A Portside Pelican Posting

"Yes Master. Fish to be lightly grilled. Never fried. Your wish is our command"

"Ooooh yeah, now there is one fine lookin' and sexy peli-butt" says Mr Pervy Pelican

An attempt to impress Ms Fine-Lookin'-Sexy-Peli-Butt with a goofy facial manoeuvre

I took these photos while at Portside Wharf last week and while there I popped into Dendy Portside cinemas to pick up a current film program and discovered a cool little event that will be taking place next week. It’s called Bollywood on the Wharf and looks so fun! Four days/nights of Indian film screenings and much celebrating on the wharf with yummy food, live music and Bollywood style dancing. I’m hoping that the local portside pelicans will be wearing their finest saris and will be joining in on the fun! I’ll have my camera ready to capture some of their goofy Bollywood dance moves!

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OH these are wonderful pictures!!! And how I envy you...celebrating on the wharf with yummy food, live music and Bollywood style dancing! I would never leave :-D
please sir said…
Oh I love these photos - they are so neat - thanks!
I love your pelicans! The only kind I've seen are rather boring brown ones.
Crazy the way he can turn his lower bill inside out!!
I can't wait to see their dance moves! "Bollywood on the Wharf" sounds like a lot of fun...Wish I could be there!!
Anonymous said…
Oh I just love pelicans - real little characters and subjects just dying to be photographed. But always wise to keep a few beaks distance away (!)
June Shin said…
I love your pictures and the captions underneath them too! Bollywood does sound like fun! Can't wait to see the photos from those.
Little Mary Moo said…
Those photos are so cute and funny, what a laugh.
Bascom Hogue said…
Wow, those are pervy pelicans. You gave me a good laugh. Thanks harriet for posting these gems.
A Wild Thing said…
What is it about pelicans that just makes us smile...makes me miss the warf in Florida where the birds lazily tolerate our photo shoots...

Have fun at the dance, take lots of pics.

Bobbi said…
Funny, funny birds. Mr. Pervy is kinda creepy!!! =)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love these character shots of pelicans! Wow are they great at contortions! And you have captured a range of twisted manoevres beautifully!
Unknown said…
Love your pellies and their cute butts and bellies!

Sometimes you see them in the most unusual places......like sitting on a light pole in the middle of KL crazy traffic.

I wonder what they think about....maybe shakin' and movin' a la Bollywood.

Great photos and writing Tracey, love it :)
Ali said…
your comments that complement each picture just make them perfect! They were some funny pelicans - made me laugh :)
(that inside-out beak thing is just weird! I've never seen them do that before!! ewww!)
Lol! Brilliant pictures, Bollywood on the Wharf sounds like great fun :0)
Heehee, I think I laughed more at your captions than I did at the actual photos! (which are all awesome).
You seem to have all the cool events on your side of the world! Even the pelicans get in on the fun.
Anonymous said…
Pelicans in saris, now that would be a sight to be seen. thanks for the pelican shots and commentary, very entertaining indeed :0) Looking forward to sss, see you then. Ax
Mary Ann said…
Great photos. I don't think that I've ever seen a real pelican (there aren't too many in NJ). I love your comments!
SandraRee said…
T. you're a nut! And you know I mean that in the nicest way! lol Wished I had your talent/wit to be able to enhance my pics with words the way that you do!

Great photos of the pelicans! I'm with Ali on the inside-out beak thing...ewww! :)

Bollywood on the Wharf sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the pics if you're not too busy shakin' it with the pelicans to take some! :D

Hugs from Bubs
Shosh said…
Wow, that's really cute. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
Hot Fudge said…
I will never look at pelicans in the same light again - what a hoot!
Victoria said…
I love these guys and gals! Great pics! I have only seen pelicans live once, in Florida. Men were fishing all around, catching absolutely nothing, while pelicans would dive-bombed down from the sky and in one fell swoop, came up with a big 'ol fish every time!
Just stoppin' by to say hello :-D
picciolo said…
oh I love pelicans! Have only really seen them at the zoo, you are very lucky
: )
bobbie said…
Wonderful pictures. I think pelicans are the most amazing birds!
Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
LOL! I love these pelican photos. They've made me smile. Thank you!

Amalou said…
Great Pelican photos! I don't think Ms Fine-Lookin'-Sexy-Peli-Butt was very impressed by Mr Goof-Face Pervy Pelican. You're so funny :D thanks for making me laugh once again!

Oh and thank you also for mentioning my blog draw for the art print.

Elizabeth said…
What amazing birds!
What wonderful pictures..I had to keep looking over them..they are beautiful..How lucky to see them..These are the kind of pictures, if I am lucky to take, get me really excited..Beautiful..
Gina said…
Great pelican pics T..still laughing at the captions..notice how Ms Fine Lookin' is hiding under her wing..at the goofy manoeuvre!! Classic :D
Seeing pelicans always reminds me of 'Storm Boy'..one of my favourite books as a child by Colin Thiele and the wonderful character 'Mr Percival'
I recently bought the dvd for my 2
You may have seen it, if not..make sure you have some tissues nearby! Gx
Bec said…
Hehehe I'm still chuckling at this. You must have really harnessed your psychic energy because I am certain you captured EXACTLY what those pelicans were thinking :P
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