Urban Wall-Capers (Part 1)

Walking along Doggett Street in Fortitude Valley I stumbled upon some interesting graffiti in an alleyway. I’m not in the habit of strolling down deserted back alleys in the Valley but the artwork caught my eye from the street so I just had to venture down. Curious. With camera in hand. I only managed to take three photos before my batteries died, hence the ‘part 1’ in the post title. I plan to return sometime to take more shots because there was so much more sprayed across these alley walls. I’m thinking of making Urban Wall-Capers a semi-regular, random kind of blog feature. I’m now eager to explore more inner-city alleys with hopes of discovering more interesting graffiti. Of course only if I have my camera with me. As my camera is quite heavy, I’ll be able to whack potential alley muggers across the head with it and knock ‘em out cold should they try and disturb my latest fun, yet pointless pursuit.

Marilyn from Pulp Sushi blog kindly passed this award along to me last week. This means a lot to me because Pulp Sushi has been a favourite blog of mine for so very long now! It was a blog I was regularly visiting long before I started my own blog & I’ve been a devoted fan since the day I happily discovered it. Thanks so much Marilyn! You rock! Love everything you do! xo

I’m meant to pass this award along but it’s all too hard narrowing down faves. So if you pop in here regularly & manage to stay awake through all of my waffling, then you certainly deserve an award. So this one goes to you! It's delivered with my biggest squishiest hugs!


please sir said…
Lovely photos - I love finding art and life in everyday walks. Great post! Congrats on the award!
SandraRee said…
Oh, this graffiti is not a pointless pursuit, I love to look at graffiti, well, this type anyway. There's a lot of untapped talent out there.

Urban Wall-Capers I think would be a fabulous addition to your already fabulous blog!

And congratulations on your award from Pulp Sushi, you're always so generous passing the awards along!

Returning your biggest squishiest hug, you silly goose you! ;)
Wow! Amazing talent!! I would love to see them actually painting the ones that look like photographs...it's astounding what can be done with a can of spray paint!
I think graffiti art would make a great regular feature.
Congrats on your well deserved award!!
Unknown said…
Hello T
Firstly, congrats on the award ;p

Wall graffitti..very interesting, love the first one with that red giraffe, looks fun. We have some here..though I never pay any attention to them. Make sure you keep safe at all times, but I am sure you can pack some karate chops to whoever! Isn't it frustrating when the batteries go flat :( Will be looking forward to part 2, by and squishy hugs to you too
Gemma Wiseman said…
Huge congrats on your award! Well done!

And I love graffitti art! So much is fascinating! Keep posting your finds, but please be very careful where you go!
Love the graffitti art, much more artistic than some we see in Scotland!! Great idea for a regular feature :0)
Anonymous said…
Are you sure that isn't your girraffe, he looks like a relative of "two birds and a giraffe"!! I am so glad you ventured down the alley, this is fantastic graffiti. I am a huge fan of it and think it shoud be used in our environment alot more. (in appropriate places of course!!) Places such as boring old cargo trains would look fantastic with grafitti on them don't you think, except they may cause accidents with people looking at them whilst driving!! Please be careful in your next venture, but i do look forward to it :0). Hey thanks for your lovely comments on my blog the other day, Now who was pimpin who!! Maybe we will see some grafitti inspired ACEOs!! see you for SSS, maybe you will have us hunting for graffiti photos as well!! Nearly forgot, congrats on your award, well deserved, shall pop over and have a look at pulp sushi now. Gosh am i waffling, sorry, see ya :0)
Destroying/defacing public property aside...I'm fascinated with graffiti...so many talented artists...spraying walls. What the heck?

Maybe a can of mace would be in order for your new pursuit.

Congrats on the award!
Anonymous said…
You're so very welcome! :)
Anonymous said…
I just love graffiti! Every summer I go down to the train station here and take pictures of the art on the cars. You found some great tallent!!
Unknown said…
i've always been
pro-graffiti...*certain* graffiti anyway. seems like everything else that's illegal or "wrong" goes..things that are much more detrimental to the people..., so why not have a lil street art thrown into the mix from some talented folk just trying to do their thing?

congrats on the award. :-)
Stela said…
That is absolutely some amazing art in the alley!
Bec said…
Wow, some great street art there - especially love the giraffe - or is it giraffiti....aaahhh, sorry - couldn't resist :)
By the way, I blogged your ACEOs today - you'll find them in the world's longest blog post :P
Anonymous said…
Urban Wall Capers sounds like a great idea... your photography always amazes me; you have a great eye, Miss Tracy (actually, you probably have TWO great eyes, but the one that looks through the lens of the cammy is just peachy!) Yes!!! More dandy spray paint art pics... very interesting!
Amalou said…
Love the Urban Wall-Capers. Looking forward to seeing (Part 2). Especially if you manage to snap a shot of your unconscious mugger with an arty backdrop by a gifted graffiti artist.
Ali said…
congrats on another award Tracy! (you're so good at choosing award recipients!! haha!)
And thank you for your Urban Wall Capers!! These are great pics - can't wait to see more (my camera's not that heavy, otherwise I'd wander around the Valley allies myself!) ;)
The Valley has so many great things to look at - when you really look.
You are really good with your camera..Beautiful pictures and they are interesting..Can you imagine if they put this stuff on canvas?
Congratulations on your award..your blog is wonderful and so deserving.
Would you believe, I am dragging things around looking for shadows already..I want to be prepared for Sunday..Had these little burrs stuck to my clothes, from getting on the ground. I know I am starting to frighten the neighbors..
Sarah McBride said…
I find graffiti like that so interesting. How much time and talent it takes to do what they do. So much different than people just writing their name on a wall or just vandalizing.
I always enjoy your pictures!1
congrats on the award too!!
A Wild Thing said…
Such talent expressed by a disgruntled youth, I am especially struck by the one of the 'Decider', soon we'll be free of him...I hope...

We have little graffiti in our community, most by gang members (drug dealers) with lil' bitty brains...no creativity, but the boxcars exibit beauty from afar.
Congrats on the award!!!

Victoria said…
This graffiti is gorgeous, much higher in quality then the run of the mill, "I think I will spray paint my name and some profanity" type that is usually found around my area!

Congrats on your award!
AlasMyDear said…
that looks a bit banksy-like, doesn't it?

would it surprise you that where i live there is almost no graffiti? no pictures at all, and only the occasional amateurish word. the council is very fast with their cleaning!
littlebird said…
oh theses are some great examples of street art, do be careful when lurking down alleyways though, you don't want to damage your camera!! : )
Gina said…
Wow, I'm so glad you took a detour on your looong walk this day! Loving this urban art (is that the term?) love the combination on th first one..whimsical giraffe, Golem and punk etc. There are so much talent out there..looking fwd to your next installment!
Well done on the award.. must check out pulp sushi now.. See you at SSS :D
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