Shadow Shot Sunday #78

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #78

A shadow I spotted decorating the side of a building in West End

There was just enough sun streaming through the clouds to cast a row of pretty palm tree shadows. This is a photo taken of Newstead Park which is the location of Brisbane's oldest surviving residence, the historic Newstead House. As per usual I was so caught up with seeking shadows that I didn't think to take a photo of the grand old house. If remotely interested in seeing Newtead House, you can click HERE for a virtual tour.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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trees? I thought the shadows were telepgraph poles! Great stuff.
XoXo said…
I'm up now Harriet! Your shots are great shadows esp the ones of the palm trees. I like it so much. BTW, I can email you my entry if you want it. Just let me know, thanks and have a happy weekend!
Love the palm tree shot.....looks so tropical and warm.
keiren said…
Wow they are the tallest palm trees I have ever seen! Must be something in the water in Brisbane! It does look very tropical.
I'm always thrilled to be included in the Shadow Gallery. Thank you!
MyMaracas said…
Love, love, love the palm tree one!
Unknown said…
The gorgeous palm trees and lush green yard calls me loudly to the warm south! I wanna be there! Great shots, Tracy!
robin. said…
isn't funny how caught up we get in taking shadows!!!! hubby saw your palm trees this morning and said "those aren't around here"...nice photos...looks warm and inviting!!!
Cameron said…
I love shadow photography and a friend told me about this weekly project. It's such a cool idea! I see that a blog is required in order to participate so I'll attempt to set one up.
Tom Hilton said…
I like these a lot. The two colors of brick really make the first shot.
Sylvia K said…
I love these, Tracy! Particularly the second one with all the GREEN! Our green is pretty much gone until spring comes again!

Have a great weekend!

Victoria said…
Palm trees are so cool, wish we had some in this neck of the woods... great shot!
What a gorgeous looking location. I'm going to take a tour of that house you mentioned. I like old houses. Both great photos and the collages are beautiful as always. Happy weekend to you Harriet!
Quilt Works said…
Great palm trees! I have a photo of trees too... but we don't have any palm trees!

Shadows in Boston Downtown!
PJ said…
I like the abstraction in the first and the small shadows of the palm fronds on the ground in the second. I get overly focused on things myself.
bobbie said…
Very nice! The trees are just beautiful.
whizkid said…
Loved the second photo! very green, and very pretty. And thanks for including my pic in the SSS collage. you do a great job everytime :)

have a great week!
Ralph said…
The utility pole offers a big shadow, the shadow is muted and attractive against the brick wall.

The trees leave wonderful shade, the palms looking like starfish on the ground. Stunning pictures, I see how OZ is heading toward a warm summer - we instead are hurtling toward winter, brrrrr!

Very nice shadows!
Carletta said…
The utility pole with its many connections is certainly better looking in its wispy shadow!
Love the palm shadows!
Chubby Chieque said…
Howdy, Ms. Dowunder!

Love your last shot... the shadows from the palm trees looks like dragonflies §;-)

So greeny! I really missed Phils. where I belong.

Have a wonderful SS.

xoxo as always...
Generik said…
Very nice juxtaposition of the urban and the tropical. Both beautiful shots!
Cool shadows Tracy! We love that house....if ever we find ourself in Brisbane, we will have to take the real tour!!
chrome3d said…
Those palm tree shadows are so unbelievable to me. I can´t understand how sun can be so high up to produce shadows like that. To me that kind of shadows don´t simply exist!
Gemma Wiseman said…
I too thought the first photo was of a telegraph pole but after seeing the second one, I can see it was windy so that the palms assumed strange shapes and shadows! Good one!
A Wild Thing said…
I think I'll take that virtual historic old palm shadows, very summer and restful feeling!

Have a great day and thanks again Tracy!!!
Carin said…
Love your picture of the palm tree shadows. Really nice!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Jacqui said…
Great shots - that second one makes me feel a bit warmer!
Beverley Baird said…
Great photos - great shadows!
toby said…
Great gallery as always! And your shots are both lovely - turning the everyday into art :)
Hot Fudge said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
jabblog said…
I LOVE the tree shadows - just beautiful!
Hot Fudge said…
Come on Tracy, we all know they're not palm trees, but camouflaged mobile phone transmitters!
Sam said…
I've just got one word for you and that's stun-o-rama! Those palms trees - so nice Tracy and the pretty power pole shadow - who knew something as work-a-day as power poles could be so glamorous?

How's the weather up there? Is it as nuts as it is down here? We're going to have a scorcher tomorrow - 39!!! We normally don't get these until Feb and then only one day at most!

