cotton tree

Here's a new photo print I've just added to my Etsy shop. It's called Cotton Tree and it's a new addition to the Minimalist Botanicals series. I was hoping to share more new shop photos but unfortunately my photo lab had a little mix-up with the order, so this is the only new one I've been able to list in the shop today.

Also I'll be doing a bit of a restock of my cube at the lovely Bleeding Heart Gallery Cafe this week. The photo above was how my cube looked earlier this month when I set it up but it's looking a little different now due to having sold some stuff. Hence the restock. Yay! So if you're in the city and you have this crazy wild urge to purchase a cute little photo block then head on over to Bleeding Heart! There's a great range of all sorts goodies on offer by local artists so it's well worth a visit. And as an added bonus the cafe serves tasty treats & the staff are sweet.

Ok, that's all I'm able to type without my fingers snapping off with the cold. The temperature is to reach a low of about 6 degrees celsius (which equals 42.8 Fahrenheit I believe) tonight. Brrrrr! Yeah I realise that you folk who reside in other parts of the world are probably sniggering at that kind of winter temperature. Snigger away. It doesn't change the fact that I'm cold. I'm so thankful that it doesn't snow here. I fear I'd have no hope of surviving if it did!