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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #161

This shadow shot was taken at the Surrealism: Poetry of Dreams exhibition at GoMA during the week. Photography wasn't permitted in the gallery space for this exhibition & I tried really hard to obey that rule. I truly did. And I was doing well up until the point where I saw this big bold beautiful shadow cast on the wall from one the 'surrealist objects' on display. Damn it! My fingers started twitching. To make this less obvious to people around me I slid my hands into my coat pockets. Uh-oh. Now my right hand was snuggled up around my iphone in my right pocket and so the temptation to snap a shot just increased all the more. Double damn it! And then this very dapper looking elderly gentlemen in front of me started to indulge in a little shadow play with his walking cane, creating even more interesting images to tempt me with. Arrrgh! I slowly took the iphone out of my pocket and the gentlemen looked at me. He then looked at the iphone. He then held his cane in place, looked back at me with a smile, and remained in his pose. Willing me to take the photo. As discreetly as I possibly could I took the shot. How could I not!?! I thanked him and he simply nodded and smiled again. It was a sweetly surreal moment in time. It was special. We connected through our fondness and appreciation of shadows. And strangers positively connecting, regardless of how brief the time may be, is a good thing. It's what life is all about people. Reaching out and connecting. Of course you guys who regularly participate in SSS already know this to be true. We experience it with each other all the time. So with that being said, sometimes situations arise that have a far greater importance than following a rule. Yes?

Oh and the exhibition was brilliant by the way! The Man Ray photographs were a highlight for me, and the opportunity to see the Luis Bunuel / Salvadore Dali collaborative 1929 film Un Chien Andalou on a big screen was quite a treat!

And just for fun here is one of my fave Pixies songs which was influenced by the film Un Chien Andalou. Lead singer Frank Black was a big fan of surrealist films.

Happy Sunday!

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BLOGitse said…
Oh Tracy I don't like this kind of music, sorry. But I do like your picture and the connection. You're right. It's a very good feeling when you get that kind of contact with a stranger.
Greetings from little bit rainy Helsinki but it's really, I mean really, green here!
Have a good weekend!
Dina said…
It's a wonderful story and I love how you tell it.
And the shadow is intriguing too.
Ha - haven't heard the Pixies in a loooong time - funny!! Love your shadow - looks like an antique bottle holder/dryer floating above while that man is trying to bat at it - no candy to be had though :) What a great story - love it when two strangers connect and rebel together - lol!!
Wonderful story! Yes, some rules are meant to be broken...discreetly (and conspiratorially) of course!
A wonderfully spontaneous collaboration!
Sylvia K said…
I do so agree with MMT! A wonderful story indeed! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy!

Ms. Becky said…
spontaneity is everything, and a shared look, and shared mischief even better!!! this is a fabulous shot Tracy. some rules are to be broken. that Pixies video is wild.
Anca Pandrea said…
Love your shadow shot for today. I've been pretty lame in chasing shadows lately...
Love also the music recommendation, Pixies is one of my favorites
fredamans said…
Thank you for adding my shot to the showcase!
Interesting subject you have this week!
Anonymous said…
What a lovey story - and an excellent shadow shot!!
Interesting shadows! Have a great sunday!LG Tina
Ralph said…
Nice shapes on this - almost a stylish tomato cage in appearance. Lovely museum, art needs to take risks and have a venue that showcases it here!

Surely the rule is for no FLASH photography - if not, it should be. An Iphone is perfectly discreet!
Annabella said…
Oh rules are meant to be broken surely and when you get results like this? Absolutely amazing and what a brief but lovely connection with the old gentleman. So envious of the lovely exhibitions you can see. Thanks as ever for hosting. Happy SSS.
Catherine said…
oh the terrible temptation of getting those shots in forbidden places - we all know it so well - and the final taboo image is such a treat for all of us!! thanks!! and Greetings from Mexico!!
Kay L. Davies said…
A wonderful shadow shot and a wonderful story of a brief connection between kindred souls. Good for you, Tracy!
The collages are beautiful, too. Well done.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Carletta said…
After quite a long time it is nice to be back among the shadow shooters. :)
The photo itself is very surreal.
Love it! Glad you broke the rule.
Dianne said…
I love the story of how this photo came to be!
and it is an amazing photo of a wonderful shadow
Cassie said…
Ahhhhh ha! Twitching SSfingers and a sweet old gent knowing your impulse. I love it!! Happy SSS Miss Tracy.
MyMaracas said…
What a fun post. I can picture the mischievous old gent with a twinkle in his eye, and how well I know that impulse to snap a forbidden photo. Love the image and the story.

