Shadow Shot Sunday #21

Howdy! I begin with some unfortunate news. For those who aren’t yet aware, M.Kate of La Vie Est Belle, blogger extraordinaire, dedicated shadow shooter, and all round super sweetie, had an accident recently while on holidays. The nitty-gritty details can be found here. I dare you to read the post and not chuckle slightly (I’m sure M will not mind as she has found humour in the situation). Anybody who has risked life and limb (or tailbone in this case!) in pursuit of capturing the perfect photo will appreciate the story! Take care, look after yourself and rest up well M. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You mad crazy goose! xo.

Now onto the shadows! Three Shadow Gallery collages this week featuring a photo from each participant from last Sunday and a few from the archives to round out the numbers. If you’d like to participate in Shadow Shot Sunday, please do! How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), add your link to the Mr Linky gadget at the bottom of the post, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - The Answer My Friend, is Blowin' in the Wind... The Answer Is.

The Shooters:
1. Gingerbread 2. EmBelISH 3. AboutNewYork 4. TheSmallThings 5. GalleryJuana 6. SummerKitchenGirls 7. HouseInMarrakesh 8. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 9. Charlie&Grace

Shadow Gallery - Significant Fish. In Memory of Dude. Coz Dude is Dead (for Giddy Jax)

The Shooters:
1. Aimer 2. BubbleBabbles 3. Fog&Thistle 4. RosebudCollection 5. LaVieEstBelle 6. HeyHarriet 7. Lisa'sRetroStyle 8. GreyscaleTerritory 9. GiddyJax

Shadow Gallery - Such an Oh-So-PURRfect Day with a little Ray of Sun-Sluggie

The Shooters:
1. AnnetteHanigan 2. LaVieEstBelle 3. SweetRepose 4. SpittingInk 5. HighDesertDiva 6. LongIslandDayPhoto 7. NakedLady 8. RichiesInspirationalDesigns 9. Bobbityboo

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #21

Some broken and abandoned chairs I found at the southern end of the Southbank boardwalk. I'm glad I stumbled upon these shadows earlier in the week because there are no shadows lurking about this weekend. It's been a rainy and miserable one so far. A handy little hint for shadow shooters: Snap your shadows whenever you see them and keep them stored away handy for a rainy day. A rainy Sunday!

Gemma from Greyscale Territory gave me a very cool award last Sunday. Gemma has an awesome and inspirational blog and she is one of the most prolific bloggers I know! Gemma’s gorgeous collection of photos and poetry always makes visiting her blog such a delight. Thanks ever so much Gemma! xo

The rules in receiving this award are to share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things that you do not support. Rules. Eeeeek! My dog Sophie has been wanting to contribute in some way to my blog so I’m giving her an opportunity to do so now. So I’m leaving the remainder of this post in Sophie’s capable hands…er...paws. Thanks Soph! Now don’t forget to hit the publish button when you are done. Ciao!

1. My dinner bowl. Especially when it’s full!
2. Long afternoon walks in the park.
3. The lady next door who gives me treats over the fence.
4. Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! In all its varieties!
5. The designated doggie beach at Nudgee
6. My person. I love her very much!

1. Cats believing that they’re superior to dogs! Grrr!
2. Bindies and other assorted prickles in the park
3. Idiots smashing glass in public places where I may walk.
4. Winter because I resemble a tubby ninja turtle in my silly coat.
5. Cruelty to my kind or any living creature (even cats!)
6. Stereotyping! I’m a Staffy but I do NOT have an aggressive nature

My person didn’t leave instructions about who to pass this award along to, so I’m giving it to all Shadow Shot Sunday players. I think she would be happy with me doing that! My person will be back next Sunday for SSS. There will be no weekday posting this week because her regular weekday post day coincides with her birthday and she will be too focussed on consuming as much cake as she possibly can. Piglet that she is! Hope she shares some cake with me! So, until next SSS, have a wonderful week ahead. Happy Sunday!

