Shadow Shot Sunday #33

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #33

The second shot was taken the day after the sepia toned one was taken. A big storm during the night had blown these little flowers onto the path and I really liked the fern shadow across the flowers. So of course I had to take another photo! Yes, more TtV shadow shots! The love affair between my Argus and my digital camera continues. I just cannot seem to separate them. And far be it for me to come between true love. Who knows what the future holds for the pair. Maybe they’ll eventually grow bored with each other. Perhaps the digital camera will get itchy feet and take up with a Kodak Duaflex at some stage. But for now, they are very happy and are having a lot of fun together. They click. And click and click and click…

I’ve been noticing lately that quite a few bloggers have been sharing their top picks of the year 2008, in relation to their favourite movies, songs and other things. So I'm jumpin' on the bloggy bandwagon.

My fave film of 2008: The Flight of the Red Balloon, a feature length gem which nicely pays tribute to the 1956 classic short film The Red Balloon. Unfortunately this film had a very limited cinema release in this country. It was also released the very same week as the eagerly anticipated Sex And The City movie (a movie I enjoyed well enough but I much preferred the TV series). The part that Juliette Binoche played in The Flight of the Red Balloon was outstanding. One of her best roles I think. A beautiful film. I recently purchased the DVD release of this film and it includes the original The Red Balloon on a bonus disc.Yay!

My fave CD of 2008: I love music and listen to a lot of it so I can’t narrow it down to one CD only. So my fave five releases of 2008 are, The LucksmithsFirst Frost, PortisheadThird, Kate Miller-HeidkeCuriouser, Nick CaveDig, Lazarus, Dig! and Brisbane band Texas TeaThe Junkshop Recordings.

That was fun. I’d sure love to know your faves of 2008 if you're willing to share them. C'mon. I'm curious!

Happy Sunday!

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bobbie said…
Happy New Year!

What wonderful shadows! I really like these. Yes, the shadow over the flowers is lovely.
PJ said…
I'm really interested in shooting TtV, I'm starting a search for a viewfinder camera. Soooo cool! I love the premise of this meme, I'm all about textures/contrast.
I'm in love with the TTV shots.

I saw the original Red Balloon years (and years) ago. Must add the new one to the Netflix queue.
A Wild Thing said…
Such beauty after a storm...and I know what you mean, I'm having so much fun with my lil' digital, I'm wondering how we ever survived, back in the day, waiting for all of our pics to come back from the developers, just so we could throw half of them away...argh...

Have a great Sunday Madam...

PJ said…
And I love your photographs!
Jan said…
Love your photos, today. I think the bottom one with the flower is my favorite. As usual, the collages you did for this week are great.
Victoria said…
You have the gift girl! The Ttv shots are outstanding and I am head over heels about the bottom pic! Can't wait to see what the 2 cameras and your great eye birth next!
Anonymous said…
i love the ttv shots! i've always wanted to try it, but the trouble is acutally getting one of those cameras. what top camera do you use?
Gemma Wiseman said…
Your shadow shots are brilliant! Each is quite an artwork! But especially love the touch of strewn flowers in the fern shadows! Very sweet!

I have had no time at all this year to see movies, so have no real fav and have spent nothing on music either! Very sad state of affairs!

Adore your collages! Just beautiful!

Hope your New Year is spinning a happy tune for you!
Good morning Tracy! I love love LOVE your shots!! I want to do them too....they are just so darn cool. I will find me one of those cameras this summer at the flea markets...hey that's my resolution!

I wish I was a hip film and music chick like yourself...but alas I am not. I only saw two "films" this year. Both with my parents and they picked them. I saw Australia. Very pretty film. I didn't know I had the hots for Hugh Jackman til I saw I do. And we saw Marley and Me for my mothers birthday. Cute story...but no cinema masterpiece. If you are a dog lover do not see this movie unless you are up for a good cry. I balled my eyes out. Marley looked way too much like my Sammy.

