Shadow Shot Sunday #46

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #46

This week I took a wander around a Taoist Temple located in the suburb of Deagon, just a little way north of Brisbane. It was a fascinating place to explore. The photo above was taken of a door I stumbled upon in the Longevity Peach Garden Party passage. There is a chance that I'm mistaken and the door belonged to the Eight Immortals Attending the Jade Longevity Gathering passage. But I'm quite certain it was the former.

Wondering if SSS will happen next Sunday? You betcha! Rain, hail, or shiny foil covered choccie eggs it will.

Happy Sunday!

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Really beautiful....
robin. said…
i'm just joining sss!! love the colors of your photo!!!
GalleryJuana said…
Beautiful atmosphere in this photo. The softness really makes it feel like a gate to somewhere.

Thanks for including my photo in the collages this week:)
A Wild Thing said…
You just find the bestest shots down under Missy...hope you have a wonderful Sunday wherever you roam!

EG CameraGirl said…
You go to the best places. I'd love to tag along. ;-)
Generik said…
Beautiful shot, and I love the names of the temple passages! I want to spend time in the Longevity Peach Garden Party. Should I wear my Easter bonnet?
maryt/theteach said…
Beautiful shot of the temple door! :)
Will post next sunday no matter what, Harriet! :)
Like the shot! Is the shadow a silhouette of the roof?
T.Allen said…
What a beautiful shot Harriet, the lines are great; the skies must've been crystal clear!
Beautiful shot/shadow..I am having trouble with my blog..but this whole week was a bust, so it doesn't surprise me..Wanted to get it done and now it won't publish..
Woe, is me...Have a great SSS..
Rinkly Rimes said…
Thank you for nudging me into seeing things in a new way!
Simply lovely ;-)
I always enjoy the collages you share too!
Hugs and blessings,
Gemma Wiseman said…
The temple would have been an awesome place to wander. I remember wandering a Vietnamese Buddhist temple south of Wollongong NSW. I still remember the incredible atmosphere.

And your shadows are very mystical in this beautiful photo!
XUE said…
I always like those red dramatic doors that can be found at such places of worship!
Anonymous said…
Cool shadow shot and interesting place to visit.

Kym said…
I love your shot, it looks like a postage stamp! I love this shadow shot sunday, it is fun looking at everyone's view of shadows around them! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
This is a truly beautiful shadow - it has such prescence.
Victoria said…
What a beautiful shot. I like how it goes from a bit dark and blurred to clear and filled with light. Sort of like one gaining inner clarity.
Terri said…
That's gorgeous, Tracy. Unique and a bit mysterious.
jo said…
I love the way you get so much colour in your shadow shots. It's nice to see amongst the monotones
Hot Fudge said…
I don't know how you do it Tracy - you manage to find the most amazing places around Brisbane. Who would have thought - a Taoist Temple at Deagon. And of course, your photography is a work of art.
Alissa Nicolau said…
Beautiful shadow shot Tracy. The colors are just wonderful and I love the blurriness on the bottom of your pic.
keiren said…
That is a mesmerizing image Harriet. Beautiful! I realise your name is Tracy but I like calling you Harriet. Happy weekend Harriet :)
How we love the colors of this! Very striking...especially with the shadow!
Maggie May said…
Great photos, and love the quote at the tippy top of your blog 'fuzzy images!'
Hi Tracy,
This week your shadow shot is overshadowed (!!!) by the work of the Japanese artists, especially that 9-year-old one, below. I love her drawings so much! So amazingly adorable. Thanks for the shadows here and the short course on the ultimate in Japanese cute things.
EmBelISH said…
that is a great picture T,
and I am sure that Bel will make sure we have a SS up :-) next week, we will be away camping and i will be scoping out pics for the following weekend. x Em
i found you through high desert diva, whom i found through random, what a small world!

anyway, i love your genius!! thanks for providing the fun! see you next sunday. ;)
BLOGitse said…
you have a stamp of sun on the door! :) beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Oh you've just got to love those Russian dolls!
Sarah said…
Hi Harriet!
I have entered! I love SSS and have been looking for a while now after seeing you on Elizabeth's blog. Great idea! Love your shot from this week-it sounds like a very lucky place to have visited!
Sarah :)
Sherrie said…
That's a beautiful Door! Love the color and the shadow playing around it! Have a great day!!

