Aerosol Buskers and Jugglers

"Is graffiti art or vandalism? That word has a lot of negative connotations and it alienates people, so no, I don't like to use the word 'art' at all" - Banksy (for a bunch of Banksy images go here and here and here)

Buskers are always out in force in the City this time of the year, taking full advantage of the massive Christmas shopping crowds meandering along the Queen Street Mall with their pockets filled with spending money. Musical busking far outweighs other forms of busking, so I found it refreshing to come across an art busker recently. An aerosol art busker at that! Surprising as I usually associate aerosol art with something as being done very quietly and very quickly and certainly not in the view of the public.

It was truly a fascinating process to watch and very different to other forms of aerosol art that I’ve seen.

Here's the completed piece, which was available to purchase. This photo doesn’t do the artwork justice. It was an intricate, vibrant and striking piece. I didn't buy it but happily contributed some cash to the bowl.

While on the subject of aerosol art, this is the entrance to the Jugglers Art Space courtyard area. Jugglers Art Space have been huge advocates for the ‘street art scene’ here in Brisbane for many years now and most aerosol artists will no doubt be familiar with the gallery and the various programs they run. One of Juggler’s regular and ongoing programs provides artists practicing in the aerosol arts access to their large open air art space to hone their skills, with assistance also given to produce large scale artworks.

The above photo is from the Jugglers Art Space website. The open air art space was closed on the day I visited. It’s advertised as being accessible four days a week, Wednesday through to Saturday (just not on the particular Wednesday that I happened to visit) and is open to all artists of all skill levels. Aerosol based paint can also be purchased on-site. That's if you're over 18 years of age. Which is the law in Qld.


Alissa Nicolau said…
How cool is that! I can't believe that an actual space has been provided for spray paint artists to work and practice their skills! My husband love graffiti and always stops to photograph it when he has the chance. Very cool idea this space is.
Unknown said…
Very interesting T..I think grafitti is illegal here and I don't see anything as cool as yours there. I'd love to pop over for sure, maybe even purchase a can of aerosol..i'll check my ID if I'm over 18 first of course some silly art form but you'll have to loan me your gas mask first! Happy week ahead T and see you during SSS :D
The buskers piece looks very cool! I would love to see someone doing this as I can't understand how they get such detail out of a spray can?! Lots of's art to me!
I have never seen this type of art....What a wonderful job they do..Have to admit, that is alot of work and they are true artist. Some of the graffiti I have seen on walls, would have been really neat on a canvas..instead the merchants paid thousands to get it taken off their buildings..
Victoria said…
First of all, I love the quote!
Secondly, I am utterly amazed at the detail the "busker", (that's a new word for me!) achieved using spray cans, and thirdly, I think it is a fabulous idea to provide a space for these oh so talented artists to legally express themselves and have their incredible work recognized!
Great post!
bobbie said…
I hve seen plenty of this kind of art here in the U.S., and have seen quite a bit of it in Eastern Europe. It amazes me that sometimes very beautiful pieces are done with an aerosol can of paint. I'm glad that space is actually provided for it in your city.
while my daughter was teaching ESL in Hungary, she organized a group of her students, and persuaded the local government to allow them to clean up the ugly grafitti in an underpass in town, and repaint it with a beautiful piece they designed themselves.
Chrisy said…
Great Post! Good to see allocated spaces and programs for these talented artists.
This is waaay cool! There is a couple of building in Ocean Beach, CA that people do "art" graffiti. It is amazing what a little bit of spray paint and a fabulous imagination can do!!
moxylyn said…
This truly is artwork. That 2nd photo is beautiful!
I've never seen spray paint art look so good. Amazing.

Having a public space for graffiti is quite brilliant, too.
Unknown said…
Hey Trace, I think this particular guy is someone I know - he's excellent and SO quick! It's hard to believe the images he gets are from spray cans.
Anonymous said…
great banksy quote. there's a piece of banksy graffiti in melbourne that has a protective perspex cover over it to protect it from being vandalised. the piece may now be worth more than the building it's sprayed on!
please sir said…
Always a great topic to explore. I'm loving the looks of this.
Amalou said…
It's great to see there's a place for graffiti artists to express their skills and make a little cash at the same time. Certainly much safer than using one of those highly voltage moving canvases at train stations ;p
AlasMyDear said…
That aerosol artist is very good indeed. There's a guy who does that near the mall where I live, but he's nowhere near as good!

And I'm a huge Banksy fan...would love to see some of his pieces for real.

Happy holidays to you, in case I don't 'meet' you in BlogLand between now and then!
picciolo said…
wow! To be able to have such concentration and produce something like that in view of everyone! Amazing
: )
Hey Harriet said…
Hey Donat,

I've heard about there being some Banksy artwork around Melbourne. I'd love to see the piece you mentioned!
Spitting Image said…
Thank you for the kind words over at my blog! I've been so anxious to get my first short done to share it with my fellow bloggers. there will be more to come.
Elizabeth said…
Yes, an excellent idea. I never know whether graffitti is art or vandalism - I suppose a bit of each.
A thoughtful post!
Waterrose said…
That is very cool. I would love to see that in person. While it's not cool to do graffitti...I love looking at it on trains here.
Grace said…
If done very well, I wouldn't say it is Vandalism. It is another way of expressing your heart with arts.
Have a nice weekend. :)
Chubby Chieque said…
This is just cool done! Like graffitti. I don't mind having them as long as it's in a right place and right theme.

Am not sure if I can call this as art but vandalism isn't the right word either. So, a bit of both §:-)

Have a nice w/end, Lady!
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