Shadow Shot Sunday #127

Gabba Gabba Hey! Shadow Shot Sunday!

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #127

Pretty shadowy reflections provided by the Photovoltaic Geodesic Dome (just try saying that quickly after a few glasses of wine!). This colourful installation is one of many outdoor artworks on display around the Cultural Centre as part of the Light from Light exhibition presented by the State Library of Queensland.

I believe this installation located in Southbank Parklands is also part of the same exhibition. It's huge! The size isn't obvious looking at this photo but I tweeted another photo of it HERE if interested in seeing a very different view of it.

My computer is running as it should be again, which makes me very happy indeed! As I was unable to visit any shadow shooters last week I didn't manage to copy shadow shots for the Shadow Gallery this week. My SSS post feels very naked without the ususal Shadow Gallery! All will be back to normal next week for sure. I missed catching up with everyione last week so I'm looking forward to visiting this week! And many thanks for all the well wishes with regards to my sick computer (which I almost threw out the window!). You guys are awesome!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Tom Hilton said…
Wow! Those are seriously cool.

Glad to hear your computer is on the mend! When the computer isn't happy, nobody's happy. ;-)
Chubby Chieque said…
Second demotion to Tom. Mend your pc well §;-)

Well, I missed everybody last week. I was lost when I saw ur pc ain't feel good.

Happy TS, girl and enjoy your Sunday.

Sylvia K said…
So glad the computer is feeling well again -- when they don't, we don't!! These are fantastic shots! I did look at the other view of your second shot and it is awesome! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy! Enjoy! Thanks as always for the fun!

Maude Lynn said…
Neat shots!
What great shots of stunning installations. I love the pic you tweeted to! I’m so happy to be back this week, I feel like I have been MIA for ages with exhibition prep.
Dina said…
Wow, colored shadows!
Glad you are back and that the computer is back in working order.
Shalom to you and all.
fredamans said…
Very cool shots!
Beverley Baird said…
Love the shadows you have discovered! Glad to hear your computer is well! Have a wonderful weekend!
teresa said…
great colors in these pics.
Anonymous said…
Glad all is well again with your computer! I love your coloured shadows.
BLOGitse said…
You're right, the tweeted picture really shows how huge this installation is!
Enjoy your Sunday,
have a good week ahead!
Beautiful shadows...I haven't done this in such a long time...feels like I've come home!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Those are gorgeous Traci.
Generik said…
Excellent shadows and color this week. Glad to know your computer is back in a healthy state. I had some problems with mine back in August when I got back from vacation, and it was frustrating as all get-out. Here's to tech support!
Wow...the two different versions of that 2nd photo...I wouldn't have known it was of the same subject. Very cool. I really love the twitpic! Cool too how bright the colors are in the first photo.
Ralph said…
The angles and colors are stunning, and quite artistic.

The name is hard to say, even without those glasses of wine!
Unknown said…
What great shots, I love the photo that you tweeted.

Southbank is such a wonderful part of Brisbane.

Hope you are having lots of sunshine now, I hear it has been very wet.
EG CameraGirl said…
Great shadows this week! Love the light through the glass. :)
Halie said…
Such lovely shadows...

I missed the last two weeks, but I'm back!
Shirley said…
Great shadows and colours!
Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday. Charmaine
Arija said…
Great shots Tracy, particularly the linked one. Wow, that one is a real stunner.
Tracy girl I looked at the other photo and WOW !!!! that is amazing "light" art .. you captured a wonderful shadow shot too .. so intricate with so many angles .. wonderful !!
Joy .. very subdued photo gal ? LOL
Rinkly Rimes said…
You need sunlight for your shots and you certainly get a wonderful share of that in your part of the world!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Awesome right back at you Tracey! This is always a bright and happy place to link up for a meme! There is always a great feeling of togetherness here each week! And YOU have made this community what it is!

And love your photos! I have really enjoyed the changing exhibitions you have in Brissy!

Happy weekend! And we have a little Spring sun! Yippee!!!
admin said…
happy days now your computer is fixed!! love the tubes shadow just gorgeous :)
Unknown said…
Oh Tracy, so sorry I haven't been playing the last few weeks. I've missed seeing some great shadow shots. Love all yours from the last few weeks and todays. Love the colours in that first one. Have a magical Sunday.;-)
Hi Tracy, great shots per usual and great news that your computer has started to co-operate (sadly we are a bit lost without them aren't we!), no SSS for me this week, the weather in Sydney is miserable and nothing good in my archives...really must get my act together and fix that...have a good week xxx
kasia leach said…
checked out your tweeted pic of the installation also.. absolutely spectacular!!
Kranky Granny said…
What a lucky time of day to be in those places. Really cool shadows. I love the first one. To have the reflection of the colors added to the shadow is great.
johanna said…
first time i´m playing... i hope i fulfilled all the rules;)
happy sunday!! (just midnight here in my part of the world)
Anonymous said…
what lovely shots! love the colors!
muchlove said…
that looks like a really cool exhibition!

