Shadow Shot Sunday #22

"Poetry is the art of substantiating shadows, and of lending existence to nothing" - Edmund Burke

It’s nice to be back. It seems I timed my mid-week post break perfectly, due to an electrical storm causing damage to my computer and leaving me off-line for a period anyways. All fixed now. I learned a valuable lesson. To unplug things from the wall during a storm. Simply switching them off at the wall isn’t enough.

Thanks so much for the lovely birthday wishes and sweet surprises I received during the week. Since I started blogging early this year I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many amazing, creative, clever, funny, kind and wonderful people. It’s a beautiful blogging community out there. Thanks for making it so. xo

The Shadow Gallery collages this week feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to participate in SSS, please do! Simply shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky at the bottom of this post, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - Ninety-Nine Red/Luftballoons (the other 98 popped in fear of listening to that song)

The Shooters:
1. Bobbityboo 2. GreyscaleTerritory 3. Gingerbread 4. Fog&Thistle 5. ZanesMilkMachine 6. Lisa'sRetroStyle 7. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 8. GalleryJuana 9. ThisGirlLovesToTalk

Shadow Gallery - "It's oh so quiet, it's oh so still, you're all alone, and so peaceful until"...BA!DA!BA!DA!

The Shooters:
1. HoosierRoots 2. HighDesertDiva 3. LongIslandDailyPhoto 4. GiddyJax 5. AnnetteHanigan 6. AlmostThere 7. SweetRepose 8. Aimer 9. TwinkleStarArt

Shadow Gallery - "ARRrrr! Take that you crazy sock puppet" says pint-sized pyjama clad pirate boy

The Shooters:
1. SummerKitchenGirls 2. ArtSquadGraphics 3. EmBelISH 4. RosebudCollection 5. SpittingImage 6. AllThingsAlissa 7. NakedLady 8. TheSmallThings 9. AboutNewYork

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #22

A photo taken of a murky and shadowy pond. The bird, thinking it was a frog, jumped onto a lily pad. As it was slowly sinking a whirlpool formed around it creating an interesting pattern in the water. The second image is a cropped section of the water from the first photo. I like it better than the first pic. Trippy!

I was very happy with my pooch Sophie for finishing the SSS post last week. Sophie did such a fine job that I’m thinking of having her contribute to my blog occasionally in the future. That will not be happening until I’ve purchased Sophie her very own keyboard. It took me a long time to clean the grotty paw prints and slobber off mine last week. Ick! Sophie is a little piggy pooch! A loveable piggy pooch all the same.

Date claimer! The BrisStyle team are busily preparing for this super event. All the details can be found here on the blog. If you’re a local be sure to mark the date in your diary and come along. It promises to be a great day! While I’ll not have a stall set up on the day, I’ll be there doing the all-important coffee runs for my fellow BrisStyle members. I’ll also be running around like a loon buying all my Christmas presents. Yes, MY Christmas presents. I’m thinking whatever I buy I’ll not be wanting to part with! Also, something else fun will be happening in the BrisStyle camp in a couple of weeks and I’ll be shouting all about it here as soon as it kicks off! It’s going to be BIG! And fun! Did I already mention fun? Big & fun!

Ok, I do apologise for this SSS post being so long-winded. I'm just making up for lost time. I did actually have more to say but thought I’d better stop now as all this waffle may be a little coma inducing as it is. Happy Sunday! Perhaps I should yell it for the benefit of those who have nodded off. HAPPY SUNDAY!

Shadow Shot Sunday participants

1. La Vie Est Belle
2. High Desert Diva
3. Charlie & Grace
4. Bobbi
5. Naked Lady
6. The Summer Kitchen Girls
7. Gemma
8. Bobbie
9. Hildegarde (from Flanders)
10. me Ann my Camera
11. Elizabeth
12. Gingerbread
13. Michelle Pendergrass
14. Bobbie-2
15. Paz's New York Minute
16. Lisa B.
17. GalleryJuana
18. Sweet Repose
19. Alissa Baptista
20. Long Island Daily Photo
21. ctmott
22. EmBelISH
23. TwinkleStarArt
24. Katanya
25. Richie
26. Fog and Thistle
27. Spitting Ink
28. Toni @ Hoosier Roots
29. Bettye
30. Sweetagring
31. Serenity Now
32. Giddy Jax

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I love the water/reflection shadows. Very nice.

