I was tagged by the lovely Gina from Gingerbread blog a few days ago. Normally I run the other way when tagged. I’m shy. And yes you can run in cyberland. From the comfort of your chair while sipping coffee, devouring chocolate cake and not even getting your shoes scuffed in the process of sprinting away. And as an added bonus it’s not likely that birds will poop on your head (a regular occurrence for me…). The tag is to post seven favourite songs that I’m currently listening to. As I LOVE music I thought this would be a bit of fun. I should have made one of those cool mixwit tapes so that you could play the songs but I figured you probably don’t really care to hear them. So I did a mock-up of a magazine cover using fd's flickr toys instead. Seemed a more fun way of sharing my fave tunes than simply listing them.

I’m really interested in knowing what music those of you who visit my blog are into, though I’ll leave it up to you whether you wish to share your faves, so I’ll not tag anybody in particular. If you’d like to play, simply share your favourite seven songs that you’re currently enjoying. They can be any style or genre (even C&W if that's your thang!) with vocals or purely instrumental. Whatever. As long as they are songs that you are enjoying now. It's not meant to be a list of your all-time favourite songs. Although they would make interesting lists also. Gosh, why not make two lists. Current faves & all-time faves! Yeah go all-out crazy! And dance around the house like a loon while compiling your lists! Fans of gothic music may prefer bustin' out the 'I am a frond of sullen seaweed' dance moves in a dark corner perhaps. Click here to discover Gina’s current faves, including the video clips. If you’re an 80s music fan you’ll dig Gina's selection!

Currently I’m in the process of finishing some new things and getting ready to add them to my Etsy shop. They’ll be original paintings in the same kitsch lowbrow kind of style that I do (eg: artwork in mag cover above) but on a bigger scale than my ACEOs. Hopefully this time next week I’ll be listing them and posting a couple of photos here on my blog. Unless of course I waste time procrastinating (another regular occurrence for me but much more fun than the first one mentioned). In which case, this time next week you may find yet another mag cover mock-up with more favourite songs…

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week and see you in the shadows on Sunday!


Unknown said…
Hey T
What an interesting list! and tks for leaving the tag open, good to see you doing one..finally :)

80's and 90's are my all time fave, I am that young :)
Ali said…
great magazine cover! I can't wait to see your new paintings too.

... as for music, today I enjoyed kd lang's 'hymns of the 49th parallel' while procrastinating over sewing an invisible zip in!
Gina said…
What a catchy mag title and great cover!! Think I must be a bit out of touch with modern (?) music as I only know one from your list.. and must say she is one of my fave singers.. Sarah Blasko..great choice..she was brilliant in concert here last year :D My all time fave list would be very different to current faves.. but almost impossible to do..there are SO many...ooh just saw the bonus track! thanks!.. loved this one and 'Hungry like the wolf' LOL had them plastered all over my wall as a girl! (and Mel Gibson)..
appreciate you playing along Tracey..promise no more tags for a while :D Gx
Gina said…
So sorry..bad speller meant Tracy! ;)
Hey Harriet said…
Hey Gina

No probs! Most people stick an 'e' in there. Doesn't phase me :)

That's funny that you mention 'Hungry Like the Wolf' because that was going to be your bonus track, but the title was too long & wouldn't fit...
The mock magazine cover rocks!
Your cover is wonderful..great job..
My music appreciation is not good..
Kids would tease me about "elevator music", so you know where I belong..
Already looking for shadows..All I do is walk around the yard with camera in pocket..I know the neighbors think since her children left, she went off the deep end..
Anonymous said…
Seven songs I like right now. It's kind of an embarrassing list because I don't really have much of an opportunity to listen to music that often.

