Shadow Shot Sunday #36

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #36

This week I shot a couple of Aussie style shadows to tie in with Australia Day, which is celebrated tomorrow. These City Roos, created using scrap metal pieces by artist Christopher Trotter in 1999 are located on the footpath along George Street, in Brisbane. I think these City Roos are the most popular of all our public art sculptures displayed around the city. Whenever I’ve walked past them I’ve noticed many tourists admiring them and taking photos of the cute critters. Always makes me smile. Coincidentally, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Australia Day this year. Thankfully we have a long weekend to fit in all of our fun celebrations. Yippee! Happy Australia Day! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Sunday!

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

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3. PJ
4. Sweet Repose
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GalleryJuana said…
The first roo is really cute and looks playful. It's nice to know that scrap metal vcan have a second life.
PJ said…
The "shadowroo" is terrific choice for SSS...and you also qualified for the Sepia Scenes meme as well. It's a two'fer!
At first I didn't know what I was looking at, I just knew it was a great piece of art. it just goes to show that when public art is good it's truly inspiring. Around here we have pelicans instead of 'roos.
I finally got my Duaflex camera and I'm trying to decide whether to clean the dust out or not. I found a tutorial on doing that but I think I'll use it as is for a while and then decide. I've thought of getting another one and then keep one as a "dusty" camera and then a clear one. I love the work you do with yours.
PJ said…
PS Thanks for all the work you do each week. Once again, great collages.
A Wild Thing said…
WOW...what wonderful works of art, well worthy of a shadow shot...and tell me about the Chinese words...

Happy Australia Day from the States!!!

Love the City Roos....I can see why they're so popular!

Happy Australia Day!
Gung Hay Fat you too...and Happy Australia Day!!!

Great shots of the cute little metal Roos!

Wow...that's a lot of shadow shots last week. Good job with all the collages!!
bobbie said…
Your city roos are just fantastic! And they make such great shadows!

Happy Australia Day! Is there a big celebration and parades? Be sure to post pictures if so. That would be interesting.
bobbie said…
Your city roos are just fantastic! And they make such great shadows!

Happy Australia Day! Is there a big celebration and parades? Be sure to post pictures if so. That would be interesting.
Victoria said…
The city roos are splendid, how fun!
Happy Australia Day, Chinese New Year and Sunday to you, too!! Enjoy your holiday!
SandraRee said…
Hey T! Happy Australia Day to you! The roos are very cute, what a great use of scrap metal. Fantastic shadow shot! And always a great job with the collages. I'm going to rearrange Aimer this week and hopefully will be able to participate in SSS again by next week. I'm so happy to see all the participates that are enjoying all the work you do every week pulling this together. Much love to you T, have a great holiday! xo
Debbie Doughty said…
Cute kangaroos, I would love to see them in the wild!

Love all collages you make with everyone's shots. Thanks you!
Those sculptures are so darn cute! We'd be gawking at them too...taking pictures & such! Happy Australia-Chinese New Year-Shadow Shot Sunday Day to you too!
EG CameraGirl said…
I can see why the sculptures would be popular! They are very clever. ;-)

Have a fun-filled weekend!
Jan said…
Love the City Roos, wonderful shadows, too. Happy Australia Day.
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy

This is my favourite piece of public art - it always puts a smile on my face.

And Gung Hay Fat Choi right back at you. Hope it's not rude.
maryt/theteach said…
Aren't those artistic 'roos cute! I love the shadows they make! Happy Australia Day to you! And Happy Chinese New Year! :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely public sculptures of roos. Here in Adelaide we have sculptures of pigs! Maybe I will take some shots next time I am in the city.
Chubby Chieque said…

Sorry... am shouting... am just envious of having the Chinese NY, OZ holiday & other holidays.

SO much fun of your collage now. More participants more job for you and more fun for us...

Have a happy Shadow Shot Sunday, beautiful Ladies!

Unknown said…
Happy Australia Day! I love the kangaroo sculptures. Very cool.
I always look forward to your Brisbane pictures. :-)
Anonymous said…
Love your shadow shot!

Gemma Wiseman said…
These metal sculptures are just brilliant and love the extra dimension of shadow! What a fantastic find! Well done!

Still enjoying your collage efforts! Quite amazing arrangements allowing each shot to complement others!

