Shadow Shot Sunday #125

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #125

Taken at Sandgate early this week at around noon. When the tide was low & the metal bench was hot. And the shadows were screaming out to be sprayed with sunscreen. Or maybe they were screaming for ice cream. Er, no. That was me...

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


☺lani☺ said…
Happy Weekend! Nice shadows!
Beverley Baird said…
Lovely shadow! Sounds like it was a lovely day! Hope you enjoyed your ice cream!
Have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it) and week ahead!
EJ said…
It's nice to sit there and watch the ocean!
Ice cream is our vote....but what flavor has the best SPF?
:) Have a super week!!
GalleryJuana said…
Great collection of photos from last week's sss.

So you guys have already headed into the warm weather? We're just coming into Autumn.

Love the soft ocean color hues in your photo.

Hope the weekend is treating you kindly like you deserve.
That is a gorgeous photo Tracy!! I love it. I love the blues and greens and the little line of perfect clouds out above the horizon. I even love the frame (I want to know where you are getting it from...please:)
And of course I love the shadow. Perfect geometric patterns are my faves.
Happy Sunday!!
Maggie said…
Glorious summer shadow shot!
Lighthousegal said…
Love your photo. The beach is my favorite place to be, I think I could spend hours at the beach just sitting and listening to the waves or simply walking along looking for shells.
Not sure I would want to sit on that metal bench without something to lay over it though.
Thanks for sharing your photo and for hosting this meme. I love it!!
Linda said…
great shadow shot of the bench, have a great weekend
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautiful collages of last week's pictures. I remember some of them, especially the last one, which was one of my favorites.
Now I'd better get mine ready for this week!!

Kay, Alberta
Photography said…
I love how you always come up with creative shots - everywhere I go now i look for shadows!
Generik said…
Very nice geometries in this week's shot, and I love the color!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous shadow shot!! I wish I could be there with you - I would even buy the ice creams!!
fredamans said…
Beautiful collages.
Ralph said…
I like the table and bench - they appear to be diving boards to allow one to jump in the water. Alas, the harbor water is probably too cold for that these days...
MOO said…
I left my heart at the beach! Love all these snaps...
BLOGitse said…
What a cool shot!
I'm still in Helsinki, back to Casa on Monday.
I'm lucky - the weather has been great but next week it will be colder and maybe SNOW! brrrrrrrr......
Relaxing Sunday!
Sylvia K said…
Always love the beach shots and the colors and shadows are fantastic! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Tracy!

Cassie said…
Good one! I almost pulled a picnic table shadow from my archives this week to post too. Have to chuckle at your ice cream remark...ah if only I only craved the rich, creamy stuff in the summer heat. Well, I'm off to have a little bowl of vanilla bean now. Thanks Tracy!! Have a great weekend.
Anca Pandrea said…
Thank you so much for including my comeback shadow in your mosaic. Great shadow for the week, I would like to be in a place where sun screen is needed...
robin. said…
i am screaming for ice cream too...our fall day today is a grand day for screaming for ice cream where are you???

happy SSS tracy...have a blessed weekend!!!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Wonderful shadows of the seat textures! And you need sunscreen already!??? I have a jacket, a jumper and a skivvie on right now! Yesterday didn't warm up till about 2:30pm!
But at least it's sunny!

Thank you so much for including my shadow shot in one of your mosaic! Love how you do it!

Enjoy your weekend!
Rinkly Rimes said…

Mr Linky not working so here's mine!

Love the beach bench! I can feel the heat. And its only October!
Anonymous said…
Oh I love this weeks picture. It looks like a lovely spot too!

Thank you for adding my shadow shot from last week.

Emily ツ
Hi Tracy,
Weather not much better for you this week huh!!? thanks for your lovely message last week always love hearing from you. Have a good week (and heres hoping for better weather - it is spring after all!) xx
Dianne said…
the shades of blue are amazing and so varied
beautiful photo :)
Tracy girl ! I knew that was YOU screaming for ice cream .. that is why I had some this afternoon too .. black cherry and it was SO GOOD!
I love your shot .. I can almost feel that searing heat from the metal bench as well .. the shadows are so crisp and clean looking by that gorgeous water. I am bundling up in flannel pajamas and you are in shorts and a T-shirt with your heat at the opposite end of the planet .. too funny : )
Thanks for putting my shot up in the college girl : ) I appreciate the exposure ? LOL
Chubby Chieque said…
Gorgeous indeed! Amazing you always catched those perfect shots!

Happy pretty Sunday, downunder.

Anonymous said…
loved the shadows of the bench and table and had loads of fun shooting for this weeks SSS

Love it...I can feel the heat too!

Jeanne :)
Anonymous said…
glad i found this, i'm excited to participate in this photo challenge.
muchlove said…
ice creaaaaaam!! (that's me screaming for ice cream, haha, which sounds really good right now).

