Shadow Shot Sunday #168

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #168

Clock shadows! I'm so sorry that I was unable to put together the shadow gallery collages for today. Time just kind of somehow slipped away from me this week.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


robin. said…
time has a way of doing that. this timepiece has made for wonderful shadows. wishing for you...some breathing time. have a great week ahead tracy.
Arija said…
Time. like those clocks of yours, has a habit of slipping away.
I sometimes manage to put up a post, but seldom get a chance to visit many contributors. . . That;s Life . . .
Dina said…
A unique clock and shadow for sure.
So two clocks means you're doing double time? Good luck.
DougVernX said…
Reminds me of watch gears. My post has a bit of a wet theme to it.
BLOGitse said…
Finally - it's raining in Helsinki today!
Now the air is fresh and tomorrow it's sunny again - like your shadow shot! :)
How appropriate! Lots of levels here to consider...
I often wonder how you find the time to do what you
do for all of us! Thank you!
Martin Lower said…
Very nice! Time casting a shadow....
Beverley Baird said…
Lovely, interesting shadows!
I am amazed at all you do! Thanks for hosting this awesome meme!
Cassie said…
Love this ShadowShot. Don't apologize Tracy...I don't know how you get all the SS together every month, much less every week. You do a great job as hostess!! Thank you for letting us all join in the fun. Happy SSS to you.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful shadows - we are great fans of clocks, with at least one in every room (yes, I even have a clock in the bathroom!!)
Sylvia K said…
Terrific shadow shot, Tracy! I've been having difficulties with time slipping away from me this week -- in more ways than one!! Thanks as always for the weekend fun! Enjoy!

Beautiful shadow shot.

Ms. Becky said…
oh that's a very cool shadow shot Tracy. WOW! and thanks for all the time you devote each week to hosting Shadow Shot and putting together those wonderful galleries. they are so wonderful and I enjoy them immensely, not even thinking about all the time involved in putting them together. thanks for all you do Tracy. I hope you have a great week.
Hey girl .. you need some YOU time as it is so take it easy !
I love clocks .. and this is a great shadow shot of them .. does the darker clock run just a wee bit slower than the lighter clock ? LOL
Is it a night time clock exclusively?
There are a hundred and one things I could come up with .. but time is slipping by me as well ! eeekkk!
Annabella said…
What a great shot - it`s not even immediately obvious that it has a shadow - it could just be part of the clock. Happy SSS and thanks as ever for all the work you put into hosting it.
Kathe W. said…
time does have a nasty habit of slipping away! Have a great day and week!
Anca Pandrea said…
beautiful image, and very suggestive as to how time escapes us when we need it the most...
have a great sunday!
whizkid said…
ah, time - that slippery thing. Wishing you some great and happy times ahead :)
Beautiful shot as always..
Dimple said…
Interesting clock(s) and shadows. But I'm curious, why two clocks set to almost the same time?
Here I am!! Better late than never..loved the clock and shadows (why wouldn't I, huh?). A very 'timely' piece! : )

Sorry....couldn't resist...
Time is always kind of a shadowy concept for me!
Ralph said…
Sometimes I think of time as a sort of abstract concept. These clocks seem to agree! Artistic and cool (in an abstract way...)
forgetmenot said…
Love your clock shadow and really enjoyed everyone's clever comments and "play on words". Have a nice Sunday--it will be here and gone in a flash. Mickie :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love how the clocks cast a shadow and are skewed! Like time may be formalised to seconds, minutes and hours but what you do with that time and how you perceive its passing varies greatly! Wonderful photo!
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, super shadows!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Anonymous said…
love it! so vintage. have an awesome Sunday :) mine haven't start yet. I live in Portugal and it's 12:11am. still have a night of sleep ahead of me before my Sunday morning. oh, the wonders of internet. and of time! lol :) xo
Gemma Wiseman said…
Back again! I was wondering if anyone else has problems accessing BLOGitse's blog? I get there after an extremely difficult loadig time and my comment won't go through! Then if I try again, I can't get her blog at all, not even if I try through her profile! This has been happening for weeks! Let me know on my blog or here!
Shydub said…
Your wall clock shadow post looks like an eye bogling shot. made me confuse which one was real and the shadow. beautiful shot
bj said…
Thanks so much for hosting this fun meme.
xo bj
Angie said…
Time does seem to run away. Love the image!
Lighthousegal said…
I love the clock. It is very different and you captured some really wonderful shadows too.
Thanks for sharing it with us and for being our host of this Awesome Meme!!
colleen said…
This would go well with what I posted.
Linnea said…
That's a fun clock you've got there!
muchlove said…
time does tend to sneakily slip away, doesn't it? especially during the weekend!
Unknown said…
Love your clock, and the shadow is awesome.

