Shadow Shot Sunday #24

Howdy! SSS #24 this week! That's about six months worth of shooting shadows. I think. I've never been very good at calculations. It's been fun! Except for a few of weeks ago when an odd man chased me away from his yard because he didn't appreciate me taking photos of his garage. There were awesome shadows cast across his garage and just as I stopped and took out my camera from my bag, the man came running out from inside his house to ask what I was doing. I told him I'm taking photos of the shadows on his garage. He asked me to leave his property. I wasn't actually on his property. I was standing on the footpath. He had the crazy shoo-shoo-away hand gestures going while asking me to leave. Like I was some nuisance dog about to pee on his precious petunias or something. Weirdo! The Shadow Gallery collages this week feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday plus one from the archives. If you’d like to participate in SSS, please do! It's easy peasy! Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky at the bottom of this post, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - "Sweetest November, time to rest your weary head in the sun" - Sarah Blasko

The Shooters:
1. ArtSquadGraphics 2. GiddyJax 3. ShoppingCraftsTravel,Etc. 4. FayeChristianPhillips 5. MeAnnMyCamera 6. HoosierRoots 7. GalleryJuana 8. AllThingsAlissa 9. ThisGirlLovesToTalk 10. Aimer 11. SweetRepose 12. HighDesertDiva 13. RichiesInspirationalDesigns 14. TheSmallThings 15. Charlie&Grace 16. LongIslandDailyPhoto

Shadow Gallery - "Where time means less than nothing and noone ever dies" (November Love Song)

The Shooters:
1. AlmostThere 2. AboutNewYork 3. LaVieEstBelle 4. AnnetteHanigan 5. Bobbityboo 6. EmBelISH 7. Gingerbread 8. NakedLady 9. Flanders-Inside 10. RosebudCollection 11. Lisa'sRetroStyle 12. Babylonezoo 13. ZanesMilkMachine 14. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 15. GreyscaleTerritory 16. SummerKitchenGirls

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #24

This was my attempt at an arty shot of some hedge shadows. It was taken from inside one of the glass elevators at the Cultural Centre Busway. It was also taken a little higher up than intended because it was spontaneous and so I didn't have my camera ready when I was closer to the ground. And I was running late for the bus so didn't have time to ride the elevator again. I like that with a click of the camera one of my shoes instantly became a designer foliage patterned sneaker. Wish I had matching hedgies!

Just wanted to give you lovely shadow folk the heads up on an awesome giveaway about to be announced on the BrisStyle blog. Almost 20 members of the BrisStyle Etsy Team have contributed something to this. It’s huge! Superstar Bris-blog editor Bec (who can also be found here and here) has drafted the post and she’ll be hitting the publish button tomorrow. Tomorrow being Monday morning Australian time, which will still be sometime Sunday in America. Yes! The giveaway is open to overseas folk! So unless Bec happens to be abducted by aliens between now and tomorrow, the giveaway fun will shortly commence. Those crazy BrisStylers have recently given me access to the BrisStyle blog anyways, so should Bec be abducted by aliens overnight, I’ll pop in and hit the publish button myself. Then organise the search party for Bec. Priorities! So, cool free stuff will be happening. Rain, hail or shiny suspicious spacecrafts!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Este Belle
2. Gemma
3. High Desert Diva
4. Charlie & Grace
5. Bubble Babble
6. Two Barking Dogs
7. Elizabeth
8. Hot Fudge
9. Bobbie
10. Naked Lady
11. Lisa's RetroStyle
12. ctmott
13. annette
14. Katanya
15. Sweet Repose
16. Alissa Baptista
17. The Summer Kitchen Girls
18. Olga aka orchidgirl1979
19. Bobbie-Almost There
20. Sara Chapman in Seattle
21. Gingerbread {Gina}
22. GalleryJuana
23. BABYLONEZOO (France)
24. EmBelISH
25. Murrieta
26. Dianne - my first time
27. Pagan Sphhinx - my first time too
28. Richie
29. Spitting Ink
30. Toni @ Hoosier Roots

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Unknown said…
Hello T, now that's an AWESOME SSS..I had to scratch my head and tickle my brain to try to understand the pic. Maybe another round of virus had made me kinda crazy this time, but it is one or two picture, its mind boggling yet intriguing at the same time. OK lah, I am not einstein but I LOVE your shot anyway, I cant stop starring at your SSS!!! Cool shoes too, I had this image of you running around in stilletos and mini skirt actually, well better than my flip flops I guess haha...Happy Halloween you hugabun!! I'll check your links and ...go back and look at your pic again. tks for the wonderful collages ;p
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love that arty shadow shot! Lots of interesting textures and shapes (including shoe) to highlight the shadows!

