Shadow Shot Sunday #171

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #171

With the miserable rainy weather I had to find some last minute indoor shadows this week. Shadows cast from a few of my ceramic fridge magnets. Sweet huh? I purchased these lovelies from the gorgeous Little Jane Street shop last year.

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


When you're desperate for shadows outside, then turning to shadows inside is the only thing to do! Sweet magnets!
BLOGitse said…
Shouldn't your summer start soon?
Our autumn is behind the corner - starting next week...forecast is rainy and +16 but today and tomorrow sunny and almost +25!
It's been a super good, long/warm/sunny summer here this year.
Happy Sunday!
robin. said…
the magnets looked like yummy little cookies to me...huh? maybe i better go have breakfast!!!
happy sss tracy!!!
Dee said…
Love, love, love this blogging theme, and love the photos and the collages you've created from them!
I always marvel at all the wonderful SSS contributions from everyone each week-such a stellar group! And you, young lady, keep the bar raised for all of us even with improvising with indoor shots of 'fridge magnets (that do resemble cookies).
Simply lovely!
Dina said…
Yum, they look like little cookies, good enough to eat, shadows and all.
Francisca said…
To me your cute magnets look like little mints that were stamped with an antique ink stamp! :-)
Fun magnents...and we agree with do you resist plucking them off of your fridge to have a taste :) And....why is it they aren't holding anything....we'd hate to post our fridge....of course there would be lots of shadows from all of the pictures and papers that it's loaded with!!
Have a super Sunday Tracy!!
Karla & Karrie
Cassie said…
Cute magnet Shadow Shot. My refrigerator has a stainless steel front, so magnets don't stick to it. So much for frige art and magnets in our home! Happy SSS to you.
Beverley Baird said…
Adorable and sweet! Great shot for the week! Hope theweather improves for you!
Kathe W. said…
great magnets- clever you!
Kay L. Davies said…
They look good enough to eat, Tracy!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Unknown said…
I agree with Kay... they look yummy, but I bet you would break a tooth on those little beauties! Great shadows tho... Its fun to search for them sometimes!

Rainey @ The Project Table
Ms. Becky said…
you take the ordinary and turn it into something so dang artistic. love the light. and the sweet little magnets too. thanks for hosting SSS each week Tracy. and I'm happy to see the galleries back. they are always such a treat too. happy day to you.
Tracy girl I thought those were cookies at first ! Shortbread cookies in fact ! haha .. shows you how my mind thinks .. I have a post for this week but my new computer has a glitch and I have to wait for husband to come home from fishing to figure out what I can NOT POST !! eeekkkk !
Love you shadows girl and the galleries are too cute too : )
DougVernX said…
The magnets look like candies. My post is very concrete, not sweet. :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Understand about your weather comment! I have been diving out between showers to get photos until the last few days! The weather has been heavenly! Almost Spring!

At first I thought that those magnets were lollies/sweets with crazy markings! And love their little shadows! A great shot!

Enjoy your weekend!
leanne can blog said…
Very cool fridge magnets, and nice shadows. Enjoy your Sunday!
Twiggy said…
I thought it was candy! Lovely pic.
Unknown said…
Cute magnets Tracy, I had a magnet frenzy a couple of months back and stocked up! Ridiculous really, how many magnets does one person need, but they were all so pretty. Thank you for showing last weeks pic. Have a great day.;-)
A Wild Thing said…
Those are so cute, I thought they were cookies at first, haven't had dinner yet, so everything looks like food! Sure wish you could ship some of that rain over here, we're in dire need of it. All the leaves are falling from the trees and the plants are withering, what a strange weather year for sure.

Have a great week Tracy!
I thought they were candy. Huh. Somehow you've made them look like a 50s dream, underwater. So intriguing!
They do look like candy! Ingenious of you to find shadows inside, and such unusual ones.Thanks for featuring me.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed that shot. I agree with the others who said teh magnets look like cookies :) Yummy!
Sam said…
Very cute fridge magnets! I like the designs - the paper crane especially! Sorry to hear it's been rainy up there - it's been off and on rainy here too. But spring is pretty much here already - which is a lovely surprise! Hope you're well! XO's
Lynn said…
Yes, you are making us very creative in looking for shadows with all these overcast days. Loved the little fridge magnets, I like the way you can make the extraordinary out of something that most people wouldn't even notice. Thanks again for hosting this event
Full-On-Forward said…
MAGICAL---Shadows can be cast anywhere--with your imagination!

J cute! I thought they were something you had made...I guess cause the one looks like your peace crane. Hope you're under sunnier skies today :)
Alexa said…
My fridge is a magnet "magnet" too. :~} Love yours!
Those fridge magnets can really come in useful, I see.
I got myself a noon-time shadow shot. Is that actually impossible?
Sarah said…
Very cute fridge magnets! I am back, I hope you will have me!
Martin Lower said…
A bit of a lucky one for me this week. The sun came out at the right time.....
admin said…
Love the magnets & their little shadows!
Becs said…
Hello, I'm new to your blog, found you via Leanne at Knowing Where to Stand. Have just submitted my first SSS (hopefully correctly!). I love your shot - I am always flummoxed for shadow shots if there is no sun (often in good old Blighty!). Your blog is beautiful and I'm off to have a good look round now! Happy Sunday :)
Kelly said…
Those are the cutest little magnets - I love them!!
Hootin Anni said…
I would never have dreamed of looking for shadow on magnets. Clever!!!

My Week's Summary & Shadow Shot
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Sometimes you have to be creative on the shadows.
RNSANE said…
You have to find your shadows where you can!! I really got some great ones at the De Young Museum a few weeks ago!!
FiveSibesMom said…
They almost look like cookies! Cool shot! I was so thrilled to see my Wolf's Shadow Shot in the collage! This week, with Hurricane Irene beating down our coast, our Chloe kept a window vigil as the rains & winds began. To everyone who is in the hurricane's path - please be safe!
Hi Tracy, those are sweet! I hope that you will be getting some nice sunny days soon. This week I chose last night's sunset for my SS post ... a different sort of shadow but very pretty.

Hope that you have a very wonderful week!

Kathy M.
Catherine said…
am back on line and fortunately because of the strong sunshine on the Riviera there is a treasure trove of shadows so I can keep on contributing - love both your collages and delicate shadows this week....
Shydub said…
Interesting and creative find though. Imagine you saw the shadows of those little button. great shot
Victoria said…
Very sweet indeed! (You are the shadow whisperer!) Love that pretty soft, mottled yellow!
Very nice composition and your photo, too.

Thanks so much for including my photo in your collages, it was my first SSS photo and now I'm sure I'll be taking part again, just to see all the other amazing photos people have taken.
Bets wishes
Air Purifiers said…
What a cute picture. You never know what is going to make an interesting shot!
Tom Hilton said…
Lovely...and as the season of Seasonal Affective Disorder looms ever closer in our hemisphere, I envy you your coming spring...