Pulp Sushi Rocks!

While catching up on some favourite blogs this morning I was so excited to discover that Pulp Sushi's FEF (Friday Etsy Finds) theme for this month is all things LOWBROW! I adore lowbrow, it's one of my all-time fave styles of art & I'm so pleased Pulp Sushi will be featuring lowbrow goodness each Friday throughout March. Woohoo! If you've not yet checked out Pulp Sushi's first FEF, go do so now. Super adorable! As if anyone needs an excuse to visit the popular & well loved Pulp Sushi anyways. It's one of the finest & fun-filled destinations in blog town!

Another fine thing to get excited about in March is International Women's Day. IT'S TODAY! So a great big happy women's day to everybody! The IWD's global theme for 2008 is 'shaping progress' & if you're not too familiar with what IWD is all about & would like to know more, then click here for the history & further information.

What!?! No No No! It's so not a day to be doing ironing ladies! Or any housework in fact! Nope, it's a day to be celebrating & indulging in joyful things. Be sure to do something nice just for you today. Treat yourself. YOU deserve it! YOU truly do! Harriet wouldn't fib about such important matters.

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But I had my apron out, the ironing board set up, and plans to gossip while ironing today....now what will I do?
Hey- thanks! I've loved reading your blog too. I put down the iron when I read its International Women's Day! You're right, music does make everything better. Couldn't live without it!xx
Nice post! I just heard about IWD today. I wish I would have heard about it yesterday, as I would have cancelled doing the grocery shopping and cleaning for today! LOL.
Hey Harriet said…
High Desert Diva - Iron in one hand, bottle of wine in the other & some of that tacky 80s music you so love. Be sure to put the iron down while bustin' out those funky 80s madonna moves. Oh & don't forget to accessorise with the all important leg-warmers. Get into the groove :)
Anonymous said…
You are just TOO SWEET!!!! Thank you SO much for the mention, you are super awesome! Your site is a daily visit for me too! :)
Caroline said…
Awww, darn! I was going to vacuum. Guess I'll just have to sit here and surf Etsy blogs instead. ;)
Tizzalicious said…
Happy Women's Day!