Shadow Shot Sunday #17

An astronomical object casts human visible shadows when its apparent magnitude is equal or lower than -4. Currently the only astronomical objects able to produce visible shadows on Earth are the Sun, the Moon and, in the right conditions, the planet VenusWikipedia

The following Shadow Gallery collages were compiled using one photo from each participant from last week, plus two photos from the SSS archives. If you’d like to participate, shoot a shadow (cast by an astronomical object or otherwise), post it on your blog on Sunday (or near enough to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky, visit other players, and have fun!

Shadow Gallery - Places to Go, People to See

The Shooters
1. HouseInMarrakesh 2. Charlie&Grace 3. GreyscaleTerritory 4. ZanesMilkMachine 5. AboutNewYork 6. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 7. EmBelISH 8. LePetitCabinetDeCuriosities 9. TwinkleStarArt

Shadow Gallery - The Secret Life of Plants

The Shooters
1. Aimer 2. Harriet 3. PP-Designs 4. Fog&Thistle 5. GalleryJuana 6. AnnetteHanigan 7. LaVieEstBelle 8. Gingerbread 9. HeartToArt

Shadow Gallery - Feel it Cool Breezin'

The Shooters
1. BubbleBabble 2. HighDesertDiva 3. Lisa'sRetroStyle 4. ThingsISee 5. ThisGirlLovesToTalk 6. HoosierRoots 7. SummerKitchenGirls 8. RosebudCollection 9. SweetRepose

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #17

This photo I took at an Indigenous Art exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. I love this piece with the subtle shadows.

Click the above image to visit the most adorable blog EVER! So utterly charming and too cute for words. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. Bubble Babble
3. Gemma
4. Lisa's RetroStyle
5. ctmott
6. Bobbie
7. Charlie and Grace
8. Paz's New York Minute
9. EmBelISH
10. Sweet Repose
11. Annette
12. [things i see]
13. Summer Kitchen Girls
14. Twinkle Star Art
15. High Desert Diva
16. Fog and Thistle
17. Hoosier Roots
18. Gallery Juana

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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SandraRee said…
Hey T, love the collages and good job as always! I bet you have a lot fun putting those together every week!

You shadow shot is amazing! What are they made out of? Indigenous is the word I'd certainly use for that art!

And adi loves polly is sooooooo cute! I followed your link and it was so sweet! I love the little description of her blog... only four, she'll have that wow factor by the time she reaches six years of age, watch out world! lol

Happy Sunday to you too! :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
Tracey ~ Your collages this week are just fantastic! Love them so much!

And your pic for your shadow shot is really a creative one! Fascinating!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love the art and its shadows...very nice!

Adie's blog is very sweet...thanks for sending me for a look:)

Beautiful always...I tried to make one myself today and mine sucked!
Beautiful shot..very peaceful and delicate shadows..have to check out the blog next..Happy SSS..
Katie said…
It is still Saturday where I live! Lovely photos, as always.
Ali said…
The planet Venus casts a shadow? Wow, I never knew...
I love your shot today Tracy - I love the multiple, overlapping shadows, and such great forms too!
Thanks again for a great week of shadows, and enjoying the small the things :)
Happy Sunday!
XUE said…
Hey T ! Yr SSS looks like a row of upside down abstract fishes! And great collages of everyone's super SSS as usual! It's Mid-Autumn today so go get a mooncake & celebrate!
Anonymous said…
Awesome lineup as usual. Love the subtle shadows in your latest shadow shot.

Yes, Adie has a cute photo blog. Her mom's isn't bad either. ;-)

Bec said…
So many beautiful shots, as always. I especially love the plant collage :)
Anonymous said…
Nice work Tracy, lots of participants again, you do certainly have a knack with those collages - as always its great to see them together. Those fish are huge!! Great shadow shot. From Elmo and Grover, (or was it cookie monster?) to indigenous art, what next will you bring us!!?? Hope you are getting on top of your unwellness now and having a nice sunny relaxing day down your way. Ken and Jesse will be down in Brissy in a couple of weeks for a golf tournament, so i will be emailling you for weather updates and what clothes to pack, hot or cold or inbetween. Nuff of my rambling. Have a great sunday, oh and that was a very cute blog ;0)
A Wild Thing said…
Hey Tracy, thanks for giving us something so simple to achieve, yet the grand scheme is the friendships we have all made.

Love your study in black and white...what are they anyway, fish drying in the sun? Cool!

Cool shadow shot on an even cooler exhibit!!
Have a nice Sunday!
Karla & Karrie
Amalou said…
I feel a little out of my league participating in your SSS. There are some very talented photographers taking part. I love HouseInMarrackesh's colourful shadows and Greyscale Territory's watery shadows. I also love your subtle shadows of the indigenous art. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :) Amanda
There are some amazing photos this week! Love them :) Hope you've had a great weekend!
When I come visit, (my vacation dreams are BIG) I want to go gallery hopping with you! Cool shot.
Hey Harriet said…
Twinkle Star Art -

No no no Amanda! Please don't feel out of your league participating in SSS. It's just a bit of fun! Your shots have been awesome anyways you great goose :D
These collages are so fun!
Chubby Chieque said…
A dramatic shadows U got!!!

You'd started this post on sunday and although am not joining, yet §:-) it makes me smile!

Keep on going.

Greetings from chilly Stockholm
littlebird said…
another GREAT collection i do love to look at the diverse subject matter in the photos.
Your own photo is great the exhibition looks interesting.
Victoria said…
Your photo montages just keep getting better and better! These are all top notch!
Unknown said…
Those are really great! Love the individual photos and the collages.
Anonymous said…
I love the porch rails. Awesomw! But I love them all!
GalleryJuana said…
I really enjoy the photo collages every week.

Your gallery exhibit shot has some nice subtle shadows.
Amalou said…
Thanks for being so lovely... honk, honk (I think that's the noise you would hear from a goose?)

And in regards to Bessie, thanks for the heads up, I was wondering where all my ice-cream and beer went, my hubby usually gets the blame :)
Gina said…
Glorious mosaics T..and your indigenous art shadows are very interesting..this is a different colour scheme to a lot of indigenous art..would love to visit this gallery myself some day. Have a great week :D Gx
Unknown said…
Hello T
Awesome collages as usual.

What a SSS you have the soft shadows. What is it? looks like some torpedo to me..

Have a wonderful week T
You are so sweet checking out the Swedish blog..Thanks for looking..I don't understand a word either..but she is so cute, leaving me a comment all the I always look at the pictures and say something about how pretty they are.
I love them all but the pic of the pier....oh how calming! Takes me back to San Diego :-)
please sir said…
Another goodie - love the rocks and flowers. I've been seeing shadows in new lights - no pun!
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful shadow shot and great collages - as ever.
I had rather a chaotic w/e with guests and a blogger party in NY so feel bad I did not contribute.
I'll try harder next week when I will be in England.
I wish you lived nearer!!!!
All best.
Hey Tracy, thanks for your comment, I've never really shown my writing to anyone before so it's nice to get such a lovely response! :)
jenscloset said…
Love your blog!
Unknown said…
Uh Oh... Adie is getting famous now... I love her blog so much though..