A Giveaway!

In celebration of finally listing something in my Etsy Shop I’m having a giveaway. Perhaps a weird thing to celebrate, but considering I set up an Etsy shop months ago & it has remained empty until now it is something of a major achievement for me. I’ve only listed three of my ACEOs so far, and the remaining seventeen that I’ve done I will list in spurts throughout the week. Anyway, enough about that and onto the giveaway! I’m giving away my first 2 ACEOs that I made. These two are my favourites and I wanted to give them to a wonderful blog reader rather than offer them for sale. These two are original artworks (all ACEOs I’ll be listing in my shop will be originals at this stage). Espresso Heads are acrylic on canvas, attached to mountboard & I’ve framed them together in one of my thrift store (op-shop) frames that I picked up recently. The frame measures 7 x 9 inches in total.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favourite style of coffee. Simple! I certainly do not wish to exclude tea drinkers, so if you prefer tea, then just tell me your favourite. Or you may drink neither but really like hot chocolate. That’s ok to. Just list your favourite hot beverage. All bases are covered that way. The giveaway is open to everyone as I’m happy to post overseas. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you should you win. You can enter until Wednesday 28th May (Australian time) & I’ll randomly draw a name out of my big coffee pot early the next day & post the winning name on my blog. Thanks to everyone who checks in on my blog, you are all really so wonderful & this giveaway is just a small token of my appreciation. I wish it could be more…


theetsybebe said…
What a cool thing to celebrate, Harriet!
Your ACEO's are adorable and cozy looking, and how neat that they're your first. :)

Favorite coffee. One time I ordered a couple of pounds of blueberry coffee from Gevalia and it was amazing. It made the most wonderful aroma when we brewed it. Sadly discontinued.
If I can't have blueberry coffee, I'll take anything without chicory.

If I win, I'll hang the ACEO's right behind my bright red coffee pot.

Anonymous said…

What an amazing giveaway! I am drinking my first cup of joe of the day. I like my light and sweet and full of chemicals--2 Splenda and fat free french vanilla Coffeemate. My only vice.
What a cute picture..good job..
I just drink brewed, black, no sugar, breakfast blend, organic of course..
Congrats on listing your items! And I see you've sold one already.... woohoo! Can't wait to see the rest of them trickle in...

I don't have a favorite brand of coffee. I do however, like fresh beans, ground daily, very strong, preferably made in a French press.

And make you you pick me as the winner...the colors in this framed ACEO pair will go nicely in my kitchen!
Bunny B said…
That's so cool, Harriet! Thanks for the chance to win :)

I don't drink coffee, but everyone in my family does. I'm more of a fruity tea drinker. And I love peppermint tea too! :)

Take care!
bunnybox9 at gmail dot com
Sarah McBride said…
YAY Harriet! I am TOTALLY going to win this one.
My fave is around the holidays, Starbucks has gingerbread lattes. The pumpkin Lattes are pretty tasty too!
Swirlyarts said…
Oh fab! I'm not a coffee drinker at all but I love tea. If it's normal tea then it's got to be Yorkshire tea so strong that you can stand a spoon up in it! Or fruity tea - I really like berry types.
Karin said…
I usually drink my coffee black, but if I go to Caribou, I usually get their caramel high rise-- mmmmm. Good stuff!
Nice ACEOs and frame job! I wish I could find frames like that for my collection!

I prefer tea, assam or if I am really splurging Golden Monkey.

Anonymous said…
Hi Harriet, I just discovered your blog. I love your banner... where are those scrabble tiles from? I can't tell if they are vintage or the newest version (I have a travel edition of the game).

I love mochas, hands down. But if there's just drip available, I put only cream, no sugar.

Have a great day!
Hey Harriet said…
Rachel - Yay another scrabble fan! The tiles in my banner are from my scrabble set which is maybe about 15 years old. The tiles are actually more cream coloured though & I edited the photo to make it b&w. Sorry to confuse you with my trickery ;)
Little Lovables said…
I love your work! I have never seen yoiur shop before, but keep on listing and things will take off.

As for myself, I drink hot chocolate. I like it with lots of little marshmallows and a candy cane as the stirrer... it adds a perfect hint of peppermint and looks sweet too!
SandraRee said…
I drink Lipton's green tea. Sweet of course and sometimes hot with honey.