And your collages are beautiful, filled with interesting contrasts! And always enjoy your intriguing titles for each one!

Happy weekend!
I've read your explanation of your shot twice, and I still can't figure it out. I looks cool though...even if I can't understand it exactly!
SandraRee said…
My daughter does that to Princess Bubbles, the shoo-shoo-away hand gestures just to hear her growl. I agree, what an odd man...maybe you should have showed your teeth and growled at him. lol

6 months...hard to believe it's been that long. What a wonderful thing you have started T, everyone looks so forward to catching a shadow for SSS, it just about killed me not to participate in the last two! :)

Your shadow shot is one of the coolest I've seen! And aren't the best shots spontaneous! Once again the collages are awesome and thank you for including one of mine from the archives! :)

I'm off to check out the BrisStyle giveaway link...thanks T for giving us a bright spot to look forward to every week! xo
Alissa Nicolau said…
This shadow shot is beautiful and calming and so very interesting. I feel as though I could look at it for hours and hours!
Elizabeth said…
Gosh! I'm first.......!
Your cool plant/foliage sneaker is stunning.
sometimes the best things turn up utterly by accident.
Loved our story about the grumpy garage man......
Happy weekend and love from New York
A Wild Thing said…
I'm glad we got to see your foot least we know you weren't hanging precariously like some other shooters we know...Ha...
Hey Harriet said…
Diva -

I'm often misunderstood ;) I just read over my explanation, and...well, yeah, it doesn't make a whole lotta sense! Usually the case with me. Sorry. I guess you just had to be there :D
Bobbi said…
Don't know if I will get around to posting a SSS this week but yours is awesome. If you were in the US your shoe could have gone as a hedge for Halloween!
Hot Fudge said…
I wish I had been hiding in the shadows when Mr Grumpy was shoo-ing you away from his precious garage. What a shot that would have made! And your hedgy shoe is so intriguing - it reminded me of Jeff Koons' Puppy installation.
bobbie said…
I'm glad you explained the glass elevator. Couldn't understand at first, the feet. You did a good job. I love the hedge shadows.
Claire, said…
Harriet, that is a cool shot. I love the hidden hedge patterned foot. I haven't been on a lift in an age. I used to have nightmares about them.
Huge giveaway is right, my goodness. And, Alien abduction possibilities, I love it! You're too funny.
Happy Sunday to you!
First of all I have to ask...what the heck happened to your SS from last week? I've looked and looked and it is no where to be found in the "oh so cool collages"...that would have been even cooler with Ms. Harriet's photo! You risked life and limb to get that you could you have left it out?!

Secondly...I have no idea what the lift you were in must look like...crazy foot on the in the ether. Very cool!

Thirdly, I am so excited to see what the Bristyle team is up to...lots of talent on that team! I may have to stay up extra late to be first to get a peek?! Thanks for the "heads up"!
Might be a bit early..daughter/husband went shopping, sent hubby to pool and here I am..missing my blogging, but have been so busy..Love your shots..very neat sneaker shot..clever.So is the one from the glass elevator..miss you all, will be home next week..Rosebudxoxo
Mary-Laure said…
Wonderful shadows, so intriguing!
Anonymous said…
Hey Tracy, you NEVER fail to make me laugh!! A very arty shot indeed, well done, like M.Kate for some reason i see you running around in a miniskirt and stilletoes as well, with a black bob haircut like the girl in your artwork!! I am pleased to see you in sneakers, with all the traepsing (sp) around you do!! Awesome collages again - thankyou and week 24, wow, did you ever think you would be doing it this long?? I for one am glad you are:0) will be back to visit again later and check out the links, and look forward to checking out the BrisStyle blog tomorrow. Have a great Sunday. Annette x
Anonymous said…
What a story about the old man. Glad nothing worse happened. ;-) Love your shoe foliage. Wish you had a matching pair. ;-) Thanks for the wonderful collages each week!

Anonymous said…
P.S. Not participating this week but will resume next week.

