Shadow Shot Sunday #76

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #76

A Halloween inspired shadow shot this week.

With a bit of a red tint added for a spookier effect. Boo!

This decorative architectural little devil was found on a building in the city. It's one of the small number of older buildings that hasn't been bulldozed and replaced with a gigantic ultra-modern monstrosity. Yet...

Now moving off the topic of monstrosity to generosity! The local arty crafty folk of this town known as BrisStyle are currently running a fun competition. BrisStyle wants you, yes YOU, to help pick a favourite design to have printed on a limited edition run of BrisStyle Market Tote bags. By clicking HERE and voting for your favourite of the four lovely designs submitted, you'll automatically go into the draw to win one of the fabulous bags as soon as they've been printed. So please go show some love for the artists and vote.

This is the design I voted for. A difficult choice as all entries appealed to me but there was something about this particular design that just totally had me hooked. I love it! It's by the very talented artist Sally Flynn.

"After completing a bachelor in contemporary arts (honours)I have continued to practice and experiment with printmaking, painting and drawing. Im trying to introduce environmentally friendly concepts into my studio as I believe art is a powerful inspiration, especially when its made with integrity. My work is typically abstract with more than a sprinkle of symbolism." ~ bio from Sally's Flight Industries Etsy shop

It's the first of November today and I can't believe it's almost the end of the year. Being November I thought of the pretty song by Sarah Blasko called Sweet November & wanted to share it here. I went searching youtube for it & then found her wonderful cover of Xanadu so I've posted that one instead:

I told a tiny fib. I didn't post Xanadu instead of Sweet November after all. I really like Sarah Blasko so a double dose can only be a good thing. I'm not sure if Sarah Blasko is very well known outside of Australia, but if you've not heard her then have a listen because she has an amazingly sweet and lovely voice. Truly.

In hindsight I probably should have included some scary death metal music to fit the theme of my spooky shadows. That musical genre isn't really my cup of tea I'm afraid. And hindsight is way overrated anyway.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thankyou!


Ralph said…
This mask is quite scary on its own merits. Add the shadows, and the view is spookier! There is an air of mystery here, the shadow seems as if he is contemplating some dastardly and scary plan. Happy Halloween SSS!
keiren said…
Spooky shadow shot Sunday! I like it! The eerie red tinted shadow is neat. I'm relieved you chose the music you did instead of death metal. That version of xanadu is very sweet and I think even Olivia would approve. Happy halloweeny Sunday!
sin duc said…
i interest to join. how to?
I shall check out that link and vote, indeed!
By the way, thank you ever sooooo much for taking the time and effort to put together a gallery of selected shots each week. I don't know how you do it (would you share your secret?).
I enjoy looking at the shots in the gallery format as it has such a different feel to it when they are side by side.
Thank you!!!
robin. said…
the red tint is what does it...made the shadows even more scary.

sarah blasko does have a sweet voice...thanks for sharing her with us.

happy sss!!!
XoXo said…
Wow Hariet am impressed with your art skills. This is magnificent. Have a nice weekend. My shadow shot is up now.
MyMaracas said…
Wonderful find for Halloween, with or without the death metal. Architects used to have a sense of humor, didn't they.

I voted for the same bag - enigmatic is the perfect word for it, and I'm always fascinated by strangeness.

And thanks for introducing me to that music! I'll have to look for more of her work.

Hope your Halloween was happy! Here in the sates we're just getting started.
keiren said…
This looks like a fun project to be involved in. A friend told me about it and I'm going to try shooting some shadows today. The shadow gallery is so cool.

"and hindsight is overrated anyway" I'd like to agree with that!
Tom Hilton said…
Love the gargoyle shot--both versions. Very appropriate to the day.
Anonymous said…
Nice spooky shadows and I enjoyed the music. That's horrible to hear that so many old buildings have been bulldozed down. Evil developers. The shadow image is extra appropriate then!
Generik said…
The red tint really makes that shot. Very nice!
bobbie said…
Oooooooo! Scary one!
whizkid said…
spooky shadow indeed!! Loved the red one :) Off to check out the links you've shared.

have a happy week.
Carletta said…
I love the devil shot - both of them!
Happy Halloween!!

