Shadow Shot Sunday #56

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #56

I've been bailed up at home most of the week with a nasty cold feeling too sorry for myself to go searching for shadows. These two are from the archives that were taken last month. I was all keen to shoot a bicycle shadow this week to tie in with World Naked Bike Ride, which happens to be this weekend. A crazy cycling event for a worthy cause but I dare not be participate due to still recovering from above mentioned cold.

[photo by Kirihargie]
With or without a cold I'm just not that brave.

Happy Sunday!

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robin. said…
i am with you...cold or no cold...not that brave. (sorry you are stuck with a cold again!!!) the bike pictures make interesting shadows tho don't they!!!

...i'm sending you chicken soup wishes to feel better...

Tom Hilton said…
Fighting off something myself, although so far I think I'm winning. Hope you feel better!

Love that second shot.
A Wild Thing said…
And you tell me it's winter in Australia...winters in Iowa would curb their willingness to ride in the buff...too funny...but I love the geometry of your lawn furniture, very cool catch...

Chicken soup wishes from Iowa too!
Great shadows from your archives! I'm going to snag myself a shadow shot this weekend rain, hail or shine!

Those brave bare butts on bikes are too funny!
Naked bicycling...Oh my! Now I'll be hearing Queen's song all day in my head...

Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Sorry to hear about your cold! So far, I did have an end of summer cold and even though so many around me have a cold now, I have managed to keep it at bay! Just!

Get well soon!

Love your collages! Shadow scenes collaged together really look so fascinating! Like a round the world trip in a nutshell!

And your shadows for this week are pretty "nifty". I have never heard of our naked bike race before! There's no way that would happen right now in Melbourne!
whizkid said…
Hey T, hope you feel well soon! Loved the blues in your first shot.

...and yes, biking in the buff's not my cup of tea either.

Recover with speed :)
PJ said…
Woosy, here in Florida we ride naked all the time. Seriously. Well, except for a hat, you've got to have hat, and shoes.
I hope you feel better soon, colds are very demoralizing. Although I have to say, your archival material is really top notch.
Wow! Thanks for including my shot in your Shadow Gallery, Harriet!
GalleryJuana said…
I really like the white tables one.
good thing you have great pics in your archive.

o dear, I hope you feel better soon. So sweet of you to keep this shadow meme going even while you are sick.

hope you feel better soon!
Generik said…
I love the shot of the tables! Great shadows and composition.

I hope you're feeling better soon. Like you, though, it wouldn't matter how good I felt, I'm not getting on a bicycle naked for love or money. I support the idea of it, though!
Margaret Gosden said…
Too bad I could't enlarge this picture! Colds are the pits...feel better soon!
Martha said…
Naked bike riding - ick! LOL! I love your shadow shots this week and a great collection of gallery shots too as always. I'm sending cyber soup your way - hope you feel better soon!
Hot Fudge said…
I am so sorry that your wretched cold is keeping you away from the cycling event. I too had planned to participate, but find I have to go to Sydney for a week. Them's the breaks! Get well soon.
Sylvia K said…
Well, that's a first! What a hoot! and what a great shot you got! I'll take our lovely warm weather, had more than enough cold during our winter that has finally departed! Still, I think I'll pass on the naked bike riding!
maryt/theteach said…
Aw, c'mon, Tracy, get out there and hang your butt over the bicycle seat! Ha! Hope you get over your cold... my post is up! :)
just jody said…
great shots.......especially the white tables. i'll pass on the naked bike ride.....wouldn't want to scar anybody for life! hope you feel better soon.
The shadows are neat..I like the table/chairs. Now for the naked bike ride..Dear God, they would pay me to keep my clothes on..
Happy Shadow Shot Sunday.
Jacqui said…
Haha - naked bike ride is soo funny. great shots all round. xxx
Chubby Chieque said…
Love the second pix in your shot. Is cold downunder? You're kidding. It's above 20 deg, right? That's your winter and we have 11 deg and this is our summer weather. Arrrgghh...

Hope you enjoy my wetty shadow shot Sunday, T!

