Shadow Shot Sunday #57

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #57

Shadow stencils! I spotted some cool shadows surrounding a building in the City and before I'd even aimed my camera, security guards pounced on me! They said "you cannot take photos here because this is a government building, blah blah blah..." Fine. Whatever. I continued walking down the street and found the above interesting looking metal stencil-style sign shadow. I liked this one better than the others anyway.

To check out the most cleverly created shadows EVER, click here. They're incredible. Seriously. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw them. Thanks ever so much Elizabeth for letting me know about them!

The lovely Sandrine from Histoire de Soie passed this sweet award along to me this week. As I can't narrow down 8 blogs to pass it along to I'm going to pass it along to all Shadow Shot Sunday participants. Check this post of Sandrine's for info about this award if interested in following through on the rules. Let me know if you do! I enjoy reading lists more than making my own. I'm a terrible list-maker. Thankyou Sandrine! xo

Happy Sunday!

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A Wild Thing said…
The government is everywhere...don't they know about Shadow Shot Sunday...the nerve!!!

I love the shadow stencils, you just come up with the coolest to work...have a wonderful Sunday!!!
Stencil shadows are cool.

Congrats on yet another award!
Well, we're glad you didn't end up in jail or anything - reminds us of when we wanted to take the picture of that fountain at the Cleveland Clinic - where do we get a job that we can just walk around making sure no one takes pictures?!! seriously!
Well...we love the picture of your stencils - we're sure it's much better than the one you couldn't take!! Have a great weekend!
sunnymama said…
Cool shadow shot, and the junk shadows are amazing! Congratulations on your award :)
Chubby Chieque said…
Waaahhh... I forgot my cam at my cousin's place last night. No photos today. Hope they come over tomorrow so, I can post some newly shots or else, I can grab my files which I don't really appreciate.

Hope you had a wonderful w/end.

whizkid said…
We get hounded here as well, by zealous security guards. This despite nearly everyone is shooting away on cameras or mobile phones!

But very neat photo :), and the junk shadows...astounding!

have a happy week. click away:)
Generik said…
Great stencil shot, but your story about the gov't. security goons leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Photography is not a crime! Most of the time, when security folks tell you you "can't" take pictures somewhere, they are wrong. If you are in a public place -- like on a street or sidewalk -- you are perfectly within your rights to snap virtually anything you can see around you.

Hrmph! Sorry to rant so, but this is a particular pet peeve of mine.

Have a great week!
Sylvia K said…
Love your stencil shadow shot! Love the black and white! So glad that I found Shadow Shot months ago, I see things, shadows in a whole different perspective, see things I just never saw or paid attention to before! Thanks for the fun!
Carin said…
Happy Sunday to you too!
Funny not being allowed to take a picture of government buildings. Oh well I like the shadow of the metal stencil-sign also.
maryt/theteach said…
I love that shadow stencil, Harriet! Good job! Isn't it awful when somebody says, "you can't take photographs here!" Mine's up at Shadow Shot Sunday :)
Margaret Gosden said…
Cool shot and content: Trust House compared to whatever stencil signs the govt house was offering.
Very crisp photography indeed!
Jacqui said…
Great picture of the sign there - and the link you posted was indeed amazing. I was taking photos of James in a playpark the other week and on the way out I spotted a sign which read - Please do not take photographs of any kind in this area - hmmm xxx
That is really clever. Good job.
Happy SSS.
Paz said…
As usual, lovely shadow shot collection. Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to us.

storyteller said…
Kewl shadow stencils and wonderful collages as always. Thanks for passing the award along ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Ooooo! I have a shadow shot stencil cued in my Shadow Shot file that I haven't posted yet, but I will check out the link you provided.
Gobsmacked...I'm not sure I've ever heard of that saying before, but I like it!!! I'll be including it in my repertoire!
Victoria said…
Beware, Big Brother is watching you, and he doesn't like what you are doing! (Lucky for us you keep doing it anyway!) Great idea for a shadow shot... and phooey... who needs the government's stinky old signs? I am sure the one you found outside was much better then any that those old spoil sports had.

As for those shadow shots from the link you posted... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? How in the world did they do that?! Utterly amazing!
Teneale said…
Nice stencil shot Tracy. I didn't realise our security guards were like that. Don't they know who you are ?! lol

I loved those shadow shots on Elizabeth's site. There's a funny site after that with modified art,

Happy SSS, Teneale :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the stencil shadow! Very defined! But amazing what you had to go through first!

Your collages are as lovely as ever too!
Sandrine said…
Wow how incredible created shadows...Maybe they have started the SSS police now!!;)
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, I have posted my 8th SSS, I love it, thank you. Great SSS of yours, love how the shadow is subtle. I would love to accept the award you are giving to us all. May I place it on my blog and pass it on.
Have a fab day :) cya MonikaROse
GalleryJuana said…
I enjoy seing the photo collages every week. Thanks for putting those together.

The stencil shadows are definitely cool and glad you were able to get something more satisfying then the government building photo.
Anonymous said…
Whew! thank God you weren't arrested. What is this world coming to!

Cool stencil shadow! I checked out the link to those incredible shadows. They're amazing, I love the 'taking a leak' one.

Oh... many people have probably beaten me to this, but I have one of those love ya awards for you too on my blog. You should write a list, I would love to read your list :)
Ria said…
I was gonna do letter shadows too but changed my mind at the last minute :-) I've been so busy lately I've missed out on joining many memes but im glad to be back this week!!!! Mine's up here
The nerve of those evil security guards! How dare they! I like your stencil sign shadow and I'm sure it is better than the silly government building shadows.

