Fun, Food and Fungi

Only three more sleeps until this exciting event! I’ll not babble on about it here because I just posted about it over on the BrisStyle blog. So head on over there for all the details and some pretty pictures.

I received two awards from my friend Laura of Any Occasion Boutique. For some weird reason the award pics will not upload so I can't display them here. Grrr. One is a Marie Antoinette award and I'm not sure what this award is all about but I appreciate receiving it anyways! It looks a little too classy for my unruly blog. Better watch my Ps & Qs now. Whatever that means exactly. The other is a cute award that Laura made and passed along to me as a thankyou for volunteering my services as a taste tester for Laura’s baked goods. Laura has just opened a second shop on Etsy called Laura Lee’s Tasty Treats and has sent me some of those tasty treats to sample so that I can provide feedback to her. I’m very much looking forward to the parcel arriving so I can commence my very important assignment! Can you believe it? I receive free baked goods in the mail AND receive an award for sampling them. Life is good! I’d just like to put it out there that I’m willing to offer my taste testing services to anybody wishing to send sweet treats my way to sample. It’s my little way of contributing to the community in an attempt to make the world a better place. Gosh, I may even be up for a Nobel Peace prize before long for my good heartedness!

And here, uploaded without any problems are a few photos I took of some fungi that I found interesting.

The last shot looks like an army of mushrooms marching 'round the bend. See you again on Sunday!


WOW! Thanks so much for the shout out. That was really sweet. HAH. Sweet. Get it? OK, I'm a dork...I already know this :-)~

I totally love these photos. The middle one looks as if they are butterflies gliding across a rock. Totally cool!! And the last one looks like a field of mini marshmallows :-D

Thank you again for the mention. You are a dear friend ;-)
Unknown said…
very cool fungus!
please sir said…
Love your mushroom pictures!
Anonymous said…
they are some magic mushrooms harriet! just out of interest where are those mushrooms? congrats on the awards. i don't think you would want to sample any of my cooking!
What cute little 'shrooms! They do look like a little army!!

I'd be happy to sign up for that little taste testing assignment too:)

Congrats on your awards...and have fun at the BrisStyle event!!
littlebird said…
and the Nobel prizes for eating cookies for a good cause goes to...

i'll be competing with you for that one!

: D
Hot Fudge said…
I hope those mushrooms are marching towards the Hamilton Town Hall. Only three days to go. Oo-er!!
Unknown said…
How come you get to sample food and get an award for it and I dont have such request at all (not fair..). Those shrooms do look great..shrooms are my favourite, fresh ones the best but they are always pricier as usual. I wish I could just hop on the bus and go to that place..if only :(
well, good to have you back on your regular postings and have a great more on my behalf :P
Victoria said…
You have the most delightful sense of humor!
Those are amazing fungi photos!! I am not sure if we even have the little white army kind here, but they are adorably cool and cute! (That is until they multiple by the millions and take over the world while we sleep! Yikes! Attack of the Fungi!)
XUE said…
"The mushrooms, they go marching, one by one, hurrah! hurrah!" I love mushrooms. My favourite are button mushrooms & shitake & straw mushrooms too. They taste great especially in shabu-shabu!
Hey Harriet said…
Hey Donat -

In answer to your question, those 'magic mushies' are found in Roma Street Parklands. And don't go stealing 'em! ;D
What great photos..You know, years ago, I would go mushroom hunting with my mom..She knew which ones to pick..My father kept telling her.".Rose, some look the same and are poison ", but that didn't stop mom..she knew her stuff..So dad would eat the fried mushrooms, saying.."Hey, if you are eating them so am I". I wouldn't trust my picking them anymore..kind of forgot.
amy said…
You should get a Nobel Peace Prize.
i'm not sure why, but you should. I really like your description of the third musroom picture. Tis true, it does look like an army of mushrooms!
Anonymous said…
The Fungi do make interesting photos.

Congrats on your awards. Much deserved as usual. I have to agree with you, "Life IS good." It's good when you can taste for and get an award for it.

Keep contributing to make the world a better place. Now, where do I go to nominate you for the Nobel Prize?

Nat said…
Woohoo! I can comment on your blog! I love the mushies, mind you I am very partial to all types of fungi in my present state. Your blog is doing so great, good for you xo
Unknown said…
These are lovely photos Tracy.So delicate and light.

The way they crowd together like that makes them look like little people wearing big hats. They make me smile!
Alissa Nicolau said…
Your army of mushrooms is beautiful. I do realize they are alive but... they seem to have so much character! Little clusters of folks, families and friends. Who knew that mushrooms could be so heartwarming?

I love it.
Katie said…
The mushrooms are so floaty and surreal...they make me smile :)
picciolo said…
what wonderful mushrooms! Hope the event goes well tomorrow
: )
Gina said…
Gorgeous little toadies hoe in the top pic one little guy is showing off his pretty pattern underneath :D
Tracy's Taste Testing...yes, sounds good.

Congrats on your newest awards!

The fungi pics are incredibly cool. My fave is the second shot.
Unknown said…
mmmm mushrooms!? Yes please ... extra even.
I didn't know that this blog was you! I have been reading here on and off for a few months and now I stumble across you in the real at BrisStyle ... cool. Now I love your stuff even more because you are aces little lady.
Good to meet you on Saturday and I hope I see more of you!
Amalou said…
That's funny, I don't remember the fungi stall? Shame really, fungi would make a perfect Secret Santa pressie!