Shadow Shot Sunday #175

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #175

Some shadows I stomped all over while strolling around. Strolling around somewhere. I can't now remember where! Sorry for shadow gallery no-show today. Once again I failed on the whole time management thing this week...

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


robin. said…
time has a way of slipping past us. we can all understand that. there are all sorts of wonderful shadows captured along this walk way. Love it!! have a great week tracy!!!
If you follow me or have a link to my blog - please change it. I have changed the name of my blog! Thank you so much! :)
Really, really cool shot! Is it a WYSIWHG kind of shot (what you see is what you get)? Well, anyway, tres cool...
And, we are spoiled by you! You don't have to apologize for no SSS gallery as it is a huge time commitment each week. Vacations are good. I am grateful that we have you hosting this fabulous meme! Thank you!
Dianne said…
I love the tint and the lines
your photos are always so dreamy and magical
Dina said…
Shadows are one of the few things that don't mind if we stomp on them, I suppose.
forgetmenot said…
Great shot Tracy--beautiful shadows and such soft, subtle shades of color. Excellent capture. Mickie :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely wild art pattern of shadows! And the tone is heading into a kind of sepia giving it all a mystical feel! Very beautiful!
Ralph said…
Shadows are everywhere - we keep our cameras or phones ready, as the shadows beckon us...these angular shadows are fabulous!
Patti said…
Neat shadow find, Tracy!

And the shadows will survive all of our stomping on them! They're strong like that. ;-)

I totally understand about the time issue. The days just fly by!

Hope you have a great week seeking shadows.
Sylvia K said…
Your week sounds about like mine!!! Great shadow shot for the day! Take care!

Cassie said…
Love the gauzy feel to this Shadow Shot. Lovely.
Anonymous said…
A super collection of shapes and tones!
DougVernX said…
I've walked on many shadows since I started this collab. I've turned around and shot some and some I wish I had shot several hours later, but several hours later those shadows are gone.
Jane said…
Nice shot, has a sort of vintage look about it as well. Thanks for sharing, have a great week everyone:)
Molly said…
Love the way you've caught those shadows - and the rustic colour too - gorgeous
Time-management failure seems to be a common problem these days--it happens to me too! Thank goodness we have shadows to amuse us!
Catherine said…
lovely shadow shot today - very cool...
Stef said…
It's been quite sometime since I last joined..These photos are really nice. Will visit players this Sunday. Thanks!
NatureFootstep said…
there is a lot going on here. Interesting lines and shades of shadows.
Tracy girl you gave me such a good laugh just now with your description of stomping on the shadows .. now I won't be able to look at shadows without imagining you in a pair of wellies ? stomping on shadows !!LOL
Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather way down there girl : )
Kay L. Davies said…
Beautifully coloured shadow-shot, Tracy. It's lovely.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Anonymous said…
I love the different angles of the shadows in your shot. It's hard to tell where the light is coming from. Very beautiful.
MyMaracas said…
Wow, what a riot of shadow patterns! Love the color.
Spadoman said…
Those shadows are criss-crossing every which way! I love it. Another great shadowy sunday shot!

Sam said…
I love the filter you are using in your shots at the moment! It's very pretty!

I think it's perfecty understandable that you didn't do the gallery this week - I'm not really sure how you do it so often anyway!

It is rainy as anything here in Sydney - I'm really enjoying it being the odd ball that I am! I think because we had some very hot days last week and I got all flustered about what to wear that I'm pleased it's cooled down a bit again. I don't have to run around madly trying to find summer clothes! I'd rather be drawing than do that!

Hope you're well and having a lovely weekend! XO
That is one beautiful shadow shot - so varied!
Haha...the shadows do look a little like they've been stomped all to bit ;) Hope your weekend has been better than your week!
Dreamlike and surreal image. Hope your life is slowing down a bit. Breathe.
LV said…
I finally got in to leave you a comment. I love the shadow shot today even if you do not know where it was.
Tracy Jo said…
Beautiful shot! I love capturing shadows. I am new to this and will go up and click "here". Looking forward to seeing more....
Angie said…
No matter where, your shots are always amazing!
Unknown said…
What fascinating shadows. They are going every which way!
Chubskulit Rose said…
That's a beautiful shadow shot!
colleen said…
It seems like a pathway of fire.
muchlove said…
that makes such a cool pattern!
Lighthousegal said…
Love the photo. Such wonderful shadows. It looks like a walkway of some sort with a railing all along it, yet the shadow seems to be broken in spots. The top part looks like a shaow of the railing,the other part of the shadow looks like a tall cross.Very good photo.
As for your time management, I think we can all understand. Some days are just busier than others and we juggle so much at times it is hard to get everything done that we want or intend to do.
Thanks for being our host and for taking the time to be here every Sunday so that we can share our love of shadows.
Full-On-Forward said…
I Love the PRZACNESS of them!!!!!! Some light, some dark--but all very telling! Stomp all ya want!!

Lovin it!


No I am NOT insinuating Tracy takes Prozac! I think it's Wellbut.... ---JUST kidding!!!!!!!

This is superb!

FiveSibesMom said…
That's a very cool and intriguing shadow shot!

I totally understand time slipping by! Sometimes I wonder where the week went!

We are participating once again in Shadow Shot Sunday (we love it!) and one of our Huskies is of course my muse! The photo is set to the tune of a song that is a blast from the past! Happy Sunday to all!
Very nice photo.

Regards and best wishes
Becs said…
Love your photo, beautiful colours and tones. Thank you for hosting SSS! :)
Shydub said…
I like the red color as if it was really hot to have that big shadows.
Sarah said…
Your mystery place shadow shot is very pretty. I like the pink shades of the picture. I always wonder how you get time to make all those galleries anyway so well done for the rest of them!
Posted my photo today. I love looking at everyone else's contributions. You are all very talented :)
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow shot!
Lovely shot.

I really like it.
Laura said…
I love the color of your shadows Tracy...quite beautiful.
Kelly said…
I know very little about photography, but I love the effect (or is it "affect" - I always mix those up)you have created here!

We don't have to see a gallery each week - we just appreciate you hosting!
Neabear said…
Definitely interesting shadows with the criss crossing lines! Love it!

Hey, Tracy! Wow what a variety of soft shadows that you have captured in this picture. So pretty. Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful week.


Kathy M.
Anonymous said…
Love the color, and the scattered shadows!
Kathe W. said…
once again you have posted a great shadow shot-love the intricacies in this one!
Cool shadows. Interesting shapes and colors.
darla said…
lovely! totally understand the time management thing! ha! thanks
Unknown said…
Fantastic set of shadows, love the colours. T, it's very tough doing what you are doing, collaging and linking everything. Spend more time enjoying your beautiful island and I think even this style of hosting of SSS (no collaging and linking) is also very good. Take care my dear...its raining here daily, meaning our monsoon is near :(( Good to cool down the heat, otherwise, its just more jam everywhere. Happy week ahead, we have too little time for anything nowaday...big kiss *muah*
BearBoy said…
Difficult exposure control shot with all that varied light and shadow.Interesting patterns too.
LV said…
It is just me again. I was so pleased you took the time to visit my SSS. So many that are the hostess for these various memes never comment. I know you are busy with your life, but just wanted to know I appreciated it.