Happy Sunday xx
Eden said…
Great shadow shots. Glad to hear your computer is fixed. Happy Sunday.
Love the colourful shadows up there, lovely to join you this week!
Sam said…
It's so frustrating when a computer isn't behaving! For some reason my internet connection is going up and down which makes doing anything on the internet slow and a little bit problematic! Glad to hear you're up to speed again though!

Brisbane has terrific public art - these are very cool!

A Happy Sunday to you sweetie! :0)
Sam said…
It's so frustrating when a computer isn't behaving! For some reason my internet connection is going up and down which makes doing anything on the internet slow and a little bit problematic! Glad to hear you're up to speed again though!

Brisbane has terrific public art - these are very cool!

A Happy Sunday to you sweetie! :0)
Dan Kent said…
Really wonderful photos! Something about them remind me of prints developed from a roll or film 25 years ago. Cool capture of the colorful reflections and shadows!
Laura said…
LOVE the colorful shadows...wonderful!
Anonymous said…
love love love the coloured shots/shadows these are my faves.
Angie said…
A friend of mine is just back from Queensland & said the Bris Art Gallery is stunning. As your photos are! Thank you.
Kelli said…
awesome shot, I love the colour reflected
Spadoman said…
I love the shadows the dome creates. What a wonderful display. Also, happy to hear your computer is working again. Have a great weekend.

Marilyn & Jeff said…
Great photos, I especially loved the other linked one!
Cassie said…
At first I thought the bulbs were beakers. What a major cool ShadowShot!!
I love those wonderful algae green tones in your photos. They look like they are all under water. And what a great exhibit! I want that here in Seattle!

Congrats on taming that naughty computer. Bad computer! Behave!
Square Peg Guy said…
Brilliant shadows! Glad you got your computer fixed.

Have a great week!
Lighthousegal said…
Great photos!! The colorful shadow of the dome is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Busy day and finally got my Shadow Shot photos up.
Pretty shadowy reflections provided by the Photovoltaic Geodesic Dome Pretty shadowy reflections provided by the Photovoltaic Geodesic Dome Pretty shadowy reflections provided by the Photovoltaic Geodesic Dome -- there, said it three times without wine, LOL.
Have to agree, very very pretty reflections from the dome.

Kay, Alberta
Anonymous said…
So interesting! There is always something going on in Brisbane (and you're always there to look for shadows!). I love the coloured, clear shadows.
I'm glad you've sorted out your computer! Grrrr, they can be soooooo frustrating!
Anonymous said…
I'm in!
This is great fun. Thanks for organising this for us all.

All the best, Boonie
urban muser said…
your shots this week are so great! love the lines and shapes, and the use of the iphone of course.
Anonymous said…
Nice! That is hard to say without a few glasses of wine. :)
Have a great week.
Anonymous said…
Interesting shadow shots!
Patti said…
First of all, thank goodness your computer is back and running as it should! That is not fun when something prevents us from using it.

I also love the various lines and shapes as well as the shades of green and blue.

Cool shadow on the sidewalk.

I know I wouldn't be able to say that, without wine!
A Wild Thing said…
Awesome as always girl...what would we do without them, even as they drive us crazy at times. I just had my cable TV disconnected, so I'll be very connected to my PC from now on...hope it can handle the pressure!

Have a great week girlfriend!

jabblog said…
I think shadows through coloured glass are my favourites. These are beautiful :-)
Margaret said…
I love the coloured reflections - like mosaics.

My post is my first for Shadow Shots.
Meri said…
Isn't a relief when computers are running perfectly again after a malfunction? So glad you're restored to full functioning.
Victoria said…
Beautiful reflections, and good news that your computer has recovered!
love your shot...!!
Jen said…
Love the yellow showing in the shadows...just like the sun! ☀
E Makes Art said…
Verrry cool shots, as usual! I like them both. glad your computer's feeling better ; )

Unknown said…
Well...hellooo...and good to that pc running again..I know its such a pain at times :) Love your shadows as usual..esp the dome, beautiful colours!

Definitely loving your wall artwork! Now that's a great investment and so versatile. I love it with all your print, certainly makes it cheery. I've been liking a bit of sewing, so my sewing room has a set of your pretty prints..reminds me of you everytime I am there. Now..if only I can find something similar...

tata for, hugs, muah2 and all....M
Maki said…
Beautiful pictures of top photos post!
I love your decoration of photos.^^
Unknown said… partying...why? I thought we both live to parrty hehe :) Have a fab week T...I am down wt a nasty just wont go away (grumble :(