Shadow Shot Sunday #172

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Happy Father's Day today to all the dads here in Australia, and in New Zealand, Fiji and Papau New Guinea. I think they're all the countries observing Father's Day today. According to wikipedia they are anyway. Also wishing my American friends a very happy Labor Day! Feels odd typing 'labour' as 'labor' but as it is an American holiday this week I've used the correct American spelling. Just don't expect me to spell jewelry the American way because it stumps me every time!

Edited to add... It has been brought to my attention that Canada is also celebrating Labor Day, so a great big Happy Labor Day to my Canadian friends too! I apologise for not realising. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. xo

Happy Sunday!

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Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Carletta said…
LOVE the softness of your shot and the color is so soothing!
Happy Father's Day to the fathers there and thanks for your Labor Day wishes. I am so LOL at that card. :)
Ralph said…
Really, who wants to labor (or is it labour) on labor Day? Not I! Happy Father's Day down there, and our hope is for you to have a lovely Spring - as we aim toward Autumn. The lush land speaks well of the new growth that arrives with Spring!
whizkid said…
Loved the pastel colours of the photo, Tracy. Beautiful.

Also could you please tell Spring to drop by Bombay too? :)
its pouring out here!
BLOGitse said…
Spring, finally! I'm happy for you.
Our summer not over yet, it's sunny and almost +20 today!
Happy Sunday!
Beautiful spring, you are 6 month far from us :(
Dina said…
Lovely soft spring colors.
Thanks for the reminder, I'll write my Sydney son-in-law some Fathers Day greetings.

Happy new season to you.
Very nice photo with lovely colors.

Regards and wishes for beautiful spring days
robin. said…
happy spring time...happy father's day to all celebrating as well!! this is a lovely spring photo tracy...looking forward to many more as "we" head into our fall/winer.
I always love looking at the Shadow Gallery. It's a great way to jog my pleasant memories from the previous week's entries.

It's hard to imagine that it's spring in your part of the world, when our season is sliding into autumn...

Because your shadow shot takes in so much sky, it reminds me of the infinity of the connectedness of seasons. (Whew! What a thought!)
Cassie said…
Artsy ShadowShot! The roof has the delicate shadows of the tree limb, but also reflects the brilliance of the sun. Nicely done. Happy SSS, Father's Day and Labor Day to you too!
Leovi said…
Really beautiful this picture, the shadow and the colors, wonderful.
Patti said…
We're heading into fall and you're heading into spring. Seems like just yesterday it was the reverse.

I also love the soft pastels here. Pretty photo!

You spelled jewelry correctly! (or should I say the American way)

Thanks for using my colander shadow last week in the collage. Just saw it this morning.

Have a great week!
bj said…
I love your pretty shadows..
Seems so strange that we are just finishing summer and you are starting one. :)
Thanks for hosting.
Pretty shot Tracy....and happy spring to you all :) just as our leaves are turning colours (see how we used that "u" for you - lol!!, your leaves are popping out a beautiful spring green!
Enjoy your weekend!
Karla & Karrie
My Dear Tracy
Labor Day is NOT an American holiday on it's own .. Canadians also celebrate it by doing nothing special other than pigging out and watching TV? hehe .. and no .. it isn't all about the USA .. BIG SIGH .. I wish the light bulb would go on with the similarities and differences of our two countries since we make up the bulk ? of North American .. and Canada being .. gee, I think we must be the largest country in the world since the USSR is no longer one country or I could be wrong .. hum ? everyone can be wrong some times right ? hehehehe
BUT .. I am Canadian EH !!
Joy being goofy
Happy Spring Tracy : )
I'm in a Happy Autumn mode over here as soon as the heat and humidity STOP!!
That is a beautiful shot.

It looks so peaceful.

Happy Spring.

Sylvia K said…
Oh, it does look like spring! I know you're ready for it! Lovely, peaceful capture for the day! Have a great weekend, Tracy!!

Twiggy said…
I love the colours in your shadow shot! So calm and soothing.
Catherine said…
love your bleached out shot and glad spring is on the way - summer still going strong here on the Riviera!!
Molly said…
fantastic pic
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such a lovely, soft, whispery Spring shadow! And that's how Spring seems to be starting this year...softly and slowly!

