Shadow Shot Sunday #8

Shadow Shot Sunday! Gosh Sundays are rolling around quickly! This is the eighth shadow shot I’ve posted, so I’ve been doing this for 2 months now. I often lose interest in things all too quickly, so I’m really happy that I’m still enjoying shooting shadows. I think what continues to make it enjoyable for me is seeing how creative others are. Yes, you the participants keep me motivated & inspired! Thanks again for playing & sharing your creativity. The Shadow Gallery collage this week was compiled using one photo from each of the participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to participate, shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or near enough to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky and visit other participants. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - "I'm feeling very unsettled" - Cammie Cat

The Shooters
1. SweetRepose 2. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 3. HighDesertDiva 4. BubbleBabble 5. HouseInMarrakesh 6. Charlie&Grace 7. AboutNewYork 8. LaVieEstBelle 9. GreyscaleTerritory 10. MorningHasBroken 11. AnnetteHanigan 12. Lisa'sRetroStyle 13. HeyHarriet 14. RosebudCollection 15. ThisGirlLovesToTalk 16. Espinoza'sLove

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #8

A big thanks to Lisa from Lisa’s Retro Style blog for giving me this rather adorable little award! I think your blog is a fun read also Lisa! I love all those vintage & retro goodies you feature and just one of these days I will eventually win one of your awesome monthly giveaways! Lisa has two fab Etsy shops, LisabRetroStyle carries a range of vintage supplies and cool re-purposed vintage creations made by Lisa. The other shop, LisabRetroStyle2 offers commercially made vintage goods, from homewares and collectibles through to the delightfully kitsch! Both are fun visits for lovers of vintage!

This award didn’t come with any rules so I’ll just make them up and pass the award along to the lovely folk participating in Shadow Shot Sunday. Either current participants, or those who have played along in the past. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Bubble Babble
2. ppdesigns
3. Paz's New York Minute
4. Bobbie
5. Gemma
6. M.Kate
7. Shannon
8. Gina
9. Charlie and Grace
10. Lisa's RetroStyle
11. Sweet Repose
12. Fog and Thistle
13. ctmott
14. Elizabeth
15. High Desert Diva
16. Annette
17. Michelle Pendergrass
18. Morning

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Victoria said…
More great shadow shots! You have started a whole movement! Really like the shot of the shadow and sun on the eggs, so pretty. Congrats on your adorable award, I absolutely agree with its sentiment!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you haven't lost interest in this photo event. You and the other bloggers have definitely inspired me. I'm loving all the photos I see and now, when I go out, I'm always looking for shadow shots. LOL!

You mean I get one of these awards?

K.C. said…
I am no photographer, so I love to look at all these shadow shots. What great eyes you all have to find these...

Thanks again for all the reassurance you have given me. Needing it so much right now as I get ready to go back to work in a couple of weeks. Kayce
Gemma Wiseman said…
Good morning Harriet,

Love your latest shadow shot! Lovely details of the plant above! Also, I appreciate your hosting this each Sunday! You have done so well!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said…
Sure is plain fun to read!! 8 weeks, time flies...too fast, I've lost track of all the SSS I've posted from No. 1. Nice shot as usual :)
Bec said…
Hey, congrats on the award - it's a very apt one. Your blog IS very fun to read!!! And once again, so many beautiful and inspiring shadow shots :)
Hey Harriet said…

Yes indeed, you receive this award!

Gina said…
Another wonderful and eye-catching mosaic! Your SS is lovely..looks like a pot plant? love the rustic wall too. What a cute award.. and you deserve it!! Have a great Sunday :D Gx
Ali said…
thanks again for a lovely collage of last weeks' shadows, and a great shot #8.
I look forward to Sundays and the shadows.
Anonymous said…
Oh, wow! THANK YOU! ;-)

Shannon said…
I love how you create a collage of everyone's work. How do you do it, anyway? Just wondering what program you use? And I love your shot for the week. It is a perfect shadow of the little plant! Great work
I love plant shadows...and I really love the texture yours is shadowed against! Very cool! Thanks again for all the "good press": )
A Wild Thing said…
Thanks again for the opportunity to post, a great way to learn and be eyes are wide open. Have a wonderful Sunday...oops, guess yours is about over, as mine begins.
Hey Harriet said…

I create the collages using the Picasa2 program. Super easy to use (phew!) and free to download (yay!)

This shadow shot Sunday is taking off..I have to admit, it makes for a fun time. You deserve the award..and your shadow is delicate. Have a happy Sunday..hey, it is Monday there?
Anonymous said…
There are some super shadow shots shown. I'm partial to the eggs one, simply beautiful!
Elizabeth said…
Love those leafy shadows!
Your collages(so clever of you) are a delight.
I'm now off in search of a shadow to post!
Happy Sunday - or what's left of it by you........!
SandraRee said…
Another great shadow shot Harriet, and I love the way you continue to display the collages! Nice job! Your blog is always fun to read, that's what keeps me coming back! Congratulations on your award! :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your award Tracy!!;0) The collage is getting bigger, they look great, i too look forward to seeing these. Now i'm curious,is that a fig in a pot, or an overgrown bonsai?? whatever, perfect sss. thanks for hosting, 2 months woohoo, you must be enjoying, i know i am!! Have a great week. annette :0)
lovely! i really love your shot this week!
Anonymous said…
This is so much fun! I'm glad you haven't lost interest in it. I love to look cuz taking pictures is not my thing.
Oh don't cha go getting bored with it. You'll break up my Sunday routine!
Hey! Cammie Cat has been quoted! Love it!
Hey, Hey Harriet! ☺ You have hooked another person on your weekly shadow shots. I haven't checked out the other links, but I don't think I need to. Plenty of good ones here. :-)

I hope you're enjoying some nice cool weather for the winter. It's blistering here!