Shadow Shot Sunday #162

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #162

This is Gus in the carpark at my workplace. We're not entirely sure where Gus lives but he has been hanging around work a lot lately. It could be due to the fact that we've been giving him bowls of milk. Or I should say that 'I' have been giving him bowls of milk. I like him hanging around but he hasn't yet managed to charm all of my co-workers. C'mon Gus, work harder at weaving your magic! We know his name is Gus because it says so on his tag. He likes his milk steamed.

Happy Sunday!

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robin. said…
he told you that did he?? steamed? you goofy girl!! he looks like a good chap to have around!! he also makes a great shadow!!

have a great week!!!
Catherine said…
lovely collages this week - love the first green one especially - and the shadow shot is very cute!
forgetmenot said…
The milk will make him love you forever. Such a cutie. I always am impressed by the shadow shots you post from the previous week--great work from lots of different people. Mickie :)
Sylvia K said…
Gus is a cutey -- steamed milk, huh? He obviously has everyone well trained! I love it! Beautiful collages as always! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy!! Enjoy!

Arija said…
What a great and beautifully clean visitor he is. Cats are charming people and very handy in a mouse plague to.

Nice shot with the gleaming fur against the dark shadows.
Aha! Spoiling the kitty,eh? I wonder where his owner is and wonder if they are heartbroken? In the meantime, Gus certainly has made the best of everything-pulling on your heartstrings!!
Chubby Chieque said…
Absolutely, good SSS chasers!

Your shot, is perfectly taken. Gee... a gorgeous kitten.

Have a nice w/end Tracy & hope your enjoying your weather.

GB & always take care.

x0x0 as always,
Gerald (SK14) said…
Gus is no fool with charmers leaving milk for him.
Rajlakshmi said…
cute kitty :D
enjoy the weekend :)
Jessaca said…
Now that is one picky kitty!!!
Great photo!!
Enjoy your day!!!
Dani said…
Such a beauty.
Maggie said…
Your weekly collages are always interesting, I'm amazed at how creative people can be when searching out their Shadow Shots.
Gus looks like a bit of a guzzler!
Dina said…
Gus is really in the limelight.
He is a lucky cat to have found you.
whizkid said…
hello Gus! you cast a wonderful shadow :)
Cassie said…
Gus had certainly worked his magic on you and your camera! Some folks never succomb to the feline charms. Lucky for Gus you have, so he's probably double dipping on his breakfast. hehe. Happy SSS Tracy.
GalleryJuana said…
This kitty knows where the good stuff is! I've been leaving a dish of food out for the neighborhood cats too, so I know how fun it is to see Gus enjoy his treat.

Hope you're managing to keep your fingers in place with cold weather:)
bj said…
I haven't done shadow shots in awhile but decided to play in your great meme today.
Thanks bunches for hosting..
Such a cute kitty....
xo bj
Ms. Becky said…
well is it no wonder he likes hanging around if he's getting steamed milk? you're spoiling him. what a lucky kitty he is to have two homes. great shadow Tracy. have a fun weekend. and thanks for hosting SSS.
Oh aren't you the trouble maker!! Hey we got a new sign in this week....this you'll love - a picture of a cat...then "If you don't tell your cat about catnip...who will??!!"
Hey - have a super week Tracy!!
Karla & Karrie
OMG ! I love what the sign the girls just told you about ;-) Too funny !
Why is it that some where in my head there used to be something about not giving cats milk because they are lactose intolerant ? where the heck did that idea comes from !
Gus looks gorgeous and he throws a gorgeous shadow and my "girls" would love to meet him (but of course chaperoned ?)hehehe
JayLeigh said…
The kitty looks so soft! Such a sweet picture.
Pekka said…
Very nice felow. ;-) Our cats drinks only water.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such a gorgeous little character with his own very cute shadow! Such a charming photo! Cats can be charmers when they need to be! Our Shadow is an expert!
Sarah said…
How could anyone not be charmed by Gus? He looks very sweet!
leanne can blog said…
Love the green collage. and a very sweet cat- a bit spoilt with warmed milk!
Molly said…
Gus looks as if he's doing very well for himself. Lovely photo shot
Ralph said…
such a cute and charming feline! Gus likes good company, so among the many car parks to wander onto, yours was chosen. Obviously a kitty of good taste - of course, steaming the milk is a nice perk, too!
Dimple said…
Gus knew how to work his magic on you, anyhow! Neat shot and shadow!
Spadoman said…
Lucky Gus, gets his milkl steamed and served. He casts a nice shadow. That in itself should be enough to woo the co-workers into loving him.