Those 'junk shadows' are incredible! Thanks for posting the link. I'm looking at the contents of my trash bin very enthusiastically now!

Happy weekend to you Harriet!
Paula said…
Silly guards, good thing they came along. You have such a great eye, Miss tracy.
srp said…
Perhaps someone could get you a smaller camera... a spy camera... wouldn't that be exciting? I love the shadows you did find... so who cares about those guards? Have a great day!
Sara Chapman said…
You are right about that link. Wow! And your stencil shadows are pretty darn fantabulous also. Sorry I missed last week but I'm back.
Sam said…
Is it me or are these especially lovely this week? Must go check out that link!!
keiren said…
A very cool stencil shadow Harriet. The collages are beautiful. So many talented shadow shooters! Will have to check out that shadow link now!

Also congrats on your award!
XUE said…
Hey you law-breaker...great pic of course! The shadow link is fabulous not to mention sooo distracting as I clicked onto other links & on & on, before I realised that I ought to go back to HH & post my comment....almost an hour later!!! You made me lose track of time!
Just posted a 2nd ss....come check it out
julie king said…
you go girl! i love that you got your shot despite the anti-fun police. hee hee i don't think i've ever seen stencil shadows before. have a great week!
Sarah said…
I find my phone is best when a sneaky photo is required!
I like this shadow-it is so dark it looks like it is permanent.
Happy Sunday!
bobbie said…
I love the stencil sign shadows!
Unknown said…
Very cool selection of shadow shots, including yours, Tracey! I'm glad to be able to participate this week!

Love and peace,
Bee said…
Hi Harriet!

I always see the Shadow Shots at Elizabeth's, and I took some special pictures for her last Sunday. Do I have your permission to link back to you? (The new participant link doesn't seem to be working?)

I will wait to hear from you . . .

The Shadow Galleries are spectacular, by the way.
Sarah Knight said…
interesting & entertaining as always
: )
Wondeful crisp wordy shadow you posted this week!
and the galleries were spectacular!
jabblog said…
Isn't officialdom daft at times?! There must be more important things to do than harass innocent photographers.
Your alternative choice is great anyway so sucks, boo to them!
Kranky Granny said…
Love the stencil. Made a great capture for SSS.

Thanks for the link to the Junk shadows. The kids will be fascinated by it. I can see some of them spending the summer collecting and piling up junk to the point that their parents will curse the day I forwarded it to them.
Unknown said…
LOVE the wordy shadow today! Great combo!

And I love seeing the galleries you put together every week - thanks for all your creative efforts!
Dorte said…
Those junk shadows are really amazing.
Love your stencil :-)
Sherrie said…
I really like your photo! Great shadows and so shinny. Congrats on the award. I have taken this award and am passing it along. I have also put up the list of 7 things about me. Have a great day!

Martha said…
I love your shadow shot this week! :-)
beautiful stuff i missed last week.

trust house sounds not too far from the ministry of love or something else just as creepy from an orwell book. especially since they didn't want you to photograph it. good job! sss rebels unite! haha :)
Meri said…
And the link for newbies didn't work, so I guess I can't play.
Catherine said…
I've been reprimanded twice recently for taking photos in very innocuous places!! Great monochrome shot this week...
Chris said…
Negative shadows....I LOVE IT! Great shadow stencil.
That shadow is really cool! Quite unique in our challenge...I think?! I'm sure it is much better than whatever the guard was trying to protect. I'm wondering what the Trust House is?

Those trash shadows ARE amazing!! It's hard to imagine how they sculpted all that junk to throw such perfect shadows. Hard to believe!

Congrats on your award:)
Shannon said…
good eye!
Back again to add my link. Sorry it is so late. I lost my internet connection and only got it back now!
Brandi said…
I love the stencil shadow! Very cool! I'm glad you kept poking around the "government building".
Chrisy said…
Think these shots are becoming classier every week! Had to chuckle over the security guards not letting you take stupid...reminds me of a time I went takin photos outside walston park prison....such drama!
donat said…
love those stencil shadow letters. thanks for the link to the junk art shadows! that whole site is brilliant and like xue above i could spend hours there! congrats on your award. a terrible list maker huh? i find that hard to believe harriet!
Hey Harriet said…
Sorry to those who mentioned they were unable to add their links to Mr Linky this week. The Mr Linky site may have been experiencing some difficulties this Sunday. Sometimes happens... Bad Mr Linky!
Tracy said…
Another stellar week of SSS! Congrats on your lovely award too! Happy Week, my friend .O)
Sam said…
Hiya Tracy! I gave you an award for your gorgeous blog!
Unknown said…
Hey T...congrats on the award..don't we just live for them *wink*wink* have been taking pictures where you were not supposed to be, and I thought it only happens to me. I don't know how you do this..the hosting..visiting everyone but you absolutely did a great job. I am struggling to even do a post, and again many times I wanted to give up on blogging but can't leave good pals like you.

Love the shadow and again, fabulous collages. Oh, the link to the other shadows was so cool..but I kept thinking was it the real shadows? ok, it's Tuesday but sure feels like Monday for me..tata :P
Anonymous said…
This is a great idea! I love all the shadows! I'm going to join in next time!
Janis said…
Isn't it sad that we have a valid need for those security guards to protect our buildings?! I'm sorry we can't see that building but I love what you did shoot!

You always take the best shots and I'm learning from you. You make me see the world from a different prospective, I notice things now that I might not have before!
Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very informative. I love to read it and do hope to read your next story.