Shadow Shot Sunday #23

Howdy! I was lucky enough to have three awards passed along to me over the last week, so I’d like to thank those three fine folk. Em (EmBelISH), Sandra (Bubble Babble & Aimer) and Lisa (Lisa’s Retro Style), thanks ever so much! I love you guys and I always enjoy visiting your wonderful blogs. Your kindness inspired me to make a little something in return. So there is a small surprise for you three, and for the rest of the super shadow shooters at the end of this post. Oi! Don’t be scrolling down there now! You’ll ruin the surprise! A record number of people participated in SSS last week. Yay! Thanks to those newbies for joining in and of course a big thanks to the regular SSS players. You all rock! The Shadow Gallery collages this week feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to participate in SSS, please do! How? Easy peasy! Simply shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), add your link to the Mr Linky gadget at the bottom of this post, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - Lurking in the shadows, awaiting the arrival of The Great Pumpkin

The Shooters:
1. ZanesMilkMachine 2. TwinkleStarArt 3. Bobbityboo 4. AlmostThere 5. TheSmallThings 6. RosebudCollection 7. GiddyJax 8. Gingerbread 9. SweetRepose 10. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 11. Fog&Thistle 12. ThisGirlLovesToTalk 13. EmBelISH 14. SpittingInk 15. Lisa'sRetroStyle 16. HoosierRoots

Shadow Gallery - Big bright and beautiful promises for a brand spankin' new Sunday

The Shooters:
1. GalleryJuana 2. LaVieEstBelle 3. HighDesertDiva 4. Flanders-Inside 5. NakedLady 6. SummerKitchenGirls 7. 365DaysInMyHouse 8. Charlie&Grace 9. AboutNewYork 10. MeAnnMyCamera 11. AllThingsAlissa 12. RichiesInspirationalDesigns 13. GreyscaleTerritory 14. SweetAgring 15. SerenityNow 16. LongIslandDailyPhoto

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #23

A caged hydrant booster valve I stumbled upon in the city earlier in the week. It was located on a very busy footpath and I received some very strange looks from people walking past as I was crawling on top of this cage shooting my shadows. A small number of curious people even stopped to watch what I was doing. Ugh! It was most embarrassing. For a moment I felt like a city busker. Nobody tossed any money into my hat though. Cheapskates! Hope they enjoyed their free entertainment…

Here is the little surprise I mentioned earlier. It is an award I made for all you wonderful SSS players.

I so very much enjoy looking at all your shadow shots every week and I greatly appreciate you guys participating in this SSS project/meme and sharing your wonderful images. So this award is for all SSS players, past and present participants. I’ve called it a Super Sweet Shots award to keep it more general should any of you wish to pass it along to other blogs that may feature photos that you really enjoy, without restricting it to shadow related photos only. So please feel free to do that if you’d like to. I’ll not include any rules with this award because you’re all a creative bunch and if you are wanting rules you can make up your own. Hey do you like the cute camera featured in the award? That’s my beloved dinky Diana camera. Don’t be fooled by her cheesy plastic exterior. She really is quite special! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. GalleryJuana
2. High Desert Diva
3. La Vie Est Belle
4. Hildegarde (from Flanders)
6. Lisa B.
7. Gemma
8. Bobbie
9. EmBelISH
10. Bobbi
11. Charlie and Grace
12. Bobbie-2
13. Annette
14. Gingerbread
15. Paz's New York Minute
16. me Ann my camera
17. The Summer Kitchen Girls
18. Sweet Repose
19. Elizabeth
20. Michelle Pendergrass
21. Alissa Baptista
22. Katanya
23. Sara Chapman
24. Long Island Daily Photo
25. Richie
26. Giddy Jax
27. Toni @ Hoosier Roots
28. Naked Lady
29. ctmott
30. fcp
31. Olga aka orchidgirl1979

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GalleryJuana said…
My goodness, I bet you had some onlookers while taking that shot!

I am amazed at the clarity given all the angles and distances involved with that shot. And even more amazed that you know what that 'thing' is called. Ha! Ha!

This group is growing and I am very happy to have joined. Thank you also for the award (blush). I still need to catch up on a couple of other awards I've received, so this gives me a fresh push.
I like the grid shadow. Can't believe you crawled on top to get it though! You and M. Kate go to the extremes for your shots!
Hey Harriet said…
Gallery Juana -

I only know what that 'thing' is called because there was a sign attached to the cage ;)
Victoria said…
Your shot is fab, and I so enjoy the mental visual of you shooting it!

One of these days I really need to get my act together and start participating in your great Shadow Shots Sundays as they are always so enjoyable!
I know we are of the same cloth..yep..will do anything to get a shot..Trying to see where my pumpkin is going to be placed..I will be putting something up tonight..Will be writing later..Have a happy day..miss everyone..
What a great shot! I love the industrialness of it:D I so would have paid you for making a spectacle of yourself!!

Now I'm thinking...what dangerous act can I perform to get my SS today?! Can't be out done by you and M.Kate now can I?!

Love your little Diana! It's so cute...and such a sweet gift!! Can't wait to get on my sidebar:)

Wonderful always...and cute titles!
Unknown said…
Hello T, tks for linking me up :D
Congrats on the awards..more to come for sure. Love your SSS, you take very clear shots!! made an award for all of us, so cool and that camera is so cute, havent seen one like that before..I am probably outdated..or am I? I'll post it next to my SSS award's hopin you have a great weekend..and fantastic galleries as usual, big hugs :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
I so love your "drain" photo! But I think I love best your comments on being some public entertainment while shooting! Hilarious!