Glad you had a good birthday week!
Bobbi said…
OOOOOH! I love it... and I totally agree with you. The first one is cool, but the second one is just plain old amazing. I love how you did it in black and white. It made me feel like I was right there.
Claire, said…
Wow Beautiful shots Harriet! I love them.
SandraRee said…
Was wondering why it was a little quiet from your side of the world. Glad everything was fixed in time for SSS! :)

Great job as always on the collages T and I must say...I love, love the black and white pond! Brilliant shot!

And I for one would love to see Sophie contribute on your blog in the future, she did a woofonderful job!

The Christmas Market sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait it see what you're going to be shouting about in a couple of weeks!

I won't be participating in SSS this week, I'm too far behind in EVERYTHING and I'm trying my best to catch up. And if I don't stop typing right this minute my comment is going to be as long as your post! lol Not that I didn't mind your long post, in fact I found it quite enjoyable. :D

A very, very Happy Sunday to you too! xo
Gemma Wiseman said…
Really enjoyed your rambles in this post!

Delightful collages with most interesting titles!

And your photos are both trippy in black and white! The 2nd one could be some piece of illusionary art, but I feel the 1st one seems to blur the dividing line between reality and illusion! Wonderful!
What a lovely shot, the ripples are really beautiful.Bird was probably disappointed. Sorry to hear about the computer..I never pull plugs either. Will think differently next time.
Anonymous said…
The cropped one is fantastic. Happy belated birthday !!
Elizabeth said…
The pond pictures are indeed trippy!
The monochrome look is amazing.
I'm afraid I've doubled up Shadow Shot Sunday with today's Halloween party.
But there are lots of Shadows -I hope.
So glad you are finding the blogging world fun.
So many cool and creative people out there!
This is a fun theme and I am happy to participate for the second week. I am more aware of shadows and find SSS often comes to mind. Thank you for hosting this meme. Shadow hunting is fun!
Anonymous said…
You are so creative putting the SSS line up together. I always enjoy coming to look at it.

I love your latest shadow shot.

Yes! Sophie should participate more!

The Christmas market looks like it will be LOTS of fun! Wish I lived closer. ;-)

bobbie said…
Love your beautiful shadows in the water. And I love it in black and white.
Gina said…
You can waffle anytime T..always love to read and never nod off! Glad you had a nice b'day week and I'd love to hear from dear Sophie again soon!
The mosaics look wonderful once that a Bjork quote above the middle one?
Your SS this week is the pattern and lighting/reflection in the little whirlpool..must have been funny to watch the bird :D Happy Sunday! Gxox
GalleryJuana said…
Welcome back from your Birthday week.

These photos are amazing. I love the patterns and shadows on the water, especially in the second pic.

Do you use a tripod for your photos?

I will look forward to your pooch's future posts.
Unknown said…
I love your SSS. Did you say the poor bird sink? but a great pic anyway...I am sure you had a blast for your birthday, big party and dancing all night right? As usual, SSS galleries are my fav. Hope you have a good Bunnday :P
A Wild Thing said…
Perfect in black and white, color would not have dramatized it and brought out the many patterns...AWESOME!

Hey Harriet said…
Yup. Bjork lyrics. Sing along! :)

Gallery Juana-
No I don't use a tripod but I should. My hands are often shaky from drinking too much coffee & many of my photos are blurry because of it. I just don't post the blurry ones ;)
Alissa Nicolau said…
I really like how saturated the black feels. It seems heavy and thick. The pond water looks more like a pool of ink. A pool of spilled ink. An inky pool of spilled licorice oil with a thrilled slurping duck gorging himself on its inky goodness!
Hot Fudge said…
Do you realise you are responsible for me spending a great chunk of the day transfixed in front of the screen, checking out the blogs of your fellow SSS-ers? (Sounds a little Nazi-ish doesn't it?)