Music...oh I feel so old. I'm not even sure what music was new this year. I did listen and sing along with Coldplay Viva La Vida a lot...was that new this year? Or am I just really behind the times. I'm so old and mainstream...oh well. And I've enjoyed Duffy and Adele and your Kate Miller-Heidke. But I don't even know when their tunes I've been listening to were released?! Okay...I've probably embarassed myself enough on these topics. I'll just be quite now.
Hello Tracy!! Happy New Year! Since Lisa already said "love, love, LOVE" the shots - we SUPER LOVE the shots - there! How beautiful that second shot is....and this camera - you certainly have been up to lots of picture/shadowy fun!!
Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Hey T, love your shots. You take the most interesting and mysterious shots too, must be that Ttv you have and I havent even seen such camera here before. Your fav list is interesting as I dont know any of the singers haha..I must be outdated haha! Not heard of the film something wrong over here or what? I narrow down to one top fave for 2008, knowing so many wonderful blog friends. Hope you are still having fun while I resume work and school starts next Monday, and everything is back to its own chaotic self :D
Unknown said…
Hey T, love your shots. You take the most interesting and mysterious shots too, must be that Ttv you have and I havent even seen such camera here before. Your fav list is interesting as I dont know any of the singers haha..I must be outdated haha! Not heard of the film something wrong over here or what? I narrow down to one top fave for 2008, knowing so many wonderful blog friends. Hope you are still having fun while I resume work and school starts next Monday, and everything is back to its own chaotic self :D
Anonymous said…
Love the two versions of your shadow shots! Since I wasn't able to visit the shadow shot blogs last week, I'm especially grateful for your lineup here. Thanks!

Happy New Year!

Ali said…
Yay more TtV shots! I love them Tracy - they are so great and have such a lovely 'atmosphere' about them! Wow - bring it on!
Debbie Doughty said…
I haven't played along with SSS for a while, but I did post one today. Your Shadow Shots remind me of Hawaii, especially the Plumeria. (At least that's what they look like to me.) My favorite TV show is LOST. I can't wait for it to return later this month! said…
Happy New Year Tracy! Love is grand & I'm so happy for the fun you are having with your new camera. the creativity is flowing resulting in two lovely shots for this week, nice job!
The Red Balloon is one of my favorite stories. Somehow I missed the feature, I'll have to check it out.
Thanks for hosting this SSS Tracy!
Raven said…
Now I have a new obsession - shadows. Sigh. No flowers here, alas, just lots of snow. I'll have to check out the Red Balloon movie. Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
The ferns shadows on the blossoms are great. Almost like fishbones, but voluptuous color and light makes a sensual look. Nice ones!
please sir said…
Another amazing round-up! I LOVE your shadow shots - so dreamy!
Alissa Nicolau said…
Hello Tracey,

Your shadow photos are wonderful. I hope to receive an announcement of your digital and argus eloping to some far away island very soon! Great job, don't stop!

Thanks for the movie tip. I am always looking for something new and good. Plus I love Juliette Binoche - what a true beauty. I'll have to get back to you with my faves as I'm suffering from brain fog this morning.
What beautiful shadows..Ferns give such a soft, peaceful look..Good start to the New Year..
Anonymous said…
Hello! Visiting via Etsy Forums. Great blog!!
Elizabeth said…
Great nature pictures!
Love the little flowers and petals.
Great collages.
So sorry I have been absent and useless lately -visitors in our little apartment and general Christmas overload.
Hoping to get back to normal today.
Hope you continue the shadow shots on 09
love from half the world away!
Anonymous said…
I like the inverted colour one of the people... reminds me of something I'd see in a vampire/zombie film, and how vampire/zombies see people haha!
Dianne said…
the fern shadows are so dark and dramatic!!

and the strewn flowers are so sweet

really great shots

I don't have many favorites - or maybe I have too many - I'm so fickle ;)

I did enjoy 'duffy' a lot - her first album is good

and I adore Craig Ferguson - he's on late night TV here - he gets e-mail from Australia and loves to talk about how wild and wonderful you all are - but I don't know if he's on TV there or just Youtube
maryt/theteach said…
Great shots, Harriet! thank for the 2 shots! They are lovely! :) Mine is up!
Sherrie said…
The shadows of the ferns are awesome! Thanks for sharing. My shadows are posted and I have a kind of list of favorites of 2008. Have a great day!!

