Five Fab Foodie Faves

I received an Arte Y Pico award recently from the amazingly talented and beautiful Xue, of Xue-Originals. Thanks ever so much Xue! I'm now passing this award along to five foodie blogs that I think are awesome. Coming from an art-themed blog, it may seem a strange choice to pass the award along to foodie blogs, but I believe it's all relative. The creating, displaying, photographing and writing about food is an art form not so unlike any other. I also have a special fondness for foodie blogs because it was through those that I was introduced into the world of blogging in general. It was the discovery of foodie blogs that lead me to all sorts of other wonderfully interesting and inspirational blogs.

My plan for the photo for this post was to arrange my Ferrero Rocher chocolates to read "I ♥ Foodie Blogs" but only completed "I ♥ Foo" because I didn't have enough chocolates. Damn it! And the "I ♥ Foo" looked more like "I ♥ Poo" anyways. So I proceeded to eat the chocolates while looking for something else foodie related to photograph. There was nothing very inspiring in my fridge or pantry so I took a photo of the remaining chocs. Quickly, while there were some still remaining. That's no longer the case. They were super delicious and I'm more than a little disappointed that I've none left, but the following blogs are more appealing to me than a big box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates anyhow! Here are my five faves:

The award goes to:

Chocolate Nerd
Milk & Cookies
Post Punk Kitchen
These are well written, informative, stylish, fun filled foodie blogs brimming with gorgeous photos to drool over. Blog appetite!

I'm now heading off to the Buddha Birth Day Festival, so hopefully I'll have some nice photos of the event to share in my next post. Photos that I hope will not in any way, shape, or form, resemble poo.


Anonymous said…
congrats on the award harriet. i'd like to see the 'i heart poo' photo! have fun at the buddha festival. looking forward to hearing about it & seeing the photos. even if they resemble poo. not that i think they will of course!
XUE said…
Definitely, we are soul mates because I LOVE Ferrero Rocher besides egg tarts & dim sum! Now I'm off to Foodie-Blogland!
I didn't know it was Buddha's birthday! I'm going to look into that some more. Also, I'll check out some of these blogs. Congrats on your award!
I'm wanting chocolate now....don't know if I can trust myself to look at the foodie blogs.
Anonymous said…
Aw admit ran out of chocolates because they were so irresistible! Congrats on a well deserved award!
Do you have a link to the Buddha Birth Day Fest?
Congratulations on your award..
Can't wait to see the pictures from the Buddha Birth Day Festival..
Hey Harriet said…
Diva - Post is 'Buddha linky' now :)
The Nature Nut said…
Now I'm feeling hungry!!!

I *heart* poo - you crack me up! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile :o)
Anonymous said…
Just when I'm one week into my chocolate famine...
I'm off to find the black rasberry ice cream now!

Drooling photos :)
Victoria said…
Delightful post! Big congrats on the award, and a very Happy Birthday to Siddhartha!
Unknown said…
hilarious!! that I love POO thing, no wonder you didnt put up the full pic :) and big CONGRATS on this award, truly well deserved !! Me, love food too much..which explains why I need to desperately go on my many-times-postponed diet. You like Tibet too? i wished we can both go!!
Anonymous said…
Hooray for blog awards! :) Enjoy your day!
Sarah McBride said…
OMG Ferrero Rocher are the most heavenly yet sinful things on the planet. I could eat an entire tower of them and not look back!
I love foodie blogs. Thanks for sharing!
picciolo said…
congratulations on the award! I'm not surprised all the chocolates are gone, I love ferrero rocher, yum
: )