Colour Me There!

I'm really excited right now because my artwork is currently on display at the wonderful Pandemonium Cafe in Paddington. My exhibition is called: Retroverts (series 1) Colour Me There! It's the first time that I've displayed my art in public (besides the photos I've previously included here on my blog) so I'm a little nervous. I'm more chuffed about it than nervous though, so all good. Pando's is a much loved & popular 70s style retro themed cafe in Brisbane. So the exposure will be great & my paintings certainly do look very happy hangin' out on the lime green wall amongst all the ultra cool retro decor. Displayed (& available for sale!) are twelve (acrylic on 8 x 8 inch stretched canvases) colourful & kitsch/retro inspired paintings. The "Doggone Beat" painting from a few posts ago is also included. Anyways, if you live in Brisbane & would like to check out my little paintings, that would be ever so awesome. If you need a little more incentive, Pando's Cafe has a lovely vibe, oh-so-yummy food & exceptional coffee!

Here's a photo of "Doo-Wop-Biddy-Diddy" - one of the twelve paintings from the exhibition.

I've also submitted "Doo-Wop-Biddy-Diddy" to Illustration Friday this week because I thought the topic for this week, "theory" was perfect for her. I was concerned about her pursuing her dreams of being a doo-wop singer. Or any kind of singer actually, due to the fact that she has no mouth. A distinct disadvantage for one who wishes to sing. So I'm hopeful doo-wop girl will find comfort & inspiration in this week's IF topic, because, in theory, anything is possible! Therefore I believe one should always follow their dreams. Regardless of how silly they may seem to others.

Retroverts (series 1) Colour Me There! - 17 Feb - 19 April.
Pandemonium Cafe, 215 Given Terrace, Paddington, QLD.


milanrubio said…
Great work. Loving character.
You're right! Who needs a mouth!

Best of luck at your show...I'd drop in, but I'm not up for a 24 hour flight.

Post pics of all your art on display in the show (on the lime walls)
Remember: we're living vicariously through you!
Congrats on your show! Awesome! I like the punchy colors you've used with your Doo-woop singer. Nice illo! Have fun, and fill us in on the details!
studio lolo said…
I think she just needs to open up her throat chakra and she'll find her voice :)
I love the retro look of this and the fun writing. Good for you for getting your work out there for all to enjoy!

Oh, I've meant to ask you if you've ever seen the movie "I Married An Axe Murderer?" There's a Harriet character in it and Mike Meyers plays her beat-poet boyfriend. He does this great song/beat poetry tribute to her which always has me on the floor!
Anonymous said…
Aloha Tracy!!!! Congratulations on your exhibition!!! Your work is so terrific; so FRESH, so UNIQUE! Love it, love you, love "DooWopGirl"! Best of luck to you, Miss Austrailia!
Karen Otto
aka Hey Harriet Fan Club Prez
Anonymous said…
hey harriet-
love it!
g'luck with the show!
Hey Harriet said…
Thanks so much guys!

lolo - I've not seen that movie but I'll try tracking it down because I'm a sucker for bad beat poetry :)

diva - Living vicariously through me? hehe...I'd better liven things up a little then because I have to confess that my life is rather regular & ordinary. Unfortunately not one worth living vicariously through I'm afraid ;)

Karen - Oh Karen you crack me up! Miss Australia? Yikes! So am I expected to parade around in my swimsuit now? Eeeeek! Thanks prez ;) x
Anonymous said…
congrats & i wish you the best for your first exhibit. the first of many. your art rocks! now i have something else to add to my list of places to go while in brissy next month. thanks.

i have a suggestion for doowopgirl, could she try singing thru her nose? or an alternative orifice? ;D
sound&fury said…
I was once (briefly) in my primary school's choir, where we were given the all important advice that we should 'aim to sing out of the tops of our heads'. No, I have no idea what that means either... but maybe doo-wop girl does.
Congrats on your exhibit and best of luck! =D
Congrats; what an accomplishment! By the description of the venue, your work is going to look fabulous there. A perfect addition!
Vhrsti said…
Fabulous and inspirative blog!!!
Blooming Lily said…
That is so great! I love your work!
jewelstreet said…
Oh, congrats! I'm sure you will be a success.

If I was closer, I would go and get the Do Wop piece. I absolutely adore it.
Roberta said…
This a great theory and look, when you follow your dreams, you get to have an exhibit of your paintings! How cool is that!
Nina Seven N7 said…
congrats on your art show! how exciting! your work is very stylish but with a retro cool feel. nice!
Agent M. said…
How wonderful!

I hope the whole lot sells & you're in further demand.

& not that your work is derivitive of Sanrio- but Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth either, & she's quite adventuresome!

Esti said…
Cute sweet illustrations!
Tizzalicious said…
That's fantastic! Congrats!
Seems to me you're an award winner too! Are you going to share 5 of your favorites?
Hey Harriet said…
High Desert Diva - I'm struggling to pick ONLY 5 faves! As soon as I have I'll share :)
I love her!! And I love this're so funny!!