I like the bag design in the way the two parts of the bird are positioned - opposite from what you might expect.
I love the spooky mask with shadows
Jen said…
I've linked and joined Shadow Shot Sunday. Thanks!
Carin said…
BOO back! LOL! You made a scary entry this Sunday! Enjoy your day!
Beverley Baird said…
Love your shadows and the videos.
Don't worry about not including me in the collage - I didn't realize the size - not sure how to change it. I just really enjoy the challenge!
Thanks for holding this great challenge.
Sylvia K said…
Such fun! As always! And appropriately SCARY for the day! Thanks again, Tracy, for all the fun!


Dimple said…
Gargoyles, you find them in the oddest places! Have a great Sunday!
A Wild Thing said…
How devilishly beautiful...sure hope they don't take the building down...what a tragedy...but what a cool shot!

You're a very busy girl! Have a great week ahead!
Sarah said…
I love the devilish face! I will have a listen to Sarah Blasko at some point-I have not heard of her and it is always fun to find new musicians! Happy Halloween!
Unknown said…
Your red gargoyle is so appropriate---eeeeeeks! Happy Halloween, and thanks for all your efforts toward the weekly SS collages! Love them!
Diane AZ said…
I love architectural details on old buildings and that devil is a fabulous find. The red color does make it perfect for Halloween!
Hot Fudge said…
You think that red gargoyle is scary? You should have been at Maison Fudge last night when hoards of red-cordial-powered vampires battered down our door. Thankfully they were placated when we threw little boxes of Smarties at them - so much less smelly than garlic.
Gemma Wiseman said…
I love both photos of your gargoyle. There is a legendary mystique in the first one, but the second one seems almost to pulse with warning!

Sarah Blasko has a sweet voice with a husky innocence a little like Mary Hopkins' voice years ago.

And you Etsy people certainly know how to get attention in the most beautiful way! What great ideas you have!

Happy weekend! Mine is a long weekend with Melbourne Cup! (That's the good news!) The bad news is I have heaps of school marking + reports to write! Waaah! But I love teaching! (Except at report time!)
admin said…
AHHHHHHH you scared me!! :) cool spooky shots! Sarah Blasko is cool too!
Now I must tell you, that shot is scary..Whew! A good one for tonight. The red is really something else.
Happy SSS.
toby said…
Thanks for including me in your cool gallery! I went to vote for the tote design (what fun!) and I agree with you that Sally Flynn's is the most deserving to win...
Sam said…
That gargoyle is perfection Tracy!!! I think that's a whole lot scarier than any we have in Sydney. I love the ornamentation on old buildings - why don't we go back to that? It's clearly what everyone loves! Strange! Wonderful set of shadow montages - I'm going to snoop around and explore those....and I didn't dress up as a sock monkey for Halloween - my costume was "girl in pyjamas" yes I had a day of napping!! :) I'lll come back this evening and check out those vids - yeah what happened to the year??? Have a lovely weekend sweetie! :) XX
Wow that is one very spooky shadow shot! The contrast is striking with the glowing face in your fiery enhanced version.

and thanks, I needed some sweet soft music to calm my nerves after coming face to face with the devil ;)

Now I'm off to download some Sarah Blasko tracks.
Scary death metal music isn't the only thing. There's always Monster Mash, you know!

I do like the red effect. Cool!
I like that you're getting into the spirit of Halloween...
Anonymous said…
Nice devil, and a red one,, is he blushing? :)
This week I give you my first shadow. May it bee many more.
Victoria said…
Very scary! I fear I shall have nightmares!
(I really marvel at the intricate, sculptural work that they used to apply to buildings. We've seen a lot torn down over here as well... very sad 'cause when it's gone it's gone.)

Will be sure to check out the links and the music, thanks for sharing! (And I can't believe it's November either, how did that happen?!?)
Kewl choice for Halloween ;-)
Thanks for the shadow galley mosaics and the links. I'll check them out as time permits.
Hugs and blessings,
Chrisy said…
Love the old devil of a building...yes wish there were more...and I sing like my dreams...
penny said…
I wouldn't want to run into that scary face after dark. BOO
The red adds a devilish look to the
Happy Halloween, Tracy.
Thanks for hosting :)
spOOOOOOOOOky! The shadow gallery montages are beautiful as always. Very nice song choices today!
Kranky Granny said…
Great shadow shot. My vote is cast.

