Shadow Shot Sunday #28

Howdy! It’s been a while between posts. It’s just been one of those weeks. So many other things that I’ve needed to focus my attention on so I’ve had to neglect my blog a little. It will be more of the same this coming week also. I will always manage to find the time for the Shadow Shot Sunday posts. I’m too obsessed with shadows to skip them. Thanks to all the wonderful participants for indulging my obsession. I’d also like to mention that it hasn’t been a completely blog-free week for me, as I did a couple of posts over at the BrisStyle blog. So please feel free to pop on over anytime. We always enjoy visitors!

The four Shadow Gallery collages this week feature one photo from each participant from last Sunday. If you’d like to participate in SSS, it's easy peasy! Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky at the bottom of this post, and visit other players. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #28

This is a small part of the Myer City store Christmas window, which is a popular Brisbane festive tradition now in its 53rd year. This year’s Myer window display is based on the book How Santa Really Works by UK author and illustrator Alan Snow. It is one of the best displays I’ve seen in years. I think my squeals of delight may have frightened the poor kiddies that happened to be there while I was merrily snapping away. I took so many photos but this was the only one that featured a prominent shadow. A bunch of the shots will be made into Christmas postcard sets for my little nieces. I did that last year with photos I took of the display and they seemed to like them. It will now be our new tradition. Our tradition may not however last 53 years. I am thinking my nieces will probably be well and truly over it long before then.

News Flash! Elizabeth (About New York and The House In Marrakesh blogs), a regular shadow shooter (and the inspiration behind me starting this Shadow Shot Sunday meme in the first place!) has just had published a most charming looking children’s book titled Jane in Winter and it is now available for purchase right here. Just in time for Christmas! Woohoo! Besides writing the book, the multi-talented Elizabeth was also responsible for creating the adorable cover art for it! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Description: The story of Jane Mabry, an ordinary ten year old girl who lives in a romantic gamekeeper's cottage on the estate of the once powerful Mabry family. Jane's life is transformed when she meets Mrs. Parsifal and her adventures begin. This is a story for children, but Anglophiles and those who grew up in the 1950's--or wish they did-- will relish a visit to a vanished world. Aimed at readers aged 8-12 but can be enjoyed by grown ups too - synopsis sourced from the Lulu website

Take care, stay safe and see you next Sunday. Hoping you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Happy Sunday!

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Your shadow shot is too funny.

Great plug for Elizabeth!
A Wild Thing said…
How cute is this lil' fisherman...which goes to show what man would rather be doing...even his purple shadow and green suit, I once painted Santa riding on a polar bear, wearing a tan suede Santa suit, wish I would've taken a picture of it, way before digitals... cute!
Unknown said…
What a FUN shadow shot!! and totally creative by printing them and sending off as cards. This Santa is too cute, not seen one like that though here. Isnt Elizabeth super talented :D happy weekend T
bobbie said…
Love your elf shadow! So cute!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Beautiful bright shadow! So ultra cute!

And congrats on giving Elizabeth such a wonderful plug on her new book!
maryt/theteach said…
I love this meme, Harriet! Thank you for taking the trouble and the time to post our photos! My #28 is up for this week! :)
Anonymous said…
Your shadow galleries are wonderful, it must be quite a job to make them but they are worthwhile ! Very nice christmas shadow shot, the colors and the purple shadow are super.
Elizabeth said…
Your shadowshot is such fun and so cheery.
Definitely in the spirit of the season.
You are so kind to write about my book.
I'm really grateful to you.
I will post my shadow shot tomorrow morning.
It must be almst mrning for you already!
love from New York.
Hey Harriet!

Lovely shot you have to day, so colorful.

If you want to stop by my side

you can see how I have decorate my kitchen for the first of Advent, you can also listen to some advent music.

Sunwarm regards from Irene in Sweden, Gothenburg
Gina said…
Wonderful elfin shadow T! Sounds like a gorgeous display and your idea of postcards is so cool. The mosaics are fabulous this week and what a talented lady Elizabeth is..her book is beautiful, thanks for sharing Gx
Hee hee heee!! Fun shadow this week Tracy....if we do say our s'elfs!!
Karla & Karrie
Anonymous said…
LOL! It's great to get excited about something/anything like the display. Cool shadow shot and I like the color.

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I got my copies -- a hard copy and an ebook version. The ebook satisfied my instant gratification desire, while I wait for the hard copy book to arrive in the mail. I'm able to start reading immediately!

Paz *happy* ;-)

The Hun said…
I love everything to do with Christmas. Your shadow shot makes me so very happy! We decorated our tree yesterday. Holiday count down here I am.
I love your SS so cute and festive! I would love to see all the windows:D And what a fun tradition with your nieces.

Great collages!!

Congrats to Elizabeth:) said…
loving your collages as always Tracy! & your little elf is adorable. I'm keen on window displays myself. What a great idea to capture them for your nieces too.
Congrats to Elizabeth, what a beautiful illustration.
Hi again!

And thanks for your nice comment.

So have I done my picture.

The pictures is taken in Tossa de Mar in Spain, 3 march 2007, between 21:00 pm and 01:30 am.

I took the first moon picture, and than I took out the moon from the other pictures and paste it in on the first picture.

Great that you like my shout.

Amalou said…
What a lovely collage of shadows. I really like Mr Tall by WorkOfThePoet and Mr Taller by AlmostThere. They remind me of trees, tall, still and always watching.

I'm afraid to say that SpittingInk's is a bit of a spooky shot. Looks like that lady's brewing up some wicked spells.

