Shadow Shot Sunday #184

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #184

Some pretty shadows found at one of the cafes at Portside Wharf

Happy Sunday!

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Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your shadow this week. Makes me wanna sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, too bad it's cold out here hehehe. Have a lovely weekend.
ooo! I'm ready to sit down at that table to enjoy a nice cup of tea and soak in the warm sun!
Ralph said…
Ah, summer living. I remember that look (and feeling) from only a few short months ago...Coffee outside is a treat!
Sylvia K said…
Love the table and chairs and what a terrific shadow shot for the day! And, ah, yes! summer living indeed!!

A pretty and sunny place to enjoy your coffee :)
robin. said…
have a seat...let's enjoy coffee and conversation and shadows.
Anonymous said…
How lovely to sit in the sun and enjoy a cuppa!!
very inviting your shadows ♥
wow these are amazing photos..happy to join..
Catherine said…
i always like wrought iron shadows and these are indeed pretty - Greetings from the Riviera...
Enjoy that sunshine for us :) Love that mosaic sunny pattern in the table as well!
Sarah said…
Yes, it would be good to sit there and enjoy that sun!
Gemma Wiseman said…
We are still working on summer shadows on my peninsula! Rain is king at the moment! Beautiful web circles of shadows from the cafe chairs and tables!

And I am so thrilled to see my last week's shadow shot included in your collage! Thank you ever so much!

Enjoy your weekend!
toby said…
Awesome shadows! They look like double-tiered chairs :)
Chubby Chieque said…
I always adore your shots, T? This time? You really show that you have a great summer weather downunder. I am drooling §:-)

I need a suntan soon.

Happy SSS and hope you enjoy your w/end. Hugs as evah.

Unknown said…
So inviting, I love all the circles and textures. I am also a little envious of your warm weather, we must be going to get some over here in NZ soon.

Thanks for including my shot from last week in the collage.
Patti said…
Yes, enjoy the sunshine! It's almost winter here.

Cool shadow capture, Tracy.

Have a great week!
Europa said…
nice shadows out here! Europa blog is joining for the first time.
DougVernX said…
Many circles in your shot this week Harriet. Looks like Google Plus. Thanks for featuring my shot from last week. My shot this week is uplifting.
Always such a vision of brilliant summer sunshine. Here the days are getting pretty darn short. And gray. We love your posts!
Great composition of shadows!
colleen said…
Fun, it makes me not sure where to sit!
Beverley Baird said…
What lovely shadows! Oh to be in the sun! It is calling for snow next week! lol
Anonymous said…
my favourite photos are ones more ambiguous and not so obvious :)i like the montages, especially that last one,
please have a look at my shadow shot
T... said…
love the table shadows you've posted this week
Angie said…
Great shadows but those seats could get a bit hot soon!
E. Charlotte said…
Love your photography! :)
Alexa said…
Thanks for including me in the gallery this week, Tracy! We're having some nice, warm weather right now in NYC—makes me yearn for a spot like this to enjoy it.
Kelly said…
I love this grouping of tables and shadows!
Neabear said…
Mesh chairs can make interesting shadows! Great shot!

GalleryJuana said…
This photo makes me think how fun it would be to make a tile table with my own design.

I like the sunny colors of the mosaic and the earthy shadows.

Sending you a warm hello.
Seow wei said…
Join again with little dragon
Katya kate said…
So beautiful pictures with shadows here. Wish I could be this good. My first time to join. Thanks for hosting! I'm a new follower :)
soho stitch said…
What a great shot...I like how the chairs and shadows look sooooo similar.
Eden said…
Great shot. Love the shadows.
Dianne said…
I love outdoor cafes and already miss them and it's not even really winter yet
these shadows are beautiful
CameraCruise said…
What a beautiful shot!
Love the shadows.
LV said…
Pretty little table to have a snack with shadows all around you.
Rubz said…
beautiful pictures of shadows here..
Cassie said…
I always like the fine grid shadows of wrought iron chairs. Nice capture! We're on the road right now on our 1500mile trip back to Phoenix. Had to at least take in a few SSS before my battery runs out. I did get my post pre-planned, so it posted on time...No one visited me though as I hadn't signed up on Mr.Linky 'til now. Oh well.
Full-On-Forward said…

yOUR--(DANG CAPS LOCK!)- Your textures are phenomenal and the shadows make them all pop- one of my favorite shots!! So much going on- yet it's not busy at all!


Anonymous said…
Hi! Feel free to me ! If I have errors in spelling sorry, I'm Polish;)
SandyCarlson said…
Great, great, great stuff!
Euroasia said…
visiting to see the lovely image here..
Unknown said…
Hello T, love that table. Wow..summer's there so soon, time flies. Just back from Bangkok more than a week now, but its no fun. I am on a long leave - maybe 2 weeks, had a minor knee ops so walking with crutches and not driving. That not driving part is killing I am hibernating at home, ah well, I hope to be up and running soon...really :))