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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #183

I really wanted to post a shadow shot that I'd taken while on holidays but all of my photo files are such a chaotic mess right now I couldn't locate one! Doh! This photo was taken behind a police station pre-holidays. And no I wasn't called into the police station for any wrongdoing. I was simply taking a short-cut to reach my destination sooner and snapped this photo along the way. I swear! Anyway, it was nice to find that Shadow Shot Sunday chugged along so well without me and thank you all so much for your lovely holiday well wishes! I had a lovely time away and only wish that holidays could last forever and ever! Ha! Don't we all!

PS: A small sample of holiday snaps can be seen in my post below if interested.

Edit Sunday afternoon: Update - I've just discovered through visiting fellow SSS friends that our fellow friend and regular shadow shooter Joe (Spadoman) is in need of some well wishes & words of encouragement right now. If you can spare some time to go visit Joe's blog & leave him a message I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Joe's a funny, kind-hearted soul who has been a pleasure getting to know via SSS and so I wish him all the best. As I'm sure we all do. Take care Joe! xo

Happy Sunday!

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Tracy girl .. I am not sure I buy that story about taking a short cut behind the police station ?
I think there could be a lot more to that story girl ! wink wink nudge nudge !!
I have to take more time to look at your holiday pictures .. I whizzed by quickly and they look really interesting : )
You are getting warmer and we are getting COLDER .... eeekkkk !!
Francisca said…
Looks like you had a vacation in paradise, Tracy! The parrots are so cute and colorful! Thanks for hosting this meme.
wonderful shadows from last week and today :)
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your getaway's photos!
Patti said…
Cool photo ~ are you sure you were just taking a shortcut past the police station?


The foliage looks so tropical!

I can relate to photos being in a state of chaos.
Patti said…
P.S. Love the Rainbow Lorikeets! And the Wallaby capture
Unknown said…
nice photo :)
Ms. Becky said…
oh yeah right - short cut. ha! so you really weren't cuffed? if you say so. your shadow shot this week is at the top of my favorites list. very high wow-factor with this one Tracy. glad you had a lovely holiday, it IS a pity they have to end isn't it? thanks for hosting SSS every week, and happy weekend to you. your vacay shots are fabulous!
Ralph said…
Happily you were just passing by (I believe you :) the station! Nice holiday it looks like, and I have never been face-to-face with a wallaby before!
Elizabeth said…
Very lyrical and lovely, Denise.
Green is starting to vanish around here.

I think your collages are going from strength to strength!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back! Your holiday photos look fabulous. Even if you had been arrested, it would have been worth it to get such a good shadow shot!!
Dianne said…
soft pretty shadows
robin. said…
you are so funny. glad you had a great holiday...look forward to your photos. happy sss tracy.
What a pretty soft and muted...I can almost smell the flowers :)
Love all your holiday photos...especially that sweet little wallaby.
Cassie said…
Oh come on Tracy, you know we'd never think you were a 'bad guy'! lol. This Shadow Shot reminds me of a Monet painiting. Very lovely. Happy SSS!
Ann said…
Really enjoyed your holiday photos. I'm linking up for another shadowy week.
Catherine said…
the colours in the holiday snaps are superb and the wisteria shot is lovely too - Greetings from the Riviera....
Gemma Wiseman said…
Looks like a lovely jacaranda tree sweetening all the negative thoughts that usually go with a police station! Delightful fall of gentle shadows!

Browsed your holioday pics! I'm sure you must have heard my sighing and moaning! They're great! (The photos I mean, not the moaning!)
Chubby Chieque said…
Drooling your time on your holidays. It's heaven. Hope you had a blast time.

Happy SSS...

Greetings from dark & chilly Stockholm,
Like your shadow shots, good idea!
Sarah said…
Lovely wisteria and also holiday photos. Those birds are amazing-a perfect illustration of colous too! It looks beautiful where you were.
CameraCruise said…
Great shot!
Love all your holiday shots!
I'm linking up for my first Shadow Shot Sunday.
LV said…
Vacation are nice, but I still like coming home. Glad you had a nice vacation and back on SSS with us.
DougVernX said…
Did you bring us lots of shadow shots? Welcome back. If posted some autumn shots from a forest near by.
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous colours in your shadow shot, Tracy! Looking forward to vacation photos.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
Unknown said…
Love your shadow shot, textures on the foliage is very delicate.

Glad to her you had a great holiday, and your snaps are gorgeus.
colleen said…
It looks very tropical with the sky looking Caribbean blue.
Coloradolady said…
Nothing like a little R&R and nothing like coming home again!! Have a great Sunday!!
Lighthousegal said…
Well i guess your story about just passing true must be true. If not, how would you have the beautiful shot of the tree's shadow. Can't take photos while being booked. LOL
Glad that you hag a good time on your vacation. Your pictures are wonderful!!
Happy Sunday!
T... said…
beautiful photo
Life Mix said…
Good to see some green leaves in the tree. great shadow show.
Kelly said…
Based on your photos below, I'd say you had a colorful vacation! Good to have you back. :)
NatureFootstep said…
nice green shadow. :)

Thanks for showing my shot from last week. :)
Eden said…
Beautiful shadow shot. Love jacaranda blooms.
Sam said…
Jacarandas shadows taken behind a cop shop as you were passing - a likely story....I believe you, thousands wouldn't!

Love the collage of your trip photos - it looks like a different world up there compared to Sydney. Is it very different to Brisbane or is it sort of similar temp wise and visually? I went when I was little and we fed the lorikeets too but I dodn't see any albino joeys! That's pretty special! I don't have FB so I'll just have to go and check out your tweets for more holiday snaps! :0)
soho stitch said…
Love the photo's! this is my first shadow shot sunday and it's a great way to see the world.
Melissa B. said…
I'll shoot right over and give Joe some encouragement. And, he - thanks for sharing my Shadow Shot from last week!

Good shadow shot as always. Very nice vacation photos too!
Seow wei said…
Hi, this is my first time join shadow shot sunday, happy sunday blogging.
Tracey Leeder said…
My first time here! I love shadow shots. Love it!
Admin said…
I love to take photos too...and wold love to join is my frist entry.

Vernazza, Italy
thanks for hosting this meme..will for sure love it..
Barbara said…
Thank you for hosting SSS and for featuring one of my photos in your post! Those moon pics are some of my most favorite. I took them on a very cold night last winter.

darla said…
this is one of my favorites shots of yours. lovely.
Thanks so much for the heads up about Spadoman. He always leaves such appreciative and aware comments. You have to love a guy like that.

Sunny blessings on us all.
Antonella said…
Love the picture - you are too funny some shortcut... :-) Joining in again this week after a much too long hiatus!
Hugs, antonella :-)
Unknown said…
nice shot of the foliage.

and tx so much for featuring my entry from last week :)

My Third Eye
darla said…
i already commented here yesterday, but i'm commenting again because i can't see where else i can comment! i just want to say that your photo's are inspiring. truly unique and whimsical. i love them!
Euroasia said…
lovely pix...would love to join next week!