AND ... My younger son came springing into the room after 5 seconds of that video: "MOM? YOU'RE listening to Pixies?!?" It turns out they're one of his favorites, and he proceeded to tell me all about them. So thanks for that connection too!
Beverley Baird said…
Love your story! When we make connections like that , it's wonderful.
Love the shadow as well!
have a wonderful week ahead!
Wow. I mean, really, WOW!!! And to have a collaborative partner in 'crime'!!

I often wonder what the whole point of no photography in cases like this when the images that folks take would promote the event more than anything else. Now i know about this because of your dared to bend the rules!!

I see it as free marketing.

Great job!!!!
OMG Tracy girl this is FANTASTIC !!
And the fact that you had a partner in crime aiding you .. or egging you on ? LOL is PERFECT ! Well done YOU!
Love the shadow even more because of this gentleman .. yes .. positively connected by what ever means .. it is surreal and so very special : )
I would have loved to see the expression on both of your faces as this went on ! LOL
Gemma Wiseman said…
Still chuckling here! The secret shadows in forbidden places are such fun! The thrill of the hunt! And your photo is so intriguing! It would make such a great poem/story prompt! Hmmmmmm

And huge thank you for including my shadow shot from last week! Love the sense of mystery in the final collage! All the photos blend so well!

Have a great weekend!
toby said…
I know all about that twitching finger, all too well. But yours led to an awesome photo! That exhibit must have been a lot of fun. I love that the guy helped you out, and I love the end result!

But - just to make you feel better - in all fairness, you didn't actually photograph the exhibit. You just photographed a shadow of the exhibit. So I'm pretty sure that you're off all potential hooks :)

Have a great week!
Hi Trace, loks like you have had another 'cultural' week, hope the weather has made a turn for the better, Lee xxx
Unknown said…
What a great story, and the shadow is fantastic. I can just imagine how itchy your fingers were to capture this "illegal" LOL shot. Love that your partner in crime is included in the shadow.
Unknown said…
Oh Tracy, firstly I must say I am a huge fan of The Pixies, their concert was fantastic. Love, Love, Love your shadow shot. And a big thank you for featuring last weeks SSS. Have a great week, now I'm off to put a CD on. xxx
Sam said…
Super awesome shot!! I love his profile with the main shadow (Duchamp perhaps?) Love the story too - yes, that's what it's all about - connecting even if briefly with another human - very cool Tracy!

Hope you are well and that life in Brisy is going smoothly! This exhibition sound pretty fab - I'm very tempted to pop up for a squiz! Unfortunately, I've just finished my holiday though darn it all! Oh well! XOXO's
robin. said…
how very cool was this gentleman!! there is goodness in the world...and found some with a shadow attached!!!
Lighthousegal said…
What a Great picture and the story that goes with it is even better. I love when I find someone who shares my love of shadow seeking. It is so wonderful when things can bring complete strangers together. Very touching. Thanks you so much for sharing this with us and for being our ever gracious host!!
Kristin said…
Perfect happening for a surreal exhibit!
Victoria said…
Absolutely FABULOUS, Tracy!! I LOVE this photo and I love this story! You painted the happening beautifully, and I am so delighted that your trigger finger was itching and the man was smiling and magic was made! (By the way, have you ever seen the old Orsen Wells/Joseph Cotton film 'The Third Man'? One of my favorites and the shadow shots in it are excellent.)
Legacy of Love said…
fascinating shadow opp and find! Love the man with cane. So cool! I am also tempted to shot pictures when I am not suppose to;I guess that's part of the fun, isn't it?
Angie said…
Surrealism at it's best.
FiveSibesMom said…
Great shadow shot...and I LOVE the story behind it! I know that "itchy" camera finger all too well! Great post! We enjoy Shadow Shot Sundays tremendously! Pop over and check out my guest photographer (my daughter)'s shot this week! Happy Sunday!
Lynette Killam said…
Great shadow shot, Tracy...I would not have been able to resist it either! Some rules just beg to be loosely loosley observed...:)
Inside Cambodia said…
I also find it difficult to resist the urge to shoot photos - even if it's forbidden to do so! :(
dash robin said…
first time I have joined in, thanks!...Love the pixies too-going to uni in the early 90s and studying arts it was practically a pre requisite to love them ;o) I caught the Surrealist exhibition too and learnt so much-I had no idea how dark a lot of surrealist art is, or how strongly many Surrealist artists were influenced by their experiences of was incredible but quite heavy going?! Glad you snuck a shot!
Anonymous said…
Few weeks ago I was a little bit criminel to get a SSS photo, and now it's you *LOL*
A fine story, not to forget your helper ;-)
I did not know Dixies, and may admit, that the music is a little to wild for me, but I'll try visiting YouTube and find other numbers!
Linnea said…
Wow! What a story and a shadow!
Sarah said…
Brilliant shot-all the better for being hard won, and for the story that you told to go with it! How lovely when those kinds of things happen!
I love Man Ray's photos. It sounds like a great exhibition. I have noticed moar and more laces are allowing photos inside, as long as you don't use the flash.
Arija said…
What a wonderful shot, love the profile and whats-it.
Arija said…
Tracy, it is moments of connectedness like these that put the shine on the occasional pearl we find on the way of our life. You were really blessed to experience it.