Have a great week.
It's been an amazing week chez moi and hope that your busy time was equally positive. Tracy, my book launched this week! What an experience. Wish you could have been there.
My second entry was taken because of the shadow sensitivity I've gained being part of this inspiring meme. Some shots are like that. I think: Shadow Sunday for sure!
Eden said…
What a great find! Love it.
jelaine said…
Ooh, cool clocks, not sure why there should be two of them, though. ?.? Maybe when you have a loved one on another timezone? Hmm.:)
jelaine said…
Ooh, cool clocks, not sure why there should be two of them, though. ?.? Maybe when you have a loved one on another timezone? Hmm.:)
Kalyan said…
Nicely captured shot!
Katerina said…
There never is enough time is there. I find even if I had 48 hrs in a day i still couldn't cram in all the things I'd like to achieve.
Although I did manage to join in on the shadow fun and this being my first time!
Hopefully the first of many.
Happy Sunday :)
E Makes Art said…
What a great retro looking clock! And I love the yellow background... the color makes me think it's in a kitchen??? That's my guess!

Anonymous said…
I love the colors and teh shapes and shadows of the clock. A moment in time.
amberlee said…
i have missed sss! So happy to be joining in with this lovely bunch. I completely understand the lack of time, i am constantly snowed under lately. x
Anonymous said…
Time flies; it's 6 weeks since I last joint your happy party - computerproblems and vacation took the time :)
Have a great sunday and week!
Sam said…
Love this Tracy! It looks a little post modern to my eye. The colours are so rich and lovely!

Hope you're well and have fully recovered from the 'flu! XOXO's
Unknown said…
Obviously telling you time for a break! Don't work so hard!
Kelly said…
What a neat shot! ...and what an interesting clock!

We'll forgive your timelapse this week. :)
A Wild Thing said…
I don't know how you do it anyway with all the shooters you have today. Sunday is the only uninterrupted day I have to catch up on everything I didn't get done during the week, which is why I get so behind answering my comments...we certainly have made oodles of new friends over here huh...and I love the funky, if they told you what day it was, I'd really have it together(doubt it)...have a great week Tracy!
Anonymous said…
I like this clock, very cool. Makes great shadows.
Have a great week.
Hi Tracy, that is such a soft shadow, and I love the colors. I hope that you will have time to visit mine this week, because I think that you will really like it.

I appreciate you hosting for us every week; I know that it must become a chore sometimes. Hope that your week is awesome!

Kathy M.
Time...clocks...haha...I get it ;)Funky clock(s)! Are they hanging in your house? It looks like they are not quite keeping the same time.
E Makes Art said…
OOPS.... I just realized that the first link I put in last night went to the wrong post!! I put up the correct one. You can delete the first one (#67) if you want! That's what I get for putting up a post when I was over-tired, lol!!

Full-On-Forward said…
You caught that shadow at the last second!! You do enough for us- and we owe you a Great Big HUG and Thanks!!!

Linda said…
cool shadow shot this week
Christine said…
I love clocks! I have many, many clocks - enough to drive my husband crazy. So not only is your photo a great shadow shot, Tracy, it gives me more clocks to drool over. :)
Anika said…
i couldnt figure out how to leave you a comment on the much love monday post but just wanted to let you know that's adorable ;)
Rather a unique clock! I am too late to link in but I do have a lovely shadow photo on my blog today "A Garden Stroll at Dawn". I hope you'll stop by to visit The Gardening Life. Have a great week!