A Wild Thing said…
Hey Tracie, I messed up on my http for SSS could you go back and fix please, there was a little period in there that shouldn't a been...tanks...
Wow - we couldn't figure it out either....shoe - hedge....ohhhhh! You ARE quite Artsy this week - thanks for making us look...!
Karla & Karrie
Bec said…
He he he....the things you guys do for your shadow shots!!! All worth it though, I do love looking at your wonderful collages and envying all the amazing talent out there! Funny really as I must say I have never imagined you as getting about in heels and mini skirt - actually those shoes are pretty much what I would imagine you wearing...hhhmmm...maybe I'm just not that imaginative!

Oh, and by the way, let me just say god help any aliens that try and abduct me. I've just had an ear infection, a gastro, and now a cold and another ear infection (yep, I think my immune system has left the building) any damn alien who wants to try giving me an anal probe or something is going to have one crazy mamma at the end of her tether to deal with!!!!!
Ali said…
what a cranky old bugger - I'm sure he made you miss out on a really good shot (he obviously wasn't a fellow 'oddball' - well, not a nice one anyway!!)! But, this week's shot of your shoes/grass/glass ... wow! It is very arty-farty (but not in an arty-wanky way!) and I like it! I love how the mundane, everyday can be so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Well I don't quite get it either, but hey, it's ART. The green shoe looks like a chia pet, and that's enough for me. Wonderful collages, as always. I posted a flower pic, kind of lame shadows, but it's so gray here, I had to do it. Happy SSS!
GalleryJuana said…
Very cool shot. The longer I looked, the more I felt as though I were in the elevator moving with you!

Your sss pic quilts are always a joy to see. The headings are a treat as well.

I hope you don't meet anymore shoo shooers.
Anonymous said…
un très bon début de mois de novembre à vous
I love the spider and the raven
Unknown said…
Let me make another guess as I wont be satisfied until i get the answer. You are standing on a elevator, not just glass on sides but under your feet and you took this pic with the hedge underneath.. Bingo? No? I give up!!
Gina said…
Absolutely love your arty SS this week..there's so much to take in with this one! The collages look great but had to laugh you posted my only shot without shadows..I went back to see if I've missed a sneaky shadow..but can't see it..maybe it's cause I'm so tired! ..anyway congrats on 6 months of's such a credit to you it still going and stronger than ever!
Sunday's wouldn't be the same without sharing shadows! Gx
p.s. congrats on your little win..will pop in the mail very soon :D
Dianne said…
It's amazing what you see when you look at shadows. I've been lurking here for a bit and LOVE all the collages you create.

This week I decided to join in. Hope you enjoy my entry.
Chubby Chieque said…
Hey Harriet!

Your shot, is an amazing shot although a bit scary, if you think the lift? Am a bit chicken of heights he he...

Job well done, Maam!

ENjoy ur monday...
Stacey said…
Wow, I just learned about SSS from reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all the great images. I happened to do a shadow shot yesterday on my blog.
Unknown said…
SS rocks!!
Anonymous said…
I chuckled at your story about the man shooing you away - I've often snuck quick shots of people's houses or parts of an old car and I'm always wondering how long until someone comes to shoo me too! ;)

I don't know how those travelling photojournalists can capture people in the street...I'm too nervous so ask to do that! (and even more to just do it without asking!) day....
ppdesigns said…
wow 6 mths of shadow shots already!! gosh time really goes fast!! good work on keeping it up for so long.
Victoria said…
Your shadow shot is totally, totally, (did I say totally?) cool! (And I got such a laugh from your story about the nasty garage guy!) Hmm, would almost, (almost) make me want to go back and pee on his precious petunias! said…
I love your shot this week, quite creative of you. So much to look at & so interesting too!
I wish I had a shadow shot for this week- I'll be here for sure next week though.
Have a great week!
XUE said…
Like bec says...the things we do for blogs! Just don't go round falling in to drains ;) .
picciolo said…
six months, wow! One of these days I might actually manage to join in and not just look at everyone elses!
: )
Anonymous said…
Wow, I love the composition of all the photos! I have to say my favourite is the ornate chairs
Sandee said…
Wow I love your blog and thank you sew much for visiting mine!! This is so neat, all these great photos!
Kim Caro said…
what an interesting shoe photo.
lesley said…
oh wow, so many amazing shots.
please sir said…
GREAT photos - I can see a holidy spirit in some of these!!