♥ Sophie xo

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Giddy Jax
2. Bubble Babble
3. Aimer
4. Bobbi
5. Gemma
6. Bobbie
7. Annette
8. EmBelISH
9. High Desert Diva
10. Gingerbread
11. Sweet Repose
12. Katanya
13. Fog and Thistle
14. Paz's New York Minute
15. The Summer Kitchen Girls
16. Long Island Daily Photo
17. ctmott
18. Spitting Image Glenn
19. TwinkleStarArt
20. Bobbie
21. Elizabeth
22. Lisa's RetroStyle
23. Naked Lady
24. Alissa Baptista
25. Toni @ Hoosier Roots
26. Michelle Pendergrass
27. Sara Chapman
28. Gallery Juana

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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SandraRee said…
Poor M.Kate! Sending big hugs to her and wishing her a speedy recovery!

The collages are great T! How fitting the titles are week after week! You always do such a wonderful job! :)

Sophie, I agree with everything on your list, you're a very wise Staffy! And you're just as generous as your person passing on the award to the SSS participants! Here's a cheesy dog biscuit for you! <->

And T...wishing you the very best and Happy Birthday wishes that I can possibly send your way from here my friend! xoxoxoxo
Of course the Shadow Shots are wonderful..had to laugh at the Sophie questions/answers..You make me laugh..Is it my imagination or are you passing the buck to Sophie? Just asking..ha, ha..Congratulations on the great award..You are so deserving and have made such a fun time with SSS..that has got to make you feel good..look how many are joining in..Bless you my dear friend, for the fun you have started. See what I mean, "there are no coincidences"...
Victoria said…
Sophie is a beauty! My dog Mo, read Sophie's list, and wanted me to let you both know, (my dog is good at reading, but not so good at typing) that she thinks Sophie sounds like her kind of Dog!

We both wish you a very happy birthday, and hope you get to eat cake to your hearts content!
Bobbi said…
Happy Birthday!!! Poor M and yes, there was a small chuckle from me, don't tell. My dog Sandy took one look at Sophie and said, "Ruf"! Guess that means "Hey, girlfriend!" Oh yea...I do love your shots, after all that's why we're here...HA!
Gemma Wiseman said…
I read this post very late last night and loved it so much! But thought, where do I start answering? So I thought I would sleep on it and now I'm back!

Loved those fantastic collages.
Especially loved the tribute to Giddy Jax's little one! That was excellent! (I checked it out!)

And took your hint to visit M. Kate. Ummm I'm still trying not to smile and thought I had better be warned too! Learn from others' mistakes!

Your chairs make great shadows! Both clear and misty pics are wonderful!

Thank you heaps for the great comments! HUGS!

Finally, thank your beautiful Sophie for carrying on the Kreativ Blogger award! Her answers were splendid!
Happy Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your cake!!!

When I read M.Kates post...I'm glad I'm not the only one who laughed...I just had such a funny picture of the whole incident in my head! She's so funny!

Great collages!! You are so good at those! And I love the chairs! What you did to the second photo is really cool...I like it!!

I'm not sure I got the story...did you adopt the abandoned chairs? I'm not sure why anyone would abandon them...they are great looking chairs! Are they metal? They're very cool!

Sophie, you did such a good job with the award!!Big kiss to you! I see we have a lot in common with the things we value and do not support. I hope your person lets you post's always good to have another perspective! With a face like that I don't see how she could possibly deny you a share of the cake!
Anonymous said…
Hi T, you funny dag!! Lovely post, lovely shadow shots, love the colours and everything about the first one.
Poor M.Kate, she does find humour in everything even her unfortunate accident, definately sending get well vibes across the miles to her!!!
3 collages seems to be the norm these days T, look what you have started, an addiction, but a nice one!!
A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, enjoy your cake, eat the whole lot, well give Sophie some too and get a block of chocolate as well, cause when its your birthday you are allowed to eat what ever you want in huge amounts!!!
Happy Sunday. Annette x :0)
So many things to remember to comment on....eep!