I love your shadow shot of the Christmas display. What a great idea taking these pics and using for little postcards. You're so super clever!
Amalou said…
Oh and I will check out that story of Jane Mabry. Looks very interesting. How exciting for your friend for having her children's book published. That would be a dream come true for me! maybe one day ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, what a beautiful colourful shadow shot from you this week, very different from the lizards of last week!! A wonderful tradition you've started for your nieces :0) Hope your week ahead isn't to hectic.
Congrats to Elizabeth, went to have a look but was having trouble so i shall try again shortly.
Have a great week.
Annette x
Jan said…
Great shadow shot. Looks like an illustration, rather than a photo. Wonderful
Shadow posts are getting better and better!
Dianne said…
your shadow shot is adorable, the colors are wonderful!!

I'm 53 and I'd love a postcard set!! ;)

Congrats to Elizabeth on her book.
Kelly said…
Hey Harriet! I love this Shadow Shot Sunday meme! I appreciate the nice comment and I am finding that I have a new "eye" for everything I look at!

I love your post this week, it's so colorful and makes me smile!
Tessa said…
Oh, just delightful! And a very clever take on the shadow theme. Love how the colours add to the festive feel of the photograph.
WoW! Shadows with colors in it (or so it seems). How cool is that? Thanks for letting us know about the book publication too. What a great group of SSS'rs!
Unknown said…
I look forward to this meme. I see beautiful shadows everywhere now; as I know is the case with other friends who participate in SSS.

Mr. Linky alludes me again for SS #28. I don't see myself registered. Oh, well. Come by anyway and take a look at my entryway SS shots!
Christine said…
This is a great bunch of shadow shots! And I will be purchasing that lovely looking book for a certain small person and her gramdmas in the near future.
Christine said…
OK, now I see what it is that I've been doing wrong. I have to post on Saturday in my part of the world, which will be Sunday in yours. Sorry for the goof-up. And thanks for posting my chickens! Cluck!
Katie said…
How I love Shadow Shot Sundays!

This may be a terribly ignorant quetion, but do most people in Australia celebrate Christmas?
Trin said…
So fun! I'm glad I found this blog!
ppdesigns said…
ooh love your shadow shot! that would be great as a chrissie card!
Jill said…
Thanks for hosting Shadow Sun. I love this.
AND----Thanks for the referral to the book Jane in Winter. I just ordered it for my 9 year old for Christmas! I've never heard of Lulu before-it's an exciting site! I was able to read part of the first chapter of the book and I was engaged. Now I need to check out the authors site to learn more about her.
Thanks again for the referral!
Victoria said…
Your Shadow Shot is the most delightful Shadow Shot I have ever seen! Adorable!!
Unknown said…
Hey T, I always come back and have a look at all the collages..and love the wordings about 'sharp images..and fuzzy ideas' but what happen when you have both fuzzy pictures and fuzzy ideas like mine? hehe...have a good week, happy painting :D
I'm baaaack! And just in time for Shadow Shot Sunday :-D OK, that little guy is just adorable!! How lovely to still have Christmas Windows. So many stores have become "Holiday" oriented in order to not offend those who do not celebrate Christmas. Serisously? So put up a couple of displays instead, right??

How exciting for Elizabeth! Is this her first book?
FCP said…
This is a great shadow shot to usher in the holidays--
congrats to Elizabeth--how wonderful!
Stacey said…
Another fabulous post, I love all the shadow shots and thanks for sharing about the children's book, the cover art is gorgeous. :)
picciolo said…
I love the beach ones the best! And that christmas window looks amazing
Hot Fudge said…
Who would have thought you could find a shadow shot in a department store Christmas window? What a gal! You are never too old for the Christmas window experience. We were oo-ing and ah-ing over the David Jones windows in Sydney last week. It was pathetic seeing two mature folk fighting the ankle biters to get a better view.
Bobbi said…
I may be hibernating but I still check in to my favorite place once a week for my shadow "shot". As in fix, shot in the arm, get it! I'm lookin' forward to that fudge ;) Hope your having a wonderful time with all the holiday fun-ness.
please sir said…
So pretty...another wonderful addition of shadows!
So sorry I missed my first shadow shot..My three grandsons were sleeping in my computer room and couldn't get to it early..Will return. Love your shadow cute..The book looks wonderful..
Missed you, but will return..xoxRosebud..
I LOVE the idea of making your photos into christmas postcard sets! Super cool. And that book sounds beautiful :) Hope you're not working too hard!
amy said…
I seriously thought your shadow shot was a clip of an animated Christmas movie or something.
I really like the deep blues and purples in the shadows.
Hello!! You may want to stop by my blog....BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Agent M. said…
Hi! Somehow I fell out of step with your wonderful blog, and then I went & changed mine! I'm glad I've found you again.

Jane in Winter looks beautiful. I may snatch a copy for my niece.

=^.^= Katie
Katie said…
What inspires you when you shoot for Shadow Shot Sunday? Usually I just go out in my backyard when I want to take photographs because it is the easiest location there is.
Chubby Chieque said…
No prob! dear... it's just a game & if ever am not in, I enjoyed anyway.

Just too bz or NOt... Burglar broke in at home last monday & I was devastated coz am alone w/my daughter as my hubby was in Luxembourg for a business trip for a week. That's the reason am quite the whole week.

Cheers mate!
Hey Harriet said…
Katie -

Shadows inspire me! I usually have a camera wherever I go so I happily snap shadows whenever I see them. Unfortunately my backyard isn't very interesting :)