Have a great week everyone.
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone for your support!
Anne said…
Good Halloween shot - I prefer it without the red tint!! It's raining and miserable here - could be archive shots next week!!
B : ) said…
Your shot is fantastic alone, but that added red is really, well, scary - looks like it's straight out of Hell B : )
Patti said…
That's a wonderfully spooky shot of that gargoyle. I love looking and photographing architectural details like that.

I prefer the originaI, I think.

I had my post all set for Halloween then didn't link up. Got a bit busy last evening! I am going to blog about it soon..

I love looking at the collages you create. That must take a lot of time. Thanks for hosting this fun meme.

Happy November!
Martha said…
I love your spooky Halloween shot! I'm off to check and see if I captured any shadow shots this week :-)
Anonymous said…
i am thrilled to be included amongst these awsome pictures!!

this is a very fun meme!
maryt/theteach said…
Hi Harriet, my post is up! Love your gargoyle shadow! :)
Anonymous said…
Love your Halloween shadow shot. I look forward to checking out your YouTube links, when I have time. have a great week.

Kitty Stampede said…
I just want to say I absolutely ADORE this meme. I loove taking photos especially flash-less photos dealing in shadows so this is so fun for me. Thank you!! I just submitted my first shot today and I think I did everything right, now 100% sure so if you wanna check it out and let me know..hehe. That devil is creeeeepy, very intersting shadow-age going on in that it.
Oh and btw loove your taste in music, it resembles mine..;)
anyhoo I'm pumped to start this.
take care!! :)
Chubby Chieque said…
Am late again. But at least I came §;-)

So busy nowadays at work, T! I was here anyways to check the SS collage of course, although wasn't joining. Awful feelings.

You rock with that fantastic art. Awesome shadow, huh?

Hugs to you...
Square Peg Guy said…
Hey Harriet!

Thank you for including my SS in this week's feature!

The patio table/chairs feature reminds me of other playground SS I took but haven't posted yet. Perhaps I'll do them next week if that's allowed.

I've not heard the name of Sarah Blasko before, but I've heard her voice, or the voice of someone just like her. I like it very much -- thanks for sharing! A not too well known but awesome singer is Eva Cassidy. I'm not sure how to post music on my blog yet, though.

I like the red tint you added to your devilish shot! It really conveys a sense of the Underworld.

I hope you're enjoying the Springtime!
Clo by Clau! said…
Great images as always, I hope soon I get something nice to share with you in your gallery ;)

Eirie, eirie, eirie! Interesting takes for shadow shot Sunday - I like the variety.
Eirie, eirie, eirie! Interesting takes for shadow shot Sunday - I like the variety.
readingsully2 said…
Love the spookiness.
Ilove your post!
EJ said…
I love the shadow on the white, very vivid!

How about a Shadow at the Airport for my entry?
Aubrey said…
I love Shadow Photography!! I'm excited to start participating in this challenge! Thanks for doing it!
Tracy said…
Ooo...your shots are wonderfully spooky, Tracy...perfect for Halloween--love the blood red! Fantastic shadows this week--everyone is so clever with the shadow shots! Off to take a peek at those YouTube links... Happy week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Patti said…
Hi Tracy,

I've only visited a few shadow shooters so far. I had a busy weekend. But I did want to let you know I am about to post the "answer" to my mystery shadow photo. Hope you can stop by!

I looked in here earlier but I don't think I left a I'm back;) Love the devilish SS! Loved the tunes too. I'm sure I've heard Sarah before, but not those songs. Lovely.
Brandi said…
You always find the coolest things to photograph! I love that little devil!! Very cool and even spookier with the red tint!
I like your Sweet November song you have posted. Her voice reminds me of Lenka or Fiest. Anyway, I have never heard of her before, so thanks for the introduction! :)
Unknown said…
Wonderful shadow T..and with a change of suddenly become really naughty. Happy week ahead..hugs/M
Sarah said…
Maybe one day I will have a pizza at your southbank too! I always get a bit confused in Paris by the fact they have the left and right banks. Compass points make so much more sense!
picciolo said…
boy the red tint really did make it scary! Great image!
: )
++MIRA++ said…
oh i think the one with the pumpkin as the shadow head is hilarious! as soon as i get my new camera im gona definitely join.thx for this new round
Unknown said…
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