Firstly, I hadn't heard about M. Kate...will pop over there directly.

Secondly, now I have "Blowin' in the Wind" stuck in my head. Thanks for that.

I like the second chair shadow pic especially.

Happy birthday...hope your cake is made with lots of cheese.
EmBelISH said…
Loving those chairs, would love some of them on my back deck actually!! pretty rainy here too, but everything is starting to green and the tanks are starting to fill up so I am not complaining. Hi to Sophie too she is very cute.
xx Em
Gina said…
Great SS T, cute chairs with lovely patterns!..The mosaics look how you put MK's colourful one amongst the B&W's and 'sun-sluggie'!
I didn't know of poor MK's mishap..that's dedication..I must pop over in a minny.
Wishing you a very HAPPY day this week!..make sure you and Sophie enjoy your cake..I will have some pink cupcakes on my blog for you this week! Gxox
Sophie: what a sweet girl you are! Give Mum a cuddle for me :D
Kat said…
Love your dog, love your work. It was wonderful to be part of this weeks SSS instead of a lurker!
Ali said…
Hi Tracy! Great collages again this week - I love the titles you come up with too! Great combos of photos.
I really like your shot this week too - this little corner of SouthBank is quite sad and neglected, I think (it reminds me of an English beach in winter..). Lovely shot.

And thanks for the SS tip - the reason why Charile and Grace aren't joining in on the SS fun this week is due the to the recent lack of shadows (where is our spring sunshine?!), and the lack of a shadow shot emergency stash!!
Right, I'm off to put my camera in my work bag in the hope of building up an SS stash this week :)
Happy Sunday. said…
What a great great post! I love that Sophie took the lead & her responses are perfect. She has such a sweet face.
Your shadow pictures are perfect in their own quiet subtle way. I found them peaceful & interesting to look at.
I hope you get to eat lots of cake and really enjoy your birthday.
I'm so glad I found this positive space to participate in. thanks for hosting this Harriet! said…
sorry to be a pain, but the link you posted under my photo isn't working. Mine is the pumpkin sticking out of the planter.
Here is my link for that day,

thanks Harriet. Again, I am so glad I found your shadow shot sunday!
Harriet - love those chairs! You are so very right about taking pictures comes to Saturday and we think "oh, we have to take a SSS yet!!!" We are so glad that we took our picture last week - we didn't get much else done in the way of shadows this week!!
Have a great week!
Karla & Karrie
Hey Harriet said…
Lily -

Oooops. Sorry about that! Your link is working now. And thanks for letting me know it wasn't working. You're not being a pain at all. I'd rather know when I stuff up so I can fix it :)
Bec said…
Hey, happy birthday for this Wed (in case I forget later :P). Sophie sounds like a lovely dog - we have a red staffy (Anouk) and I'm sure she would agree with all Sophie's opinions!!!! Once again you have a sensational collection of shadow shots - I'm in awe of so many of the wonderful photos shown here!
OUch I bruised a tailbone before .. not fun. very nice pics..
Spitting Image said…
Happy b-day! I have been watching the SSS posts for a while now and have decided to get into the action of myself (Amy told me she would disown me as a brother and sell me to the gypsies if I didn't, but I wanted to anyway, although this gypsy thing sounds enticing too). I couldn't link to the specific picture, so the whole blog post was linked instead.
Amalou said…
Hope you have a very happy birthday this week. Your Sophie is so cute and very talented. I wish my dog was smart enough to finish my posts so that I could go to bed earlier. I'm sure she wouldn't want to interrupt any potential possum pursuits she has lined up for this evening.

The shadow shooters are coming up with more adventurous shots every week. Risking life and tush too! You might need to take out personal liability blogger insurance.

