Beyond at QPAC

BEYOND: The Art of Terry Summers is the current exhibition on at the Tony Gould Gallery, QPAC. On display are eight installations of impressively constructed large-scale cardboard sculptures, most of which were created while Terry Summers was the artist in residence at QPAC in 2006/2007. The use of waste cardboard for his sculptural work was initially sparked by Summer's protest against deforestation in 1994 & he has continued to use it since. The beautiful sculptures are a wonderful example of an artist recycling & reusing in creative ways. Ways in which have gained Brisbane artist Summers widespread recognition & acclaim for his innovative environmentally friendly art. This magical & inspirational exhibition runs until 18th April. Here are a couple of photos I took while visiting a few days ago.

BEYOND: The Art of Terry Summers - Duet, 2007

BEYOND: The Art of Terry Summers - Summit Meeting, 2006

Anyone now feeling all inspired to reduce, reuse & recycle in their creative pursuits, yet not so keen to go fossicking around dumpster bins, then a visit to Reverse Garbage may be a preferable & more fun-filled alternative. Reverse Garbage is a non-profit co-op located in West End, Brisbane (only a hop, skip & a few jumps away from QPAC!). Reverse Garbage collects industrial & commercial discards, off-cuts & over-runs for re-sale to artists, crafters & the general community for creative & practical uses. The Reverse Garbage warehouse is a treasure-trove filled with bargain priced eco-friendly & fabulous finds.


Anonymous said…
fab display. Reverse garbage was one of my favorite shops!
sound&fury said…
I love these sculptures - the ones that sit in the QPAC foyers always look slightly sad (not to mention more than slightly creepy) with their black hole eyes and glum postures.
Wow! That looks so cool!
Summers' work is amazing...cardboard, huh? Wow!

Reverse Garbage is my kinda shop! I want one here!
Would you believe I just travelled all across the world in blogland to find myself right back here in Brisbane at your wonderful blog.
I am so glad you have listed all these amazing exhibitions that i would have never known exsisted. They are so on my to do list now, how exciting! Reverse Garbage is also my kind of shop, I always manage to come away with truckloads of fabric and trims and boxes and cardboard and well whatever takes my fancy at the time and let me tell you if you see something you like, grab it then and then because it won't be there when you go back...but then something else wonderful might be! I shall be checking back in often, now I know you are here and if you ever are out Petrie way pop in and see us at Lilly Cottage. KN Linda Lilly Cottage
Hey Harriet said…
Thanks heaps Lillys!
So glad you found my blog & thanks for the lovely comment. I'll cetainly drop by Lilly Cottage if I'm ever out Petrie way :)

& yes, Reverse Garbage is rather fab & I can fully understand you leaving the place with truckloads of goodies!
Prairie Gothic said…
I love that! You find the most interesting things! Can't wait to see what you're up to next.