Here goes:
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (I love that the song's in a commercial right now)
Wolf like me by I'm not sure who
Foundations - Kate Nash

That's all I can think of right now.
Callooh Callay said…
Tough question--I'm impressed you could come up with a list, there are so many! Instead of songs, here are a few CDs I've listened to lately: the new kd lang (Watershed), Leonard Cohen, Roby Lakatos (a gypsy violinist), and Oscar Peterson.
Anonymous said…
My musical taste are all over the place but it is predominately Heavy Metal and Punk but older stuff, nothing new. However, I do love Interpol, Amy Winehouse, and The Killers too. I also still have a love for my 80s New Wave. See? I'm everywhere!
SandraRee said…
Love your mag cover! I'm glad you're working on some new things, can't wait to see! I'm always listening to Steve Perry/Journey. Big, big fan of Steve's. And anything that happens to play on the Awesome 80's iTunes!
picciolo said…
what a great way to share your list!
: )
...A Wop Bam Boo! Tutti Fruti...have I told you I love you!!!! What a great post!!!!!!! I love the mag cover!!!! I am going to look up all the songs you listed...'cause I haven't heard of a damn one of them (except the bonus track)!
You are just too funny Tracy...I laughed thru that whole post! Thanks for that!! I can't wait to see more of your work! I really love your art!!!!!!!!!
Victoria said…
Great faux magazine cover! Such a clever idea!

And so sorry that birds regularly poop on your head, but if it makes you feel any better, my grandmother always said it was a sign of good luck!!
Shannon said…
I have all of my favorites on my blog. I listen to that playlist whenever I'm on the computer - which is quite often actually! I can't believe you like Portishead. One of my hubby's all time favs! I thought he was the only fan! Kidding!
Anonymous said…
Great mag cover, and i was just going to do a boring old list (still working on Gina's tag!!) Maybe i could collage it, lol!!Look forward to seeing your new work, i know what that procrastinating is like, its something i am trying to get under control too!! have a great week Tracy see you on SSS. :0)
great mag cover!

i have really eclectic musical tastes. love the deftones, lamb, linkin park, tracy chapman, david gray and something for kate to name a few!
Sarah McBride said…
Im afraid I am stuck in yesteryear: david bowie, journey, styx, queen.

i too try to run the other way when tagged.
Anonymous said…
I love Journey too.

I can't wait for Shadow Sunday!!
XUE said…
Except for Duran Duran, I don't don't the rest so I must be old then! Super mag cover, Tracy with no "e"!
Bec said…
Ooooh, I like your taste in music - I think I need to buy that mag :P
Can't wait to see your new artworks!!!
Oh, and thanks so much for dropping by and picking up your award! By the way, it's a no obligation one too - I hate putting obligations like that onto people - so you don't need to do anything with it...I meant to leave little comments on everyone's blogs to let them know yesterday - but after finishing my post the day went manic and I didn't get to sit down at the computer all day (today is Kate's 2nd birthday so I was busy with the preparations yesterday)
But I'm glad you came by and found it anyway!
Bec x
Anonymous said…
OOOoohhhh, now you're a magazine publisher.... I love your cover design, and the choices for muzak from the '80s! I am, however, a little sad to not see Missing Persons in the group, as I would have pegged Gina for a MP kinda gal... oh well.
Hope you and Miss Soph have a great weekend! (Listening to tunes, but of course!)
had to do my Shadow Shot this morning..heading to daughters today and won't be home tomorrow..As you know, wouldn't miss this for anything..You should feel really proud of all the people that are getting into this, you have bought a lot of fun to everyone..Thanks for your wonderful idea...Happy Weekend..
bunbun said…
Hi, I mostly listen to classic rock, like The Stones, but here is what I say is my top 5 songs i listen to right now:

1. Hello Brooklyn-Jay-Z and Lil Wayne
2. Touch the sky-Kanye West
3. Wild Horses-Rolling Stones
4. The new Beck Single
5. Trash-New york Dolls

So I like a little 70's rock and a little rap. I guess I could say that I like music with a little attitude and a little inflated ego?

By the way, I love Elliott Smith (which is way diff. than what I just described) but his music is beautiful, and has so much more substance than many copycats. He was also from my town, so i feel prideful about him, I guess the way someone does for a sports team. Although he was known around here for his crazyness, his death was a huge sadness to Portland.

Love the cover also, so sweet!