Also, I have a little surprise for you. Sorry, but you didn't win the art print, but you came second and I have decided to send you a little pressie too for being such a good sport. Could you email me your post address please? email -

Love the red chair :)
Elizabeth said…
Happy Birthday to you.
So strange to think it is winter/spring by you!
Still can't get my mind round that.
Sophie is a very sweet looking dog.
By the way, your chairs were super.
Were they really abandoned - if so you should have grabbed them.
Happy week.
ps. I've joined in the shadow shots this week.
We had bright sunshine - it helps!!!
hugs said…
Thank you Harriet!
Anonymous said…
I like your latest shadow shot. Very creative in both photos.

Congrats on your latest awards and thanks for passing it on to us! xxoo

I love that Sophie wrote the award response. I love her photo, too. She is quite a looker. ;-)

Anonymous said…
P.S. And most important of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful celebration. I wish you all the best!

Paz xxoo
Claire, said…
Harriet those chairs were a great find and cast a great shadow. Nice list of values, Sophie. Cute post.
Katie said…
Oh, dear Sophie! I adore that name. She looks so sweet.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for your always inspiring and creative blog. I've posted a shadow shot for you all to enjoy. We had a little sun yesterday and I grabbed it!
GalleryJuana said…
Sophie, wonderful job with your post. It was nice to meet you. I have to agree with you about loving cheese!

Harriet, love the chairs photos. Lots opf character in these pics.

Ejoy your birthday!
picciolo said…
great shadows this week!!
And congrats on your award too.
Poor M Kate, speedy recovery to you!
: )
Apparently I missed your birthday! Hope you had a lovely one and got spoiled thoroughly :)
Great photos this week!
My housemate's dog is a staffy as well, and she's the sweetest, most gentle thing - except towards the postie :/ and anyone who dares to come through our front gate that she doesn't know.
Thanks for your sweet comment :)
As always, I am mesmorized by your work. You don't have a have a gift and you deserve it my friend. Now, for your friend M. Kate? What a trooper! Falling in a drain to get a shot. Now THAT'S dedication ;-)
Unknown said…
aww...T, thanks for the mention and a big happy birthday too :D Internet is working @ home means I have reasons to live..right? I've got tons of posts to catch up so yours the first! Lovely SSS...I was thinking of the SSS the whole Sunday and missing it a lot too, just like I am thinking of all my blog friends everyday, odd but happy feeling too. Those collages are awesome...dont mean to brag..but I love my fishy pic among the black and whites, you are brilliant thinking of all the combination, I would have gone beserk haha...So, its 29 participants this week, the highest right? woohooo!! wished i could send you a cake or cupcakes...Oh, congrats on the award!! much deserved...hugs
Bobbi said…
Tracey, you're so funny! Every comment you leave on my blog makes me chuckle!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I tagged you in my blog. Take a look! :)
please sir said…
Another wonderful round-up - that tent looks so cozy!!
Bascom Hogue said…
Well, once again good stuff to see. I am sorry about your friend getting hurt but I hope the painkillers work out. I just read your profile and you are interested the Beats. I had some art shows with William Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas.
I am so sorry I never wished you a Happy Birthday..I see on a few blogs, they were mentioning it..Well, my dear friend..I wish you the best wishes and blessings for your birthday and every day after..and may every shadow you see, send a blessing..Now you have to admit, that is a different thought..Much love to you..
Hey Birthday girl! Still celebrating are you?! I know you'll love this...I gave you a little "award" on my post yesterday. Just consider it a belated B-day prezzie! haha.
Chubby Chieque said…
Howdy H!

Am sorry not to reply... but i didn't 4got your SSS!

PLS. do link me to Mr. Linky, if you don't mind.

Some SSS pix are waiting on sunday.

Gina said…
Not sure what day your birthday T..but hope it was very special!! Been thinking of you..see you tomorrow for SS Gxox