Unknown said…
What a great group of people! I can't wait until I visit all your blogs.

Harriet: I don't know what you did to your photos but they're spectacular! I love ferns.

Happy SSS!
Chubby Chieque said…
A Blissful year to come...

Now, your shoter's are being so good in their SSS.

Everything's perfect taken and it seems we have to give an award to the best shot of 2008. What you reckon mate?

COme over to my bloglandia and pick something for you to share this year start.

Hugs from a very cold city, Stockholm. Have -10deg below... brrr...
Beautiful, my dear! Absolutely beautiful.

Hope you are having a fantastic new year :-)
Ice Pony Girl said…
Horse Camping shadows!
Anonymous said…
I really like this meme as it has opened up a whole new area for me to photograph and the bloggers are all very nice...Michelle..
Oh! Those ferns and fallen plumerias made me homesick! I can just smell those plumerias.
What a beautiful set of shots!
Happy New Year!! I love your fern shadows, they are awesome! I hope you had a great Christmas :)
Jill said…
TtV shadows are cool--All TtV pics are neat. After I discovered what the heck they were I went through my collection of vintage/antique cameras and found I had a Duaflex II that will work for these. Now it's a matter of getting it cleaned up and then learning!
Thanks again for hosting SSS
keiren said…
Hey Harriet! Those TtV shots of yours are friggin' awesome! I was so happy to see that you have listed The Lucksmiths as one of your faves of 2008! They would have to be one of the most underrated bands of Australia. Good to know they rate highly with you. They do with me also! I haven't seen that film. I'll add it to my 'must see' list!
Hot Fudge said…
Happy New Year Tracy - of course, I love your beautifully haunting shots - they are just lovely.

I'm afraid when it comes to my favourite music, most of the composers have been dead for a century or two.

However, my favourite movie for 2008 is Burn After Reading, as I'm a huge Coen Brothers fan. And to get in first with my favourite 2009 movie, I think it will be hard to go past Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. Fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Hope your New Year is treating you well so far. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the flower shadow shot with the blurry edges, super cool!

Not sure how that love affair between your Argus and Digi is going to go. Quite some age difference there! Have you asked them what their fave films and cds of 2008 are? I'm sure you'll get very different answers.

I guess I'll have to get my act together and present a shadow shot next week. My camera is starting to grow dust ;)
picciolo said…
happy new year! great shadows this week, your second one especially is amazing
: )
Waterrose said…
What a cool photo of the flowers in the pathway.

Happy New Year and much success!
Mary-Laure said…
Too bad I missed that Juliette Binoche film. It was directed by a true artist, Hou Hsiao Hsien, whose films I worship....
Oh and Nick Cave! He rules. Always.
Gina said…
Happy New Year Ms T! Just loving your shadow pics with your cool camera.. love the fern fronds, such a beautiful subject and thanks for you favourite selections for 2008, I will definitely be checking them music pick would have to be The Script's self titled and movie..didn't see many but Layer cake was a fave - was that a 2009 movie?
XUE said…
Happy New Year, T! The fern shots are beautiful & ghostly & magical at the same time!
Bobbi said…
So...I've crawled out of hybernation. And I do mean "crawled". Can't wait to get back into the world of light and shadow! I'd love to do some shadow on snow shots but Mr. Sunshine hasn't been very cooperative lately. One of these days! Happy New Year!
Janis said…
Such amazing photos but equally amazing is your eye for grouping them into such appealing eclectic mixes.

I love visiting your blog. But you're making me envious with your flower pic -- we're in the dead of winter and I miss the growing season! :)
Katie said…
For some reason, I have trouble picking favorites. I don't even have a favorite food! My opinion of things just changes with my mood.

I ADORE your two shots - the lighting is great.