Shadow Shot Sunday #182

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #182

*** I'm currently away on vacation! ***

This post has been scheduled to publish during my absence and I'll be back to regular Shadow Shot Sunday blogging next Sunday. Thanks a bunch! xoxo

Happy Sunday!

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Chubskulit Rose said…
Enjoy your vacation!
I hope you are having the tie of your life out there in Queensland! I love that dappled shot of the path. Very inviting.
Sylvia K said…
Lovely shadow shot and I hope you're enjoying a great vacation, Tracy!

Cassie said…
I like the way the shadows and sun combine to make the mottled design on the earth. Hope you're having a grand vacation!
Patti said…
Hope you are enjoying your vacation! See you next Sunday ;-)
Ms. Becky said…
enjoy your much-deserved vacation Tracy. I love your shadow shot today - that's one inviting path with awesome shadows that scream "summer". thanks for hosting SSS every week. I hope you're having the time of your life!
colleen said…
Dappled and lace come to mind. Have fun!
Glad someone's having a great vacation, and it might as well be you. I want to be walking on that path, Tracy!

I really like my second shadow shot this week, and hope you get a chance to see it. These days your blog meme is firmly in my brain, searching for and seeing shadows in several (sibilant) sites.
Hootin Anni said…
Looks so very lacy...dappled!! Love it.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Beautiful play of shadows on this very inviting walk way! Hope the weather is kind for you on your vacation!
Kay L. Davies said…
Wonderful dappled shadows here. I hope you're having a wonderful time.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
Catherine said…
hope you are having a great holiday - lovely dappled path today...
Sam said…
Pretty pretty shot! I hope you're having a fab time Tracy - I think you probabyl are! Can't wait to see your piccies!!!! XOXO's
Hi Harriet

It is my firts time joining in Shadow Spot Sunday. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!
Looks like a great walking place - love the contrasting
light and dark shades and the in-betweens!
Hi Tracy, hope you are having a great holiday xx
Hey Tracy girl !!
Stop having so much fun .. I can hear you all the way here !!!LOL
Very cool shot of the path through the trees .. refreshing and serene!
Joy : )
oh oh oh!! have a lovely time :) Love your dappled shadows!!
Ann said…
Linking up for the first time. How exciting! Thanks for hosting and enjoy your vacation.
Maude Lynn said…
Hope you're having a great time!
LV said…
Will be looking forward to your return. It would be such a pleasure strolling down this showered path.
Alexa said…
Hope you're having a wonderful time, Tracy! Meanwhile, you've left us with some fab dappled shadows. I'd love to stroll down this pretty path.
Melissa B. said…
Love the dappled sunshine. Such a Superior Snap!
Eden said…

Hope you have a lovely time.
Hope you are having a fantastic vacation!
Kelly said…
I love that dappled look that leaves and their shadows make on the ground.

Hope you're having a wonderful vacation!
Coloradolady said…
Have a great vaca!! I seem to always mess my link up...sorry, I will get with the program soon I hope!
T... said…
what a beautiful walkway....
Kathe W. said…
great lacy shadows- have fun where you are!
FiveSibesMom said…
Nice shadow patterns! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!
Chubby Chieque said…
Another week, another shots! Awesome as always.

Happy SSS though am always late.

NatureFootstep said…
great shadow shot.
☆Mama Ko☆ said…
It's wonderful to still see green tree in this time of the fall
Unknown said…
awesome shot! yeh yeh! I know where you are haha! Enjoy the break...totally deserve it. Am going to Bangkok this Friday. bought the tickets for the family 6 months ago, not willing to pay penalty or pay more to we are going to that flood infested place, I hope I dont have to row back to the airport ...or anywhere else in bangkok!! tata...hugs and muah! MK
Joan said…
Looks like you had a grand holiday!
Argh! i was on the road when I posted this and did not realize that post intended was still in draft format!
Here's the REAL SSS post:

And-did you have a great holiday???? I'm sure you did! Welcome back! And, thank you for seeing to it that we could still post our addictions!