Oh, how kitties love the sunshine and shadows on the wall...
Wear Your Wild said…
Beautiful shadow! I love the coloring.
Chubby Chieque said…
Hi T!
Am still in the island of Malta. A nice, quite and historical little country. I have a wonderful honeymoon, just together with the MOML (man of my life).

I hope-over this time or maybe nxt time.

Just want to let you know that it was fun joining your meme that my whole fam chased shadows too.

A wonderful time overthere & have a nice week ahead.
annette said…
Hey T, made it this week, cool SS from you, looks very surreal!!Have a great week ahead my friend. A:0)
Elizabeth said…
This is a way cool door - and a beautiful photo, Tracy.
Hope all is well with you?
Spring coming here.
Loved the collages as ever.
Have a super week.
I'm very late with this.
whizkid said…
Hey T! loved your shot. the center piece with its fuzzy DOF gives such a fantastic ambience to the whole picture. :)

Have a happy week
Chris said…
Love your temple shot. The red pops! said…
LOve your door with shadow. & the collages are absolutely lovely. Happy SSS Tracy!
Dianne said…
the light and color in this shot is stunning, makes the shadow even more defined and beautiful
hejoko said…
Shadow's frame is just like stamps:)
Unknown said…
Such rich colors, Tracy--love it! I entered today! Hoping for more sunshine this new week. :-)
Unknown said…
What a beautiful shot. I love doors. There is a meme called The Doors which features the subject. This would be perfect but it's also perfect as a shadow shot.
MyMaracas said…
What a perfect shot; sunlight and shadow, and a soft focus that captures the meditative, mystical mood.
Interesting, Tracy, that your shot and my shot contain some parallels to each other. Both from ancient sites that were used by the people at that time as a place of spiritual practice. Both seem to be taken in the early morning and seem to be a shadow of a wall cast onto another wall.
Hmmmm....(cue the "Twilight Zone" music here).
I like this shot very much...the blurred foreground and the sharp shadow...this looks like the doorway to a magical garden...I think I might dream about ti tonight!
Jen S. said…
Greetings from Canada!
I love this Shadow Sunday challenge!
Great photography Harriet!
Catherine said…
What a great peachy name for that space in the temple... makes for a great shot too...
Kym said…
I finally got my shadow shots up for this week...I had so many that I just had to put all of them online! Hope that you are having a great day!
Frances said…
Hello Harriet,

I am visiting you site via the marvelous Elizabeth, whose fantastic photos are surpassed by her warm personality.

If you visit my site, maybe you will like the shadow photo I took in Central Park today, Palm Sunday.

Shannon said…
Thank you for including my shadow on the shots from last week! I'm bummed that I didn't get to participate this week... my computer was freaking out this weekend... just got it back this eve. Hopefully I can get over to some of the other shadow shooters! :)
Ali said…
ss. number 46! Nice going Tracy!
I love your temple shot - so rich. (I didn't even know the temple existed!)
Happy Sunday (Monday, really!)
Sarah said…
Hi again!
I have really enjoyed my first SSS so thanks again for inventing it! And for your lovely comments! May have to miss next week as away but will look forward to the following!
Gina said…
More your Taoist temple shot. I'll be away Easter Sun/Mon..but with any luck to sun will make an appearance and I'll catch some shadows to share next time..can you believe it snowed last night? Have a wonderful Easter dear T Gx
picciolo said…
O love your photo this week, the colours are glorious!
: )
Unknown said…
NICE :) wow..Longevity Peach Garden Party passage, it always sound quite funny when they translate the Chinese version into English. My dad used to love talking about the 8 immortals, though I could never remember who is who, except for the female. Happy week ahead T, after a long break, it takes a longer time to get back into the blogging groove...and if I dont do it now, it will drag on until next week. Blog breaks are bliss.....:D
Mmmm...I love your shadow shot this week! I think it's the colors...but there are so many neat elements. I like the framed edges of the sunlight and the softness of the floor and the texture of the door...I like it all. Nice shot. Whichever passage it was in.
Lovely collages too:)
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