Love the picture! :)
picciolo said…
oh count me in please! I love your aceo it is gorgeous, I love the colours. my favourite hot drink would have to be a cup of tea, I'm not much of a coffee person
: )
modelt30 said…
My favorite coffee is Cafe Mocha. I love coffee and I love chocolate, mix the two and it's heaven. Oh, also there is caffine in both so its a double whammy! My friends and I loving refer to it as "Crack Coffee."
By the way, The ACEO's are really cute!
Thanks, Tina
Tizzalicious said…
I liiiike this!

I am a Starbucks addict, which is bad, because we only have Starbucks at the airport here (boooo!). Luckily I fly a lot!

My favourite has got to be a Mocha Light Frappuchino. Yummies.
Life Adorned said…
those are so cute! thanks for offering this giveaway.

i love mochas (especially with hazelnut!)

Unknown said…
Hey T, here's me jumping on the bandwagon with my fingers and toes crossed...nice picture and frame, so talented!!

Love love coffee, though I shouldn't be drinking so much or else I'll be blogging @ 3.00 am.

Happy weekend :)
Victoria said…
Great giveaway! And congrats on listing in your etsy shop!

I like my coffee dark, full and robust, the same way I like my men. (Just kidding!)

Preferably fair trade and organic.
And just a splash of milk.
Anonymous said…
Oh I can't enter because I don't drink anything hot. I don't like coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
I'm a water or diet soda kind of gal. But I do love your work. Such awesome style. I am so glad you are getting these listed...
Hey Harriet said…
Helen - I didn't consider the possibility of anybody not drinking hot drinks ever. I'm not going to exclude you. Your comment counts as an entry. All good! & I can break the silly rules because it's my giveaway :)
Elizabeth said…
Don't ever drink coffee - my favorite tea is PG tips tea bags - not very classy but good and strong!
Your giveaway is charming.
tsslug said…
let's win....
bunbun said…
Hey harriet!

Love it! I LOVE ESPRESSO! I drink cappuccinos all day long, sometimes at night, which leaves me a jittery mess! But a happy jittery mess.

So about 3 shots espresso (I like Stumptown, which is oregon based) and foamy milk and no flavors or sugar, just stomach churning espresso, I am a wreck without it!
I make it from a mokapot, which I got from an antique mall a few months ago. If you have the extra second, if you search mokapot on my blog you can see it, I am really in love w/it!

Really sweet that you are doing such a generous giveaway! i am excited about your new etsy shop!
Jen said…
My favorite coffee drink is drip coffee with flavored syrup (like almond/amaretto the best) and half and half.

My favorite tea is jasmine. Nothing like the smell of jasmine tea...
Amalou said…
I gave up drinking coffee when I was 5. I think maybe because I drank it strong, cold and in a toy plastic tea cup. This has put me off coffee for life. I drink Lipton Black Tea. I really wish I could drink coffee.

Love your work, it's very original. You should join our BrisStyle etsy group in Brisbane.

Anonymous said…
hey harriet congrats on finally listing on etsy. best of luck! i drink espresso. short blacks. a lot of short blacks! now please count me in for the giveaway!

you have my contact details. for when i win!
Stacey said…
I look forward to checking out your shop if those too cute ACEOs are anything to go by.
As for the coffee - its long black for me all the way. I do like really good coffee, but am usually too busy to make or buy it, so go through jars and jars of the instant stuff.
Your art is so cute and whimsical! I really like it. It would look so fun hanging in my kitchen by my coffee pot. I'll drink any kind of coffee as long as it's hot. I've been trying to buy brands that are certified organic and marked "fair trade", not always easy in my store. So I keep having to change brands. But I love it with any kind of flavored creamer, usually hazelnut or french vanilla.
Thanks for the chance to win your cool art and good luck with your store!
Anonymous said…
You Goose! Where have I been all weekend, that I didn't realize you posted this?! I LOVE YOUR ETSY PIECES!!! You've sold TWO already! WHeeeEEEEeeee! Great job! Happy Etsy to you, Happy Etsy to you..... Hope you keep it going, because this is wonderful!
Of course I want a chance at one of your fabulous art-e-facts, so I like my French roast with the cream all shook to smitherines.... a poor girl's latte. YUM!
Move Sophie UP, UP, UP!!! We want to see the PUPPY!!!
Anonymous said…
*gasp!* I must must must this! So I can stare at it while I sip on a Vanilla Chai Latte. :) That's what I usually treat myself to but when I'm at home I make regular coffee using Cafe Bustelo http://www.mtv.com/news/photos/v/vma_07/gift_bag_flip_070906/basket_22.jpg

Yeah, it's Spanish. :)
Anonymous said…
Carmel Latte - from anywhere! but always taste better in Brisbane...