My posting is very late today because I think the kookaburras from my previous home have followed us to our new one! We have spent the morning calling them down! Unbelievable!
Unknown said…
I love that ROO!! At first I thought it was a robot roo which can hop or walk, so fun :D
Hey, your Gung Hay Fatt Choi is EXACTLY how I would say it, very canto..though Xue would wish it slightly different..her Hokkien version haha!! but mean the same anyway. We have Monday and Tuesday off, kids off the whole week..I have a whole week of eating. The malls are so red..I need my sunglasses, seriously. I dont know how to post the next few Chinese New year pictures without having an overdose of red. Wonderful shadows and the collage, always the best. Have a great weekend lots :D
Gina said…
Very impressive SS's and collages from last week T! love your little urban macropods!! Happy Australia Day and of course CNY!! :D
keiren said…
Cool city roo shadows for Australia Day. Nice idea! I also see car shadows in both photos. Maybe one of the cars is a rusty old ute?

Happy Australia Day & CNY Harriet!
Janis said…
Happy Australia Day! You have a lot of amazing pictures this week - just fabulous!

How cool that I can see the Sunday pics and it's only Saturday night here. A cold Saturday night.

Have fun celebrating!
Anonymous said…
So many amazing shadows last week! Your Kanga is a perfect choice for Australia Day Weekend.

I guess my shadow kinda relates to Australia. It's a spot of 'road rage!' from an almost 2 year old.

By the way, I can't read chinese, but that chinese greeting at the end of your post looks a bit insulting, I hope 'fat' means happy or new ;D
Jill said…
Oh I wish I would have been here soon to think of "shadowroo"!
These are just fun. said…
have I told you how much I love your collages? every week I love seeing how you fit my shot in with the rest & I'm always pleased to see how you do it. You make all of the photos fit together so perfectly & beautifully. It's also a great way to see & admire the links that I didn't get to visit.
Your own shadow shot is wonderful as well. Those city Roos are quite endearing & remind me of some small metal sculptures we have in our New York subway system.
Happy Australia day Tracy!
Terri said…
Happy Australia Day! Love the 'Roos.
1st Day of Chinese New Year! Yay! And "Happy Austrailia Day" too!
Those Roos are awesome!
Carin said…
Happy festivities!

Great Aussie style shadows!
Hey Harriet said…
To those who don't know what 'Gung Hay Fat Choi' means, I believe the translation is 'may prosperity be with you' or close to that. Sorry, I should have thought to include that in the post :)
What great shadows and have to admit..I would be checking out these sculptures too..They are happy you put them up.
Happy SSS...
Anonymous said…
Adore the butterfly one!
Chrisy said…
Don't you be gung hay fat choin me young lady! Oh and um nice pics as always...
Elizabeth said…
Thank you again!
Yes, happy all these good things.
What a strange creature -glad you discovered it!
Fun photo
Raven said…
I love those city roos! They're just wonderful. Nice to be able to see a quick overview of all that I missed last week. I love your collages.

I apologize in advance because I'll be late visiting this week. Today is the second day of a 2-day workshop. I will get around to people tonight and/or tomorrow, though.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos as always!
Smarties said…
great pictures here, i really enjoy the shadow shot series

and now i'm on board :-)
Anonymous said…
I like the collages and your photos for this week. I thought I'd post to this meme this week.
Fabulous collection today!
Anonymous said…
Nifty sculpture photos and fun collages you've made of last week's participants photos! I'm impressed with the work you put into this each week.
Hugs and blessings,
magpie said…
monday morning (on the east coast) can't seem to upload...
Tessa said…
Cool roos. And how great to have them hopping down the city streets! Happy Australia Day to you and thank you, thank you for these wonderful world-wide photo journeys!
Tessa said…
Oh yikes..can't get my link up on Mr L!
please sir said…
Lovely additions - the sand one is great. Oh and those kangaroos are AMAZING!!
chanpheng said…
Mr. Linky didn't laod for some reason, so if anyone wants to see my contribution, it's at:

Your arrangement of last Sunday's shots is quite amazing!
WAY too cool! I love it. And the precious :-)
Anonymous said…
A nice paper bird...
JunieRose2005 said…
This is a fun photo project! I have joined in! Come see my shadows!