I absolutely loved each and every one of the shots today and your duck image was the icing on the cake.

You made the BrisStyle market sound so enticing I decided there and then to come along. Oh, that's right, I'll be there selling stuff.
We agree - we love the second shot....however we love seeing the first picture to explain such a fun & shadowy ripple in the water!
Hope you are having a great SSS!!
Karla & Karrie
Chubby Chieque said…
So nice to see all the shadows. Although, am a lil scare when it comes to??? tjihi...

greetings from chilly Stockholm!


am not sure if i linked to Mr.Linky. If not would you mind to assist me w/ that, pls? Thanks a mill
Amalou said…
Love the black and white contrast of the water shadows and reflections. Thanks for starting up this sunday tradition, I'm having loads of fun :)
Anonymous said…
Love all the photos. I just joined this meme. where I should put my link. I don't see any linky form.
Hey Harriet said…
Hi Sweeta-
You just click on the 'Mr Linky box' (found above the comments link) & add your link there :)
Love your Shadow Shots! The second is a bit trippy:@ Great collages:)

Bummer about the storm damage to your computer! I can totally relate...Ours was once literally smoked by lightning!

I look forward to Sophie's next post...I love that "piggy pooch"!!

Have fun at the Brisstyle Christmas Market:D Sounds like a good time!
Wow! You, too, had computer issues? A couple of my online buddies, including myself, had problems last week! Huh, must be contagious. Well, I am happy you are back :-) And even happier that we have more pictures!!!! YAY! said…
Great pond shots.I love the designs the ripple effects make along with it being a black & white photo. so cool.
Thank you for hosting this shadow shot meme. I love the collages you make every week & I feel so fortunate to be a part of such creativity.
Victoria said…
Your black and white shadow shots are so lovely! The bottom one almost looks abstract. Sorry about your computer damage, hope things are all good now. I have mine plugged into a power surge strip, but always wonder if I should take the extra step to unplug... thinking I should now! Hope you had a great birthday, too!
Spitting Image said…
The cropped version has great composition to it. You should get a power strip that has a surge protector, then you don't have to worry about storms.
well, happy Sunday.
Katie said…
A Christmas Market sounds like fun! That reminds me, I had better get started on my Christmas shopping. It'll be here before long!
Anonymous said…
Yes, you left your comment with success on my blog and that's worth a congrats (and thanks for the effort) because there are provider problems on the comment section this weekend and most of the time you don't get a anti-spam code so that you can't get in. Darn providers. I hope they fix it soon !! And also, I know, it's only in Dutch, which I regret.
picciolo said…
those water ripple pictures are great! Glad you got your computer mended after the storm
: )
Anonymous said…
Hi Harriet,
Thank you very much! The truth is I didn't see it before that's why I asked but now I see it. Anyway you can copy the photos by simply clicking it. It will take you to my flicker and you can copy there.
Thanks again!
please sir said…
Lovely - I enjoy making a story with each grouping - so much fun!
Mary-Laure said…
Lovely pictures of the pond, and that busy duck. Water is always a wonderful thing to watch and photograph.
Unknown said…
love love shadow sunday! great pics!
Anonymous said…
I love that first quote you put in by Burke, it also goes beautifully with your shadow shot. It looks like you achieved his quote in photographic form - bloody well done!
littlebird said…
oh my what a visual feast! so many great images thanks for sharing them all. and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! : )
XUE said…
Poor ducky! I love Christmas markets & any bazaars - always end up buying too much of things that I end up keeping for ages! Wish we have more of suc bazaars here!
Ali said…
Hi Tracy!
Great ss collages again this week - you sure do have a knack for putting them together (and making me chuckle hee hee hee!)
I love the second ss of yours, without the duck (not that I dislike ducks .... I quite like them actually..) just love the freaky shadow on the water - out of context they would appear very strange, I think.
thanks for adding me to Mr Linky too :)