Have a blissful Sunday. said…
I love the round table and chairs shadow shot & those bikers are so funny! I'm glad it's for a good cause.
Thanks Tracy & I hope your cold goes away immediately!
Stay warm!
Bike ride? Yes! Naked? NOT on your life!
Sorry to hear your not well. Get to feeling better soon.
Love the table shot.
Oh, so sorry to hear that you have a cold! I've posted my shadow for this week, but I do have a bike shadow shot. Now I'm wondering if I should add that too?
Oh my.....this is a riot Tracy! Although....I can't imagine just how uncomfortbale this would be - wheeeeee!
Love that first shadow from the archive - what a lovely spot to hand out with friends!
Hope you start to feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
As usual, lovely collection of shadow shots.

Good thing you could go into the archives.

Hope you're feeling much better.

Rinkly Rimes said…
Great shots, particularly the circular tables! But the 'numb bums' wouldn't go down too well here at the moment. It's mid-winter!!!
Ali said…
Oooh, no way Tracy! there's no way your could go round riding a bike, butt-naked in this weather!!! you'd freeze your ... well, you know!
I like your shots from your archive too - were they taken somewhere along the bay? I especially like the first one.
hope your sniffles are getting better, see you soon :)
sunnymama said…
I love the shadows in the second picture especially! They're awesome :)
sunnymama said…
Also, hope you're feeling better soon. I've had a stinking cold this week too. It's rotten :)
Terri said…
Love that middle one! Pretty shadows. I hope you're feeling better soon!
I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon...Had some time to do some blog hopping...always enjoy finding new blogs!

Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.
Gina said…
Oh what a shame you miss the nudie bike ride! ;P
Great shadows once again..we did have a couple of sunny moments this week, which didn't go unutilised!
Take care of yourself..if I was closer I'd pop round with a pot of my pumpkin soup Gxox
Unknown said…
Lovely circle tables SS! I hope you're drinking some yummy hot toddies and get well soon, Tracy! Happy new SSS week too!
I hope you feel better soon. Cool pics from your archives. I am so not naked bike riding, my bum hurts thinking about it. Thank you so much.
Victoria said…
First of all... that looks painful! Secondly, without a cold I would never be that brave, and with a cold, well I would have to be pretty jacked up on some heavy duty cold medicine to ever think of attempting such a thing! (But being that jacked up would also make my balance pretty poor, so I would most likely fall off my bike, and that would really hurt... 3rd degree brush burns on my naked bum... ouch!) Sorry that you have been under the weather. I hope you feel all better lickity-split! Like your photos very much, especially the blue chairs against the blue sky, very pretty!
XUE said…
Wow! Brave bodies on bare bottoms! Another one of those times when it would be fun if these pics were "enlargeable" :) !!!
srp said…
Those white tables with the circular shadows are amazing. I think this is my first time here. As to those bare bottoms... that is a lot of exposure for the sun... those areas are not used to seeing the sun... watch out for melanoma... no... won't go to discussing how to get the sunscreen on these hinder parts.
Oh Good Lord! lol!! I have never heard of the World Naked Bike Ride. I followed your two links and ended up google-ing it...because I just really couldn't believe such a thing! And OMG what I saw on Flickr!! Well. I'm speechless!

I've gotten myself totally off track from SSS.
I love your blue stools with the blue sky...very nice! And I lovelovelove the three white table/stools. They make such lovely shadows!!
Wonderful photos in the collages. I really do need to find sometime to get around and see more shooters...I'm missing all kinds of great shots!

I'm so sorry to hear you're still feeling punk:( Maybe you really should muster the courage to ride naked. A healthy dose of sunshine might be just what the Dr. ordered?!;)
It's good to be back! I've hada busy couple of weeks! I like the crisp shadows of the bar stools (picnic stools?)
Funny you should mention the naked bike ride...I was listening to a radio article about one to be held near us in Drumheller tomorrow. I too had thought of going to get shots but it's a two hour maybe not!
Carin said…
Hope you will get rid of that nasty cold soon. Both shadow shots are lovely.