And thank you heaps and heaps for including shadows from my Mornington Peninsula blog in your collage! It's the first time! I'm so thrilled!

Enjoy the scents and sights of your Spring weekend!
LOL! I must've been half asleep when I posted my link this morning as I forgot to leave a comment!

Spring in Brisbane!!! Yahoo!

It's still pretty darned hot here, but I think I'd take the hot over the cold.
Isn't it nice to have everything leafing out?
Dianne said…
Happy Spring to you!!
I am anxiously awaiting fall here, this summer has been a rough one
Sam said…
That gorgeous photo you've taken says spring all over. If you looked up the definition of spring in a dictionary they'd just have your photo in there! I'm going to go to the botanics today and check out the spring walk - it's full of cherry blossoms and tulips etc. I'm a real succer for that sort of thing! I hope you're well and enjoying the mild weather! XOXO's
Anika said…
Love your photo this week!! Such pretty tones, beautiful.
Beverley Baird said…
What a lovely soft shadow - love the soft colours as well!
Have a most Happy labour Day!
Love the "cartoon" at the bottom!
MyMaracas said…
Happy Fathers Day and Labor Day to all!

Your photo does indeed look like spring - which still seems strange as we are heading into autumn.
Arija said…
Very spring indeed . . . it must be getting rather warm where you are.
Like the faded color treatment of this shot.
Tracy girl I hope I wasn't being "harsh" I apologise if I sounded that way .. you have taken a lovely Spring photo and I forgot to even comment on that .. must be my menopausal self taking over and you were standing in the middle of the road ? hehehe
Joy aka Cranky Canadian ? LOL
Eden said…
Beautiful photo. Love the colour.

I am glad Spring is here too.

Have a great week!
Antonella said…
Love your collections! Always such a vast array of photos... Sorry I've been away so long... Hopefully I'm really back and can join in each week again! Hugs, antonella :-)
Sarah said…
I love the turquoise sky and the abstract feel of your photo. Lovely!
Anonymous said…
Love the soft color of your photo. So pretty!
Hope you are having a good start to your week.
FiveSibesMom said…
This photo is so soft and I love how the clouds seem to be illuminated behind the branches and almost a mirror shadow image lays on the roof. Very cool! This week, our Shadow Shot was taken by my daughter of her white Husky after she stepped outside the morning after Hurricane Irene blew through.Happy Sunday and Happy Spring (it's going into Autumn here)!
Maude Lynn said…
What a lovely shadow shot!
Laura said…
beautiful subtle shadows:-)
Unknown said…
This photo definitely sings of spring! Beautiful!
jane said…
Lovely Spring colours - my favourite season - have a good week - Jane
Full-On-Forward said…
So glad you got your Sunshine, Sunshine!

Love the subtle softness!

Happy Spring. Love the way the texture of the roof makes the shadows look crinkly. So cool.
genie said…
Such a romantic and peaceful photo this week. It is absolutely beautiful. Your processing is superb. I have been meaning to tell you just how much I enjoy your collages/mosaics each week. They are a real pleasure to view. Thanks so much for all of your effort. genie
Square Peg Guy said…
Thanks for the Labor Day wishes!

I hope you have a lovely Spring. You're off to a great start with this shadow shot. You got your two favorites in the shot -- a roof and shadows!
darla said…
what a beautiful photo! such a pretty shade of blue.
Love the delicacy of your shot! This is a belated entry due to being in the UK where I post when I can find
some one with Broadband service..
Anonymous said…
I did not even noticed you put one of my shots up until right now. Thanks a lot. Your shot is so soft and pretty. And I just loved your Labor Day quote/sign! Funny.
Sissy Sparrows said…
I love this idea and will hopefully join in.
Haha...funny card :)

I love your SS!! The colors are very spring-y. Just lovely!
A Wild Thing said…
Happy holiday, whatever it is...I say happy Spring, as we bid farewell to summer here in the this shot, it really looks like Spring down under. Have a great week Tracy!