Shadow Shot Sunday #15

The Shadow Gallery collages this week feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday, except for two. Apologies to both EmBelISH and Gray Eyed Scorpio for not including your photos. Neither of your photos would open in the editing program I use to create the collages. I'm not certain why but due to both images being smaller than the rest of the shadow shots I'm guesing it's because of the size. I've had this problem before so if anyone has a solution please let me know. Anyway, check out their blogs for their shadow shots and all the other cool things they blog about. Both are fab blogs! Thanks again everyone for playing along! If you'd like to participate in SSS, shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or near enough to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Shooters
1. Fog&Thistle 2. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 3. LaVieEstBelle 4. HoosierRoots 5. Charlie&Grace 6. Aimer 7. GreyscaleTerritory 8. Lisa'sRetroStyle 9. Gingerbread

Shadow Gallery - Things of this Nature

The Shooters
1. GalleryJuana 2. MorningHasBroken 3. HighDesertDiva 4. HeartToArt 5. ZanesMilkMachine 6. AnnetteHanigan 7. SummerKitchenGirls 8. SweetRepose 9. RosebudCollection

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #15

I've had the flu for the last four days so I've not been up to chasing shadows. This photo was taken the other week at the same time as the lizard photos that I posted last Sunday. I must say that the Roma Street Parkland is a fun place to visit for shadow shooting! Ok that's all from me, I’m now taking my miserable, achy, feverish, snotty self back to bed to quietly die. Winter will be dieing right alongside me. Yes! Winter ends tomorrow. I take great delight in knowing that I will spring back to life long before winter raises its ugly head again. Ha! So take that evil old man winter. It’s all over for you. I win! Sort of. Happy Sunday!
Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Lisa's RetroStyle
2. Charlie & Grace
3. La Vie Est Belle
4. Michelle Pendergrass
5. Bubble Babble
6. Fog and Thistle
7. Gemma
8. Bobbie
9. Hoosier Roots
10. Gingerbread
11. Sweet Repose
12. Paz's New York Minute
13. The Summer Kitchen Girls
14. EmBelISH
15. ctmott
16. Morning has Broken
17. High Desert Diva
18. Elizabeth
19. Mechelle
20. Gallery Juana
21. Sonia Mascaro

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Oh. :( I hope you feel better soon.
Unknown said…
awww...T, down with the flu gotta step up on those vits, I remembered an ATCHOOOOOO!! message from you not too long ago. Anyway, here's wishing that you'll get much better, I'd send chook soup to you if I was nearer.Another wonderful collage..and yay..winter's over, now why am I happy?'ll bounce back to your sunny self again (rabbits ears crossed!!). Love that turtle..say hi to him the next time for me K? bye hugabun!!
SandraRee said…
Dearest Harriet, I'm sending you "feel better" blessings and "take good care" prayers! I'd really like to send you a big bowl of chicken soup, a nice big comfy throw and a spot of warm tea with honey!

Feeling as bad as you do, I'm sure you probably would have rather been like your turtle friend (great shot!) and stick your head back in your shell and not bother with SSS this week! Goes to show what a trooper you are! :D

I'm so happy to hear your winter ends tomorrow! Now please feel better soon and don't go jumping into your ocean just yet in your happiness that old man winter is finally gone! ;)

Sending big hugs your way! From faaaaar away! :):):)

Oh, and when I post these collages on Aimer, I'll post both EmBelISH and Gray Eyed Scorpio's shadow shots below them so that they can be included.

Take care T! xxoo
Anonymous said…
Ohhh! So sorry to read about your illness. Hope you get better very soon.

Love your turtle shadow shot.

Paz (who's happy that cooler weather is on its way in her neck of the woods. Yay! Hello winter!) ;-)
Gemma Wiseman said…
I thought I was travelling quite well through winter until this weekend. (But I had bronchial pneumonia pre-winter!) Yesterday, suddenly we had a warmish day! But what did I do? I started coughing and spluttering and it hasn't stopped this morning! I can't believe this!

Love your shadow shot! It's a cutie! And love your collage efforts! Especially enjoy the unique titles you give them! Very clever!

