Shadow Shot Sunday #174

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #174

While waiting for the bus I snapped these pretty shadows at the station.

Happy Sunday!

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Dina said…
Your tree shadows really are pretty.
Good that you had to stand still and could look around while waiting for the bus.
Ms. Becky said…
oh these are really pretty shadows on the building. you can make anything look pretty! thanks for hosting SSS each week, and I hope you're having a fun weekend.
Hi Tracy,

Wow! Those are so pretty. I really like the softness of the first shadows. Hope you are doing great, and that you have a wonderful week.

Kathy M.
Anonymous said…
Lovely delicate shadows!
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautiful shadows, Tracy, and your collages are always so wonderful.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Sylvia K said…
Lovely spring like shadow shots for the day, Tracy! Enjoy your weekend! And thanks as always for the weekly fun!!

Ralph said…
These trees are at their early Spring best! The sprout is many directions, and the shadows reflect nicely the best of nature's artistry!
Catherine said…
very pretty shadows indeed and another set of lovely collages - thanks Catherine
Hootin Anni said…
The tree shadows look so beautiful...and lacy!!!

Grand Canyon USA shadows
Molly said…
Fabulous shadow shot
oh my goodness.....we LOVE that red one - fantastic!
Tracy girl you captured a spirit living in this tree some how ! Now let it go home? LOL There is nothing like a tree shot or shadow .. I become mezmerized by them myself .. I guess that is why I try to plant as many as I can in our gardens .. too many as husband says ;-) Now that you are headed into your Spring/summer season I bet you are feeling a bit brighter right ? My gloom won't start until January .. then cabin fever sets in and you will notice that instead of half crazy, I am full n board crazy ! LOL
Joy : )
Patti said…
Love the feathery shadows you found!

I love that I now see shadows everywhere, thanks to you, Tracy!

Have a great week. ;-)

And thanks for hosting, as always.
Excellent and very nice photographs.

Regards and best wishes
Carola said…
Thanks for your amazing Shadow Shot Sunday blog. Shadows are fantastic and I learned from your blog to look for them. A great photo opportunity. And thanks for putting my shot on your gallery.

Your shots are magical. Great structure and nice play with the colors.
leanne can blog said…
Such pretty tree shadows!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love those whispering tree shadows! Like reqaching to share secrets or gather more! Beautiful photos! The red one seems to have an extra bit of wonderful mystery!! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!
DougVernX said…
Wow my post has a tree shadow in it too. Nice shot Harriet!
Sarah said…
Such pretty, lacy shadows. I like them.
MyMaracas said…
Love the color effects. It adds a lot of interest to the shots.
admin said…
beautiful soft whimsical shadows! love them :)
Annabella said…
...and they really are pretty. Great to be back after a couple of weeks away. Thanks for hosting Tracy!
muchlove said…
I love those tree branch shadows. It almost looks like a big layer of lace :)
Exciting and unusual, as usual!
I do like your unusual color combinations!
Sam said…
Love that filter you've put over the second tree shot! Did you take this with your phone or camera? Really nice effect anyway! Thanks for inclduing my bridge shot in your collages too! :0) Hope you're well and that the weather is behaving itself up there! XO
Anonymous said…
Love your photos!
Angie said…
That Bottlebrush makes for a great shadow shot. Trees are blowing about today here in the West.
robin. said…
what a wonderful way to pass your time while waiting for the bus. love all the detail in the tree shadow. my saturday winding down...means your Sunday winding down. have a great week ahead.
I love that shadow of what I know to be a bottle brush tree (I know you guys call it something else down there)
Cassie said…
Beautiful shadows!! I like their colors. Mmmmmm,nice. Happy SSS.
Full-On-Forward said…
PERFECT! They usher in the Fall Season that I love so much!!!

Beverley Baird said…
Love your tree shadows - what a contrast though!
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
Lighthousegal said…
Love the tree shadows. Both are very clear and life like.
Enjoyy the rest of your weekend!
Unknown said…
You post the most awesome photos! Thanks for sharing them. Have a blessed week!
E Makes Art said…
I always like tree shadows. Might have something to do with the fact that I like trees. And shadows. Hmmm...
Thanks for using my palm shadow :-)

I love ALL of the images in your "love. birds" post below! Beautiful!!

Becs said…
Love your tree shadows, beautiful pattern of the leaves. Hope you had a great weekend.:) Becsx
Anonymous said…
Interesting and beautiful images!!
Spadoman said…
Love the shadow shots. That 2nd one is gorgeous! Very nice.

Eden said…
Very nice tree shadows. Love the photos.
Kelly said…
I like the way you colored the second photo - nice!
Lynn said…
What a lovely picture, the shadows look great
Anonymous said…
Very pretty shadows.
Thanks for including Bo in your gallery last week.
Have a great week ahead!
FiveSibesMom said…
Love that last one...very lacy and looming and warm! This week our Sibe Bandit was captured shadow watching! Have a great week!
Tree shadows are always my favorites, and yours are wonderful.
Marlee said…
Terrific tree shadows! Thanks for hosting!!
DawnTreader said…
Nice tree shadows... We've hardly seen the sun this week so not participating this Sunday!
Pretty shots...I love the colors in the first one!! Hope you're had a lovely weekend Tracy :)
jane said…
I love your pcture - it is so delicate - it looks like an expensive fabric- thankyou for posting my last week shot - have a good week Jane UK said…
I can't decide which color scheme I like the best Tracy! both are absolutely lovely in their own unique way. You have a great eye.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
; )
Maria's Space said…
What a lovely collection!

Those tree shadows are awesome.
Anonymous said…
Way to go keeping your photographer eye open even while waiting for the bus!
So glad I joined your little group. I now look at shadows and light so differently.
darla said…
love the red one!
What a fun idea, Harriet! I am bookmarking this party and hope to participate next week! I found you through the Paint Dig blog.
Unknown said…
Hello T! I missed you loads...did you miss me hehe:) As usual, all the SSS are wonderful. Hope you are doing good and take care...hugs...MK