Shadow Shot Sunday #169

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A selection of some of the submissions from last Sunday

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The Shooters:
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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #169

Shadows from a gorgeous old wrought iron door.

Just thought I would mention that there is a little interview with me over on lovely Samara's blog and you can simply CLICK HERE if interested in reading it.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Sylvia K said…
Oh, gorgeous it is, Tracy! I love wrought iron and what beautiful shadows it leaves!! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!!!

robin. said…
love the angle in which you took this. beautiful artwork captured.
Tom Hilton said…
Wonderful wrought iron shadow there. Nice!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Beautiful, bold detail in the shadow of the wrought iron! And your angle adds to the drama of light and dark!
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love your shadow this week! Have a great weekend!
BLOGitse said…
Your shot rocks!
Greetings from sunny and hot Helsinki!
Breathtaking! No, really-it took my breath away! Absolutely exquisite!!
Patti said…
Interesting perspective on this beautifully ornate door. It makes me want to see what's on the other side.

Hope you are having a great weekend, Tracy. Thanks as ever for hosting.
Terri said…
I love this. I dream of finding shadows like this! Beautiful perspective. Thanks!
Dina said…
You found a very sharp shadow, and graceful too.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous shadow shot - it would make a lovely quilting pattern .....
Ralph said…
When hot, the wrought iron is quite malleable, so many shapes can be made for style. Such as this gate. It looks like a tapestry, the sun enhancing the shapes so well. An elegant ant artistic capture!
Ralph said…
When hot, the wrought iron is quite malleable, so many shapes can be made for style. Such as this gate. It looks like a tapestry, the sun enhancing the shapes so well. An elegant ant artistic capture!
Ms. Becky said…
it's a bold shadow with a dreamy glow of light - love it. now I'm headed over to read that interview! congrats on that, and thanks for hosting SSS each week. happy day to you Tracy.
fredamans said…
Lovely wrought iron shadows!
Very good and nice photography.

Ralph said…
Wrought iron, while hot ant malleable, can be formed into intricate shapes. As such, this gate is full of artistry, and with the sun and shadow, looks as if it is a tapestry, A cool study of shadows as art!
The shadow almost looks more substantial than the ironwork! Tracy, I loved the interview. Isn't it something the way an art teacher can have such an impact? Good for you to be setting up something for kids. Remember McAuliffe's comment: "I touch the future. I teach."
NatureFootstep said…
a door? I would never have guessed if you did not tell us. Great shot! :)
Annabella said…
Off to listen to your interview Tracy but I love your shadows - our wrought iron door leaves gorgeous shadows. Have a great weekend!
forgetmenot said…
That does make a beautiful shadow. Have a great weekend. Mickie
Kay L. Davies said…
Great shadows, Tracy. Nice shot!
-- K
DawnTreader said…
What a lovely shadow pattern.
Tracy girl that is one fantastic shadow ! I love wrought iron items .. from keys to doors : ) hum ? something Freudian in that statement maybe ? LOL
Legacy of Love said…
Beautiful shadow shot. No time to see your interview now heading out the door soon, but will try and see it later.

Have a good day!
DougVernX said…
Interesting scroll work on that wrought iron. Lovely shot. My post is a bit wet. :)
leanne can blog said…
Thanks for having us again, I love your wrought iron shadow.
MyMaracas said…
Wow, that is indeed gorgeous. What a great find for Shadow Shots! I'll definitely check out the interview, too.
Dimple said…
Very lacy and beautiful!
Sam said…
How lovely is that shadow cast by the wrought iron door? I often think about starting a photographic collection of the different wrought iron designs on the balconies of the houses around Paddington. They are quite eleborate and complicated.

I also love the pinky tones of that last photo montage you've made there - pretty!

Hope you're well sweetie - I see the Brisbane gallery has a surrealist exhibition on at the moment or soon to come - hmmm! Very tempted to pop up and have a gander!

Kathe W. said…
lovely intricate shadow!
Unknown said…
Lovely shadow play here, such beautiful work. Have a great week Tracy.
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow. Nice capture.
Have a great Sunday.
Yes, it is gorgeous and makes a great shadow!
Linnea said…
That's divine! Terrific SSS for us!
colleen said…
It seems to say OPEN.
RNSANE said…
How lovely that wrought iron door is. The reflections are wonderful.
Angie said…
Gorgeous indeed. Do hope you get the grant :~)
muchlove said…
Congratulations on the interview Tracy!

I love that you love Peanuts too! I've been surrounded by Peanuts comic books all my life ;) I believe that Charles Schulz is a genius!
amberlee said…
Love the photos they put in the interview! Thanks for putting my little flag shadow in the gallery. Happy Sunday xx
Katerina said…
Beautiful image, I'm loving reflections at the moment too :)
Full-On-Forward said…

Anonymous said…
I too likes this wrought iron door and the shadows it makes :)

In the interview you said:
"If I resided in a location that was overcast, damp and cold for much of the time my level of motivation would be at a big fat zero."
...well, I'm not sure; I think you would get inspired whereever you lived :-D
Katerina said…
OOH! I just realised my sunset shot made it into your gallery.
Totally unexpected and a very happy surprise - Thank you x
Oh & cheers for clearing up my little mistake. I feel a lot less like a dbag knowing others have done that too :)
Spadoman said…
I love the shadows made by wrought iron. This gate is a stately piece and lent itself well to the shadows. Very nice.

Kelly said…
Oh, how I love wrought iron (and its shadows)! This is exceptional!!!

Enjoyed the interview with you. :)

Thanks for using Duke's picture in your collage. I'll be sure to tell his owner that you liked it.
Unknown said…
Beautiful! A Persian rug in iron and shadow!
A clever hot, so vivid for a shadow. Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful shadows!

Your workshops will be wonderful! Hope all goes well with the funding.
Vacuuming app...LOL, this would be great!
Have a great week ahead.
Talibah said…
I am sorry but an error occurred and since my url was already there, I pushed enter thinking it would ask me which photo I wanted to post but it didn't and it posted an old post so I re-entered my post for this week.
FiveSibesMom said…
Love the intricacies of the patterns and shadows!

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday! I've joined again this week with a photo again inspired by one of our Siberian Huskies as she was gazing out the window watching birds fly by with some great natural shadows casted behind her.

Have a great week!
What a beautiful makes a stunning shadow! If I haven't said so already...I really enjoyed your interview :)
E Makes Art said…
I ran off to read your interview and forgot to come back, lol! It's a nice interview... but I thought all you did was SSS, haha!!! You are very talented and I think with your wonderful sense of humor you'll be a fantastic role model for kids. I hope you get the grant.
And this photo is AMAZING!!! wow!! This is my new favorite.

Anna said…
Beautiful design, light, and interesting camera angle! This is my first time linking up to SSS - looks like fun! Off to check out the interview.