at the Green Oven Cafe. There's a total of fourteen exquisite oil paintings of intricate detail & vivid colours, all on canvas & varying in sizes. Dramatic in their intensity, encompassing spiritual themes & lush rich textures, all resulting in truly mesmerising compositions. Nat's an amazingly gifted & talented artist. A self-taught emerging artist on the scene with no formal arts training to boot! Awe-inspiring! Nat's also my friend & I'm proud as punch that she has finally taken the plunge to bravely put herself out there & share her beautiful art with the public. If you live in Brisbane head on over to the Green Oven to check out this absorbing & sublime exhibition.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the walls...

The photo below is of one of my favourite paintings from the exhibit. It was inspired by a 1960s Barsony (aka "black lady") lamp. It's a large scale (approx 100cm x 100cm) stylish & fun piece with a sassy retro groove. Tres chic!

"Barsony Lady" (medium: oil on canvas) Natalie Sunderland © 2008

Exhibition dates - 3rd February to 29th March (Go! Go! Go!)
Green Oven Cafe - 28 Samford Road, Alderley Ph: 3352 7225


Anonymous said…
I'll be in brissy the 2nd week in march so I'll try stopping by that cafe. Really like the black lady painting. I collect black lady lamps! I'll check out that warhol guy you were raving on about in an earlier post while there to ;)
Hey Harriet said…
Donat - Hey that's great! Hope you enjoy your stay in Brisvegas & manage to make it over to the Green Oven. As well as the awesome art, the food there is fab to!
Re: that warhol guy (hehe) - GoMA are currently running a 'warhol up-late' program Friday nights with live music etc (ticket price includes exhibition entry) & some cool people are playing in March :)
Have fun!
I can just picture that retro lamp!
Nat is very lucky to have you cheering for her. Best of luck to her at the exhibition
SEWphisticate said…
wonderful! thanks for sharing her work.
Greetings from Oregon! I love your blog and the art you choose to share with your readers. I especially like your work; "Mopey Ms Smithy" is wonderful. I have to confess I love her because she and I share the same hairdresser, evidently, and I believe I recognize the 1970's mixer as well! Must be the sugar addiction that we have in common...
Fun read!
Karen Otto of A`Musements