Shadow Shot Sunday #34

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #34

Some jazz shadows for an early Sunday morning. Imagine the aroma of fresh coffee accompanying the tunes. Oh yeah! Now imagine the loud and annoying sound of the coffee grinder. That noise is remarkably close to the sound that the trombone above makes whenever I attempt to play it. Stupid trombone.

Something I didn’t mention last week was that my blog turned one year old on the 1st of January. I didn’t mention it because the birthday passed without me even realising until the week after. I’m hopeless at remembering birthdays. Also I received a sweet Spirit of Christmas award from Laura of Any Occasion Boutique a while back and failed to mention that as well, being so consumed with the spirit of Christmas and all that. A very belated thanks to Laura! I’m sure all of this forgetfulness is due to being in holiday mode. My brain shuts down. Sleepy brain better wake up soon because I’m back at work tomorrow. Aaaarrrrgh!

Happy Sunday!

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A Wild Thing said…
I cringed at the sound of that wretched machine...sure has a way of disturbing the piece...ahhh, but the fresh brew makes it all better and yes a little jazz please!!!

Have a great Sunday Tracy!!! Love all the shadows in this shot!

You play the trombone???

Thanks for linking....I'm at my mom's and I'm trying (not successfully) to not be rude by blogging. Ahem.

We leave for the beach soon (hurry up mom!)

The beach in Oregon is fabulous in the winter. I love storm watching...but we're actually expecting no rain and temps in the '50's. Damn near tropical for the Oregon coast.
GalleryJuana said…
This is such a cool shot! Coffee and jazz sound like a great way to start the morning. I guess someone else would have to play the trombone?
keiren said…
Mmmmm! Dirty jazz shadows! LOVE that photo! Is it another TtV shot? Must be. It says so in your labels. I'm impressed that you can produce any sound from a trombone at all. I tried playing one once and couldn't even get a noise from it! Except a big bang when I threw it on the ground out of frustration. So very sorry that you have to return to work. I return this week to. Life can be so cruel. Enjoy what little time off you still have left.
PJ said…
Your trombone is about as smart as my cat who just threw up on the couch. Sigh. I hope it's at least educable, my cat is not.
I LOVE your photo for this week. I'm looking for a viewfinder camera, they get snapped up on Ebay pretty quickly. I'm going to have to pick one and just go for it I guess.
Victoria said…
Fabulous shot! Love everything going on in it and the linear shadows are spectacular. (The shadows going down the right hand side remind me of a vintage strip of film.) Great energy and stillness here.

On a more personal note... You my be pleased to know that just the other day I dived mouth first into a large, full and delicious bag of parmesan garlic potato chips and did not come up for air until I hit the bottom of the bag... yummy!
bobbie said…
I love your wonderful shadows this week. The trombone is great.
Unknown said…
wow..I am impressed! First it was the drum, now trombone..and yeah..blame it on the poor trombone hahaa!!

Another fantastic collage, but I love that trombone shadows best :D So what other instruments do you this point, I am quite sure you play or sing at some club part time ;p

Happy Sunday T
Gemma Wiseman said…
Still laughing at the trombone comment! Always love your Sunday posting! Great mix of visuals (collages + your shadow shot) plus funny comments! Love your kind of insanity!

Back to your shadow shot~ Love the latticework of shadows behind the trombone! Great contrast of shadow lines and reality vertical lines of the trombone!

Have a great jazz and coffee Sunday! (Perfect combination!)
Mamapippa ... said…
I can hear the sound already ...
Nice Shadow Shot !
Greetings from Belgium !
Chubby Chieque said…
Awww!!! my ears! they been blowing that trumpet hysterically but why should I care? Let them play as I get those wonderful shadow shots of your dear members.

A cafe latté, pls? *wink

HAve a wonderful w/end to you & all!
Hot Fudge said…
I'll bring the coffee if you play the trombone. Great shot! And congratulations on your silently passed first birthday. I wonder what the next 12 months will produce?
BrisStyle said…
Happy Birthday blog!
Lovely trombone shadows Tracey - I like the silence of it all!! (and am imagining the coffee brewing ... )
Happy last-day-of-the-holidays Sunday to you!
Unknown said…
What an awesome photo!

It's great to have such a story behind it. I'm impressed you can get sounds from the trombone :) I'm sure a good coffee helps!
Ali said…
(I think stupid-head me just posted a comment as BrisStyleTeam ... not Ali. I'm hopeless!)
What a great shot! I love it!! I was hoping you were going to say you could blow that thing like Kid Ory...but...I guess not. lol. Well at least you shoot an awesome've got that going for you.
Sorry you have to get back to work tomorrow:( Enjoy your last day off! :D
Terri said…
Well shoot! (pun intended). I must have forgotten to link up last week; I wondered why there were zero comments! I didn't think it was THAT bad! LOL. So, since I don't have one ready for this week, I'll just use last week's. How's that for conserving my energy?