Someweeks ago now, I was trying to capture a bird in a bush at Dromana beach. Walkers stopped to look at the bird and waited for me! But best of all, a bike rider rode round a different way!

Your collages of our shots are always inspiring! Love your collection!

Congrats on your own awards! You are certainly getting blog attention!

Finally, I really love your creation of an award! It is so unique! Beautiful and thank you! My blog thanks you too!

Happy weekend!
Bobbi said…
Hibernating is SO HARD!!!! I couldn't stay away, it's that whole addiction thing, anyway, I love this shot. You have to really look to tell which lines are the shadows and which arent. SWEET. Thanks for the cute award, my blog will wear it everyday!!
EmBelISH said…
great shot how funny about climbing on the cage :-)
we are off to fraser so cant wait to get some sandy shadows :-)
x Em
Ali said…
I'm sorry I missed the 'performance art' of a girl climbing on top of a hydrant cage - it must have been quite a sight!! I do admire you though, Tracy, I don't think I would have the guts to do that (I'm a bit of a shy shooter - if too many people are going to notice me... the shot doesn't happen!!)
Congrats on you awards too - well-deserved! I love Diana too, she looks very special, thanks for the award :)
Happy Sunday!
Elizabeth said…
A terrific shot - as ever - and excellent collages.
I will now go to hunt up/down some pictures from this week.
Greetings and happy weekend from New York.
Keep hoping OBAMA gets in!
bobbie said…
Your shot is super indeed! Love it.

And what a sweet thing for you to do, giving everyone this award! I'm new at the meme, but I will cherish it. Shadow Shots are such fun!
Anonymous said…
Hey Tracy!! Did you really climb up there in the public eye?? Now that dear girl, is dedication and well worth the effort!!! A wonderful shadow shot. holy moly record number of sss last week, sorry i missed it :0(. I am racing off to our scrapbooking retreat again today so i will post a quick sss this week. Hope you are well, looking forward to catching up on all the other guys this week, have missed not visiting and seeing whats going on. Oh and congrats on your awards, very well deserved, so much time you put into SSS and very much appreciated ;0).And a very cool dinky Diana award!!! thanks. Annette x :0)
Gina said…
Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment :( ..hope this works

Brilliant SS T, perhaps SSS shooters should be taking out some injury insurance though? and MK have set the standard now LOL

Great to see how much this little hobby has grown and that's a credit to you..such a wonderful host :D

Thanks for the cute your dinky diana will be shown with pride on my blog! Happy Sunday Gx
Anonymous said…
Funny that some folks were watching you take your photo. ;-) You always put together a fun line up of the shadow shots.
Well...the shot was worth everyone thinking you were a nut case!! Very fun shadow Harriet! Wish we could have been there to observe everyone's reactions!
Happy SSS!
Karla & Karrie
A Wild Thing said…
It looks to me like some great heart, beating in it's wire cage...heart of the city perhaps, with you on top tending it's every a visual on that go girl...
Alissa Nicolau said…
All the criss crossing cage bars and shadows are making me hungry. Hungry?! I've been sick all week. All I see in your shadow shot is a yummy, flaky, criss cross pie crust! said…
after reading your sweet post I am convinced once again that some people are born into this world just to spread love & good cheer through their kind words & good deeds.
I love your dinky Diana camera and I look forward to passing it along to my fellow bloggers. A big thank you Harriet.
Great shadow photo you got there!
XUE said…
Hey T! See...I told you that you are marking a big impression in the blogging world! Congratulations on the awards which you so deserve!
Anonymous said…
You always do such a fine job. Wish I could have participated last week, but at least I'm in this week with a couple of nature shots from Arizona. The grid is great!
Chubby Chieque said…
WOW!!! a magnificient idea. You're a smart photo shoter, indeed.

All the participants shadow pix are well taken & professionally. I love them all. So cuties!

Hope you have a wonderful SSS...

hugs from chilly Stockholm!
Kat said…
I am loving the layers in your latest SSS, squares within the squares. I love this world in which we both walk within the same city and probably pass each other without knowing that we both see the shadows..thanks for your inspiration and dedication to SSS, see the collage of images each week really makes my weekend, it's the collaboration of all the works to form another that I find absolutely irristable..
Unknown said…
Lovely quirky shot!! Great angle.
Love-pity the bystanders with no imagination.

Nice to know I'm in good company wandering around cities with my camera, getting odd looks.

Ah, us photographers are a weird bunch. Happily so :)
Elizabeth said…
The proper shadow shots are now up!
We are much later in global time than you - good heavens you must almost be heading into Monday.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend!
Claire, said…
I love the Diana camera, she is so special and so much fun to shoot with, cute award.

Harriet, I love the pattern of your shadow shot, very cool.
Toni said…
Wow! Such great participation last week! Fantastic collages by yourself as well. :)I didn't get a chance to visit them all - but hope to this week!

Don't you find it kind of exciting - doing whatever it takes to get *the* shot? I like to spark people's curiosity like that hee hee

Lovin' the grid!
Ole Jack-O and I made it in time..
Happy Sunday...
That's a great shot of yours - and who really cares if people thought you were weird? At least you might have added some interest to their otherwise mundane day :)
Unknown said…
awesome shadow shots...I keep telling myself I gotta get after that! lookslike fun! :)
please sir said…
Oh I love the fall theme going on with these - one of the best yet - lovely idea too!
Anonymous said…
A Diana camera, I didn't know that, looked it up (wikipedia). One speaks of dianagraphy (like lomography which I find very attractive). Do you still use it ? would be fantastic for shadow shots.
And I really like the overview compositions you make of all the shadow shots.