A moment in time, but so precious!
Chubby Chieque said…
Connection of all kinds, Me LIKE!

Love the shots behind the story.

Cheers Mate!
Linda said…
nice story to go with a great shadow shot
Kelly said…
How perfectly surreal!! I don't think I could have passed up this opportunity, either! It certainly made a fantastic shot - and thanks to your gentleman with the cane. :)
Full-On-Forward said…


Eden said…
Very nice capture and lovely story.
Anonymous said…
What a great story! You will remember this every time you happen to come across your photo. Nice!
urban muser said…
awesome! thanks for including me in the gallery this week!!
A Wild Thing said…
Girl, you are a hoot, encouraging that old fellow into a criminal act...ha! Hey, whatever it takes to get the shadow shot! That piece looks like a French bottle dryer, they are worth a lot of moolah in the antique market, but as long as your having fun, what the h---!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
JayLeigh said…
I felt good goosebumps after reading about how the man held his pose so you could snap that shot. What a special moment! The picture is very cool. :)
Kathe W. said…
very surreal shadow-
Clytie said…
By the time I read your story about how this shadow shot came to be, I had a huge smile on my face ... and tears in my eyes. How very very special!
Unknown said…
Beautiful story. The man was such a nice sport and so playful - love it!
Molly said…
I think my resistance would have been low too, had I spotted a fantastic shadow shot like that! And that dear old gentleman too - hope he had a happy father's/grandfather's day today as well!
Unknown said…
oh, i love dali!! he's my absolute favourite <3 <3 but i also would have enjoyed the magritte part of the exhibit. the story behind your shadow shot is absolutely heart warming - it's magical when things like that happen. also, thanks for including my shot in this week's gallery!
Carola said…
Awesome. Awesome story and shot. You got it.
Kim said…
What a wonderful post! Glad to have found you. Hope you enjoy my photos, but I'm not really a photographer! Just having fun!
Funny story :-) Kind of like when I walk by a weed at a restaurant; I just have to pull it! I can't help myself, much to my husband's embarrassment. Haven't had much time to blog lately....until this week, so glad I could get a good shadow shot on my blog today. Thanks!!
DougVernX said…
My shadow shot is rather complicated and needed some explanation. Thanks for visiting :)\
Yes, yes YES! I love your story...and that man :) The video...very interesting ;)
Marlee said…
Loved hearing about your connection with your "accompliance"! Excellent shadow pic.
Unknown said…
Nice shadow Tracy! and I do wish I can visit that cute little cube of yours :) Everytime I asked the kids where they want to go for holidays...they will say Australia....and I say...let me find the money printing machine first haha!! Miss you and will be back again this Sunday. tata...its weekend yahoo!!!
Unknown said…
...and I forgot to your story about how you took the shadow!! truly special connection there..and we all know how frustrating it is when we need to take photos and arent allowed :((