EG CameraGirl said…
I think I'd have been screaming for ice cream too, :)
maryt/theteach said…
Love the green tint and the water. Lucky to be going into summer over there! :)
Unknown said…
Very nice, I can feel the heat from that bench seat. What a lovely place to sit and have an ice cream.

Hokey Pokey for me please..being a Kiwi it's obviously my favourite flavour.
Patti said…
Beautiful. I love the shades of blue and green. Great shadow capture!

I love ice cream too. And we don't have any left. :-(
Eden said…
I love to feel the heat. It's been cold here and wet.

Love your photo. It is beautifully captured.

Have a great Sunday.
Better photographed than sat upon, methinks!
Kelli said…
great shadow shot. I have added mine to the links
Chubskulit Rose said…
I would love to sit there just so I could watch the ocean hehehe
Linnea said…
Oh..they're all wonderful. Your picnic table shot is perfect! We have tables like that here at all the city parks in San Ramon. They do make great shadows! said…
as our weather starts to get colder yours gets even warmer.
beautiful hot sunny shadow capture!
Paz said…
LOL! I think they were screaming for ice cream. ;-) It's been a long while but I finally got a shadow shot. ;-))

Paz xoxo
Anonymous said…
Great Shadow, I love the blue of this shot. Have a great week :-)
This is one of my top faves of yours, ever. Totally love the compositon and colors. And those perfect, cute little clouds, in the perfect spot. Brilliant one, really.
Anonymous said…
This is fun!
Thanks for publishing our last week's entry.

Have a nice day, Boonie
Limarea said…
Beautiful photo and a great gallery! :)
Sam said…
Love, love the collages this week! The wisteria and the fat black and white cat are my faves!

Your gorgeous shot is shadowy with a capital "S"! That bench and table were screaming out for sunscreen? That sounds like Summer has well and truly arrived in your neck of the woods! We have been having odd hot or cold or windy or rainy days. It's very difficult to know what to wear! Still, I'm pleased the winter has gone - I was over scrambling around in the morning for heaters and warm clothes!

Hope you're well Tracy! I'm finding it's a teeny bit tricky this time of year - I'm sort of officially burnt out from the working year but we have several months to go before the Christmas break! What about you, do you have any hols planned soon? XOXO's (Gosh hope that wasn't too much ramble!)
Anonymous said…
Good old summery Brisbane! The rest of Oz is a bit behind I think. I love your shadow and your style of photography!
Patti said…
P.S. thanks for including me in the collage! It's always fun to find one's photo there.

have a great week shadow hunting!
Spadoman said…
I will be looking forward to coming here to Oz to relive Spring and Summer as our Winter rages on. Lovely beach shot. Now, fill that picnic table with food and take another picture!
Another fabulous shot! Hey, I'll scream for ice cream!
Square Peg Guy said…
It looks like Spring is already turning into Summer for you!

Have a great week!
Victoria said…
Love the soothing colors of this shot and all those wonderful lines! (Hope you got your ice cream!)
Anonymous said…
Nice shadows! Wish I was by the beach right now. :)
Laura said…
love these colorful much texture too!
Clytie said…
I think I would be screaming for ice cream as well ... great shadow shot!
oooo--I would LOVE to be there right now!! I love the composition of your photo, and that shadow is GREAT
Heidi said…
Hey there! First time linking up. Love the idea.
Kay L. Davies said…
Lovely shadow shot.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Much appreciated.

Kay, Alberta
E Makes Art said…
oh, love this photo, with the cool textury shadow and the beautiful ocean and clouds in the background. Those clouds almost look fake, they're so perfect! I missed last week :( but am happy to be back!

urban muser said…
love the texture and pattern of this shot! and of course, the use of the iphone.
Inger-M said…
Nice, makes me want to go on holiday :-)
Halie said…
Another great shot!

Sorry for the late link-up!
A Wild Thing said…
I'm with you girl...ICE CREAM!!!

Boy it sure looks like summer headin your way, I'm slow to get back to everyone, me and Scratchy were on the road all day yesterday, taking in all the lil' bits of summer left in my world. Autumn is slowly rearing it's scarlet and golden head, sure is purdy though...have a great week ahead friend!

Unknown said…
Hi ya T...I am all for ice cream!!! Give me a cone anyday...a whole giant cup is also fine..who cares about diet right :P Love your new additions and hey..what's that whale or what is is..floating and scaring people in your wordless wednesday? Happy week ahead..and its Wednesday so..a day nearer to weekend. BTW.. how is the weather (day/night) in mid November in OZ..I want to know if it's mildy cool or warm. sorry for being so late...tata now xoxoxoxoxoxo
Amalou said…
I thought I recognised that bench. Sandgate's one of our regular family hangouts. Your lovely photo makes Sandgate look more than what it is. I guess Sandgate wouldn't be busy today with those strong south easterlies. The ice-creams would be blowing right out of their cones.
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