Get well soon!
us too... I had 3 kids sick all week and didnt leave the house for 5 days!!! I hope you are feeling better.. though I had the flu two weeks ago and I am still coughing!! my poor ribs

sending get well vibes thru the blog!!
Toni said…
The sun looks so hot on the turtle's back!! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. You are moving into spring, but we are moving into fall. I love the change of seasons - but know what is ahead for the next 1/2 a year.
Gina said…
So sorry to hear you've got the dreaded flu T! I'm sure you will wake up feeling better tomorrow..and SPRING out of bed. I love your little turtle, he's so cute!
....and the mosaics for last week look your title 'Incredible Lightness of Being'..did you ever see the movie?
Take better check in later so I know you're okay! Gxox
Oh, it's no fun to be sick...
I love to check in on your blog. The photos are so beautiful. And you've posted on Sunday, when it's Saturday here. Brings into perspective how small the world really is...
Also, you're prepping for spring and summer...lucky ducks!!
Sorry you've not been feeling well! Love the turtle - very fun!
Karla & Karrie
A Wild Thing said…
It's a critter day today...for me too...
Sorry to hear of the winter blues, but all too soon it'll be heading my way...then you will REALLY see something to dread, while you bask in the warmth of your summer sun, I'll be the snotty one.

Anonymous said…
Harriet , I just realized (duh) that I can come look at Shadow Sunday on Saturday because you're a day ahead. This discovery will do wonders for my Sunday morning sleep-in schedule now that I don't have to jump out of bed and run to my computer first thing Sunday mornings!
I hope you feel better soon. I have some sort of flu bug too and I feel like blah...
Those photos are amazing! And I do love your turtle :) Hope you feel better soon - spring starts tomorrow! Yayyyy!!
I do hope you are better today..just knowing spring is starting, always good medicine..I laughed at the turtle..beautiful shot..just like last weeks, smiling lizard..I have a turtle on my blog also, too bad he wasn't real..
Happy Sunday and Happy Spring..
Great post...Wonderful Shadows!
Love the turtle!

Sorry you're not feeling well...
Anonymous said…
What a unique project. They're all beautiful pictures -- I'm not much of a photographer and I'm jealous of what you guys can do with a camera. Love your turtle picture!
littlebird said…
As always these photo collages are simply stunning!

hope you feel better soon : )
LazyTcrochet said…
Great shadows!
Elizabeth said…
Do hope you are feeling better?
The collages are getting more and more wonderful.
You are so talented.
Greetings and love from New York.
Danz said…
Absolutely stunning photographs in the Shadow Gallery and you did a really great job with the turtle!

I hope you feel better soon darling! I know how miserable having the flu can make you feel.

Would you be interested in trading links?
Victoria said…
What a super-duper trooper you are, down with the flu and still putting together these wonderful compositions! I hope you feel better soon, and that your crappy old winter ends, and you can soon soak up the blissful springtime sun! (Just like lovely Mr. Turtle!)
Gina said…
Just checking in to see if you're still alive T!..our start to Spring has been wet, grey and windy LOL :P Gx
Happy Spring!! I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly:( What a trooper you are to make such lovely collages and in your condition! I LOVE your turtle!! How springy does he look!? I hope you're feeling better soon:D xo
Hey, thanks! I do know Bec's blog, it's just that my computer doesn't like me much right now and has this new habit of freezing on me, so I got frustrated this morning and gave up adding any more! But I'm off to do some more now :)
Hope you're feeling a bit better!
Bec said…
Hope you are starting to feel better now - flu sucks the big one that's for sure. Hope the wonderful Spring in the air is making you at least feel a little better :)
Mary-Laure said…
Beautiful sets of shadows...

Take good care of yourself while you're sick...
please sir said…
So amazing - the turtle is great! He looks so big too. I hope you feel better!
BrisStyle said…
lovely shadow shot again Tracy!
I hope you are feeling better. I am sick too (after making it through a yukky August without getting sick, I get sick when Spring arrives!)
thanks for adding me to mr Linky :)