Anyway, it's not too hot for my sock monkey ensemble so I'll just tip toe off now and get togged up - excuse me....XX
Terri said…
I love how the shadows make the palm trees look so short! Great shot.
Sarah said…
Hi Tracy,
I love the slightly blurry building shadow-and wonder what was casting it. I like the foreshortening on the palm tree shadows. Have a great Sunday-or Monday-never sure!
The palm trees picture and their shadows are just so beautiful! I also love looking at shadow against the building wall.
Amalou said…
I wonder how many other shadow shooters get so caught up with seeking their SSS that they forget to take photos of the places or people their visiting.

Nice photos Tracy. I see some similarities between your shadows from real trees and man made ones.

Have a great week!
Jen said…
Ha! This week was just the opposite for me- I was doing the routine when I got my shadow shot.

Happy SSS to you - and I wish I was sitting under that palm tree. :)
Martha said…
Great gallery and love your shots this week too! I played and almost forgot to link up!
Square Peg Guy said…
So many great features this week!

My SS is scheduled to show up in about two hours. It's a collection of older shots. The only shadows I'll see this weekend will be indoors. said…
love your decorative shadows as well as your palm tree shadows-so summery Tracy.
as always your collages are superb, so nicely put together and just lovely to look at!
Thank you for hosting this Tracy!
Carolyn Ford said…
Wow! I love those palms!
EJ said…
I love the shadow of the palm trees!

Mine is up here
Anonymous said…
I love the palm trees - I will close my eyes and imagine I am walking past them in the sunshine, instead of experiencing yet another dreich day!!
BLOGitse said…
Howdy Tracy!
Your palm trees are soooo tall & slim!
We have only short and semifats! :)
Happy SSS!
Tracy said…
Those palms and their shadows are beautiful, Tracy! Looks so lovely there...aaahhh... I guess because winter is fast approaching here, those palms look extra inviting and bring to mind sunny days... LOL! Another fantastic week of shadows--some very interesting photos this week. I gotta go back and look again. Happy weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
MonikaRose said…
G'day Tracey, just got back from Gliding and I have some shadow shots from the day :) Its very late and I still managed to get the link in, fab. LOve your shadow shot of the palm trees, great color green. I will take a peek at the link you gave to visit the area :) Enjoy your Sunday, hope you enjoyed it and have a fantastic week ahead. Thanks for showing my lava lamp shadow from last week. Love the damp thing, its on every day :) cya
Wear Your Wild said…
Cool shadows! I love how small the palm tree shadows are!
readingsully2 said…
Lovely shots, heyharriet and nice choices for your gallery too.:)
Patti said…
Hi Tracy,
I finally posted on Sunday morning (Connecticut time!) ~ love both of your shadowy shots today.

That two-tone brick building is interesting, and the tree shadows on the lawn are pretty. I laughed when i read that you were so caught up looking for shadows that you neglected to photograph the house. ;-)
Jazzbumpa said…
Terrific pix!

I haven't gotten to play lately but i have a star shot today.
I like the possible connection between the tall straight tree forms and the shadow shot of the top of the telegraph pole!
I always enjoy the Photo Gallery and your shadow today are wonderful as always. Methinks my fav is the first ... perhaps because where I live Palm Trees are so common?
Hugs and blessings,
Beautiful pictures these last two!!
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment! ;)
Joe Todd said…
All the photos are just a lot of fun. Thank you
Unknown said…
Fantastic shots, as always, Tracy! I love those spidery palm tree shadows - delightful!
I Love the Palm Tree one....Palm trees make the most beautiful Shadows!!! Nice work!
Something about the palm tree shot doesn't look real to me. It looks like a view master slide. Really neat!
The house looks really cool too. I'd enjoy a real tour of it.
Gabbi said…
Amazing shadows Tracy! I love your palm trees and JonnyHamachi shadowy bird. Such talent! Thank you so much for including me!! :)
Unknown said…
Hi ya T..seems like I am always to few last to comment hehe :) I've just finished my post which took forever as the line here was slower than a tortoise :(

Love those palm trees, they looked so tall..and that pole shadows reminded me of should see their phone and electric'll faint, so many in one. We have them here too ...but not hundreds piled onto one pole as in BKK. Isnt time flying's almost end year now.

Happy week ahead T...hugs/M
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picciolo said…
wow those palm trees look really majestic, I love them, what a great shot
: )
Chrisy said…
Hey darlin...thanks so much for your heartfelt wishes...they mean a lot....
Unknown said…
Lucky you! I wish someone would teach me how to make those clutch to all... everytime I try it seems I'm a klutz!

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