Chuck said…
I am thinking that Gus is never leaving. Very nice picture by the way.
DougVernX said…
Aww thats a beautiful white kitty. :)
Unknown said…
It's lovely having a cat around at work. I think more workplaces should have cats - a great way to keep the peace and lower the collective bloodpressure ;) And an excellent shadow caster !!
Beverley Baird said…
Sounds like he has several homes! Great storybook called "Charlie Anderson" - cat had several homes and no one knew!
Lucky Gus to have someone to care about him!
Unknown said…
Pretty cat. I hope he works his spell too. Cats are lactose intolerant - they can drink Dairy Ease, half and half or lactose free milk.
Does he have a tail, I wonder?
Unknown said…
I was thinking the same Judy, about the lactose intolerance. It's funny how cats will go ahead and drink the milk anyway, I wonder if they get a bellyache. Give him a pat for me Tracy, he looks beautiful.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love your shadow this week, have a nice weekend Tracy. Thanks for including my shadow last week in the gallery.
Angie said…
So cute. Unless Gus is short for Augusta there won't be any little kittens on the way!
colleen said…
It glows, or should I say day-glows.
Gus is soo cute, I want one too! Thanks for the inclusion in last weeks collages, they look wonderful (as usual)!! Have a great week Tracy x said…
such a gorgeous portrait of dear Gus!
have you had cool weather over by you these days? is that why Gus likes his milk steamed?
we are just starting to experience the throws of Summer & it is grand.
hope you are well Tracy-thanks for hosting!
: )
Anonymous said…
If Gus managed to charm all of your co-workers, then he will be fat and his shadow much bigger :-D

Have a great SSS ;-)
Annabella said…
Gus is adorable but perhaps he needs a steamed skinny. Lovely shot of Gus...hoping he works his charm.
Hootin Anni said…
I love Gus!!!! But then, I love cats. Cats rule.

I'm glad to see you added Kate's shadow photo from last week....for me, that was the best from those I visited.
Kelly said…
Looks to me like Gus has a few folks wrapped around his little paw! :) He makes a really cute SSS subject.

I was pleased to see Bully in the collage. I think he would be pleased, too.
Andrea said…
It is already fat, it will not leave you for life!
A Wild Thing said…
Too sweet, you have a good heart girl, maybe it'll rub off on some of the stiffies...he looks like a real charmer!

Have a great week ahead...we have SUN today...I'm off to the trenches(gardens)!!!
Eden said…
Gus is so cute. Our cat loves milk too.
Unknown said…
Purr-fect shot! A very beautiful kitty with a rought and tumble name.
Hope all is well in the southern hemisphere. Perfect summer days have arrived here in the northern half of the globe. Thanks for including my hosta shot!
urban muser said…
LOVE the cat shadow!
Kathe W. said…
what a great cat and shadow shot!
Anonymous said…
Nice shadow!
You have a way with words. Your last line made this story. :)
Hi Tracy,

Gus is cute. I'm sure that he really appreciates you treating him to yummy milk.

Great photo, and I'm happy that you are doing so well at your shops.

Take care,

Kathy M.
gengen said…
Cute cat...Just got back...
Full-On-Forward said…

Love it a Lot!!!

Be Blessed!

NCSue said…
Thank you for hosting, and I appreciate so much that you've included one of my shots to share.
I'm a follower, and I need your help.
I have a page on my site that lists more than 300 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Yours is listed there, too! I'm trying to update the list to include a brief phrase describing each link. Can you sum yours up... hopefully in a dozen words or less? Check under the header for the link to that page.
ncsue0514 at msn dot com
Kristin said…
Does he like froth on his steamed milk too?
Love your turquoise shadows. Gus may love it, but I've heard that milk is not actually good for cats, sadly. But I'm no expert. He sure is a beauty. But then, perhaps it's your photo?
fredamans said…
Lovely cat and his shadow friend too!
FiveSibesMom said…
Love Gus and his shadow!

Here's to another great Shadow Shot Sunday that we are so happy to participate in. Thanks again for hosting!
I wonder if Gus's owner knows he's been hang out with you...drinking your milk? I wonder if they would be jealous?

He certainly casts a fine shadow :)
Barbara said…
Gus is very pretty. I love your photo. Very dramatic.
Chrisy said…
Gus is a treasure...and the true Clayton's pet...
Very good photography of cute Gus.