Love the trombone. Hate the coffee grinder noise - except it means that my cuppa isn't far behind!

Happy blogiversary Harriet!
Time to put on the Glen Miller cd.....!
Fabulous shadow Tracey!

& Happy blog birthday!!
PJ said…
Harriett, I put the wrong html address in my first Mr Linky. Sorry! The second one is correct.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo Tracy! Very cultured of you for early sunday morning ;) Hope you have a super week! said…
Great Great Shot Tracy! I love the light in your beautiful photo & soft colors & shadows and the shine on the stupid trombone, LOL! You are very funny.
Also big Congrats on your blog award-you so very much deserve it & your one year anniversary!
Happy SS Sunday!
Raven said…
What a gorgeous photo! Took me a minute to realize what it was. I love all the different shadows and reflections and the perspective from which you shot this. Wonderful photo.
Ice Pony Girl said…
Very nice! I love the reflections in the brass!
Dianne said…
early morning in New Orleans - that's where I'd like to be, seeing this shadow while I sip my coffee!
Jo (ruby-jo) said…
What a great idea. There are some really interesting photos in the mix.
As far as being forgetful..I have that problem and getting sloppy with my blog too..I don't know what has happened to me, but the New Year has not started with discipline..Nothing like a good cup of coffee to keep one going..I use to play the wouldn't we be a great pair? I can't remember any of the keys,so it sits in my closet..Your shadows are great, as usual..Happy SSS..
Anonymous said…
Superb shot!
Elizabeth said…
Happy blog birthday!
This was a super photo to celebrate - wonderful shadows indeed.
Pretty cold here........
all best wishes
PJ said…
Tracy, I won a Duaflex on Ebay last night. I've read the tutorial on cleaning the inside of the camera and the lenses, now I'll have to decide how "clean" I want my TtV pics to be. I like the look of yours. I also saw a tutorial on Instructables on how to turn a scanner into a kind of large format TtV with interesting results. I think I'll hooked.
Anonymous said…
great photo! very artsy
Anonymous said…
Dear Harriet,

I had a revelation... I think you should make a website called or something!
(and of course crediting the snapper!)

You must have hundreds on your blog by now!
Sylvia K said…
Really great shot! Always fun to see what you've come up with! Great blog! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Yet another beautiful shadow shot. You must have a great grate at home that inspires all the shadow photography. And I think the collages have particularly beautiful shadows this week, and a fine job you always do creating them.

With so many big talents, it's easy to expect that playing the trombone should be one more, but sometimes you just have to accept that you are not gifted in everything. In those cases, practice can achieve an awful lot, if not perfection. So keep on grinding, for now.
Claire, said…
Awesome shadow shot Tracy. And what beautiful collages from last weeks shadow shots, sorry I missed it. 41 links today, my goodness! Cheers to a great week ahead, dear Tracy!
Debbie Doughty said…
I set mine to post at midnight, but I must have done something wrong. Oh, it's up now.

Love yours! Always so creative :D
Oh, WOW! Now that is not only jazzy, but way too cool! What a mesmerizing shot!
I feel inspired and I think you just raised the bar a bit! : )
Julie said…
I love your shot and jazz is my favorite.
Little Mary Moo said…
Huge Happy Birthday. What a great shot.
Jill said…
I played the trombone in high school and finally realized none of my kids would so donated mine to the school. Very neat TtV picture/shadow.
Unknown said…
Hey T, I just realised that I've forgotten to put a link to you, sorry....
I've edited it now. Wow..45 links, very impressive, and soon you'll have to do this SSS full time. Enjoy work :)
Kat said…
happy birthday to your blog! I am n\always amazed what a job you do with the SSS's you make such a beautiful new art work with them, I used to love to look at them even long before I was a I enjoy it all the more!
Tessa said…
Happy Blog Birthday, Happiest 2009 and...well...happy days! Huge thanks, too, for giving us SSS.

Your Shadow Shot is spectacular - I'm blown away (so to speak!)
magpie said…
happy birthday (rim shot)

first time shadow poster - i think i've done it properly...

picciolo said…
congrats on your award, and for turning one!
: )
Chrisy said…
Thanks for sharin all this fab photography!
Bec said…
I LOVE your shot this week. There's something about TTV shots that I really really love :)
Gina said…
Happy first year..and new year :D
I thought you'd been blogging longer than that..but pleased you haven't because it means I didn't miss too many posts! Love the shadow gallery and looking forward to posting my holiday shadow on Sunday :D
Gina said…
Forgot to mention love your jazzy shadow too! and congrats on 47 SS's last week..that must be a record?
ppdesigns said…
another great shadow shot collage!

btw - i can't see the link anymore to add my site to participate??