They did that naked bike ride here too. Would never dream of joining in, not because the cause is not good but because of me. I heard about it on the news that it took place in Amsterdam but also less participants because of the cold, windy weather we had that day! Respect for those that did cycle!
keiren said…
As far as the shadows go I like your second shot but the first photo is a lovely image of somewhere I think I'd like to be right now. Gazing out at the ocean and daydreaming is my idea of time well spent! Wish I was there! More than I wish to be cycling around nude! Funny photo. I've never heard of such an event!
Sarah Knight said…
lovely & interesting as always : )
Teneale said…
I'd be a willing participant, though I have a hangover today. And I have no bike. So I'd look a very sad state. I think I'll just stick to steering the porcelain bus in my bathroom for today.

Hope your feeling better soon. Great shots too.

xo Teneale
Wear Your Wild said…
Beautiful shadows, as always! Sorry to hear that you're sick.
Still pondering the naked bike ride.
Dorte said…
Hope you get well soon.
But great shots from your archive :-)
Elizabeth said…
Hope you feel better!
Loved the shot of the deserted beach.

I saw some semi-naked bikers yesterday in NY
now I know what it was!
best wishes for a happy and healthier week!
shannon said…
The palm trees one and the bottles are my favorite. I don't bike well, so I couldn't do it in the nude.
Oh my...I'm glad you photographed from "behind."
Linda said…
So sorry about the cold -- hope you get over it quickly! Too bad about missing the naked bike ride. When you think about it, it is one thing to be naked, but quite another to be naked while sitting on a bicycle seat and pedaling. OUCH!
Love the shadows from the table and chairs most especially -- you have such a wonderful eye for this!
Linda said…
Wow, love those circular shadows. And that last shot is. . well. . . interesting! haha Not sure I'd want to try that sport.
Chris said…
I have cycled easily over 10,000 miles in my lifetime (used to do long distance rides and triathlons) and not one of those miles was in the nude.

I feel the need to go clean my bicycle seat ;)
Dianne said…
love the circular shadows!

and the bikers!!
Anonymous said…
Great photos, regardless of your cold. There's nothing worse than a summer cold. I just got over one myself.

Thanks for hosting this great photo event!
Raven said…
A naked bike ride! Now that's something unique (I think). Hope you are feeling better.
Sherrie said…
Hope your feeling better soon! I love that photo of the patio furniture! And I would have to pass on the bike ride! Have a great day!

Sarah said…
In my opinion naked bike riding is a very silly thing to do! It coincided witht the trooping of the colour in London. I don't think there were any confusions though!
Your second shot this week is quite reminiscent of a bicycle-a penny farthing. I like the look of the first place too.
Hope your cold is better now!
picciolo said…
I hope you are feeling better now, what a shame you missed out on the naked bike ride. (hehe)
: )
Darcel said…
Hope you feel better soon. I hate it when I'm stuck in the house.
Love the bike photo.
storyteller said…
LOL ... I'm not even sure I want to VIEW such an event ... though living at the beach in So Cal as I do there are lots of 'minimalists' when it comes to clothing and swim suits. I've been enjoying the morning sun with Molly and Ms. Kitty ... snapping shadowy photographs ... and just published my collage at Small Reflections. Love YOU collages as always and your shadows too. Hope you feel better soon.
Hugs and blessings,
Catherine said…
get well soon!! and love that shot of the white tables...very satisfying!!
Unknown said…
70 links! am super impressed, told ya it will hit 100 soon :) as usual, love all the the collaging, you've matched everything well together. Love your shadows, esp the white ones and I didn't know that naked biking event was at your place too..I've seen some of the photos - it's very interesting. You sure you didn't participated, coz that butt sure looks like yours haha!!! ok, I need to stop kidding and go back to work argh :(( I hate the aftermath of holidays...but Kapas was OK, the kids loved the snorkelling..I was just bored to my bones ;P
Tracy said…
Another fab SSS...each week great greater and more inspiring. And this week--bare bottoms--bonus! LOL! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Maria Berg said…
I guess i am to late

cabin + cub said…
Great shadow gallery.. so cool to see everyones different shots!

There was world naked bike day here too... for some reason it always draws out the people you don't really want to see naked... ;)
Sarah said…
Hey another Libran! Hurray!
Sandrine said…
Tracy, there is something for you to collect at my blog;)
Shannon said…
This comment has been removed by the author.