Happy Mad in May

I am currently so super smitten with the art of Simon Degroot. Simon is a Brisbane independent artist and a prolific participant in community and public art projects around town, with six years of extensive solo and group exhibitions around Australia. Simon employs strong imagery and his work has often been described as graffiti like in style. I'd simply describe it as fanflipintastic! Simon will be launching his self-published artist book featuring a range of artworks and critiques as part of his upcoming exhibition of latest works titled The Happy Mad at Cylinder in Fortitude Valley. I can't wait for this one! Only one more day. It opens tomorrow. Woohoo!

A Flock © Simon Degroot (this & other works available to buy here)

"My artworks are about personal development, about reaching into memories and experiences to try and better understand my place and myself. Through my works I try to find a balance between inside imaginations and outside realities"
- Simon Degroot.

The Happy Mad exhibition from 2nd May until 9th June at Cylinder


Very interesting work..and really original..It is always interesting to
see how others see things..Thank you for sharing..
Nice to see something different! And awesome!
Happy Mad...I like it.

I really must find out more about our local art scene...
Victoria said…
Wonderful work, looks like a great show. I think the name, " The Happy Mad" is terrific!
Sarah McBride said…
very cool and interesting, thanks for sharing. He seems like a really talented artist!
Unknown said…
happy and mad..sounds good together, so will be looking forward to more wonderful stuff..

happy mad may day? hahaha...happy weekend :)
AlasMyDear said…
oh my, what rad art! and 'happy mad' is such a cute name for the exhibition. i wish su much that i lived closer by!
picciolo said…
hello, what a great feature on an interesting artist. I love your pictures of the birds too, we get green parakeets here is south london, I've neve got this close to them though
: )
Anonymous said…
I've just been going through his website, thanks for the link, and I wish I could see all these beautiful pieces in person. Also, isn't there something endearing and approachable about the way he signs his name?