Shadow Shot Sunday #47

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #47

There hasn't been a lot of sunshine in Brisbane this past week so I had to go underground in search of shadows. While waiting for the train at Brunswick Street station I spotted the above image on the wall across the tracks. Snapped photo. Boarded train. Happy commuter. I have a giant chocolate bunny beside me begging to be devoured. The temptation is too great and I can't wait any longer. Chomp chomp...mmm!

Happy Easter Sunday!

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A Wild Thing said…
Going underground with a chocolate bunny just sounds wrong on so many levels...ha...but with you's just shadow in the underworld!

Have a wonderful Sunday...hope the sun comes out for you and what's left of the bunny!
robin. said…
the sun is finally out for us in Northern Michigan...still coolish but no snow!!! i love the green is very Easter-ish. i am off to be the Easter bunny-nothing like being last minute!!!

happy Easter to all!

GalleryJuana said…
Sweet Repose's comment cracked me up!

Cool shot with the green and yellow tones. No Easter chocolate for me. I'm still working my way through the Valentine day's chocolate.
Unknown said…
Interesting underground SSS..though I hardly take public transport, maybe night shadows next time. Hey..leave some chocolate for me will ya, Happy Easter Sunday too and above are really some very nice SSS.
hahaha! poor, poor chocolate bunny. ;)
i love the coloring in your shot. photos like this remind us to stop and notice the beauty in the simplicity.
bobbie said…
Your shadow shot this week is very unusual and beautiful.

Wish I could join you, devouring that bunny.
What a nice shot..very interesting.
Kind of reminds me of a mystery movie scene..Happy Easter to you..
Unknown said…
Great underground SS! I enjoyed seeing everyone's SS and thanks for including mine too! We finally have sunshine in Missouri today--must head out with the camera and the choco-filled backpack! Happy Easter, one and all!
Kym said…
I posted my shadow, but it was taken in February...hope you do not mind...this is a busy weekend for us, so will not have time to shoot the shadows....LOL! Love the underground gives an eerie feeling, especially with the greenish cast of the light! Have a Happy Easter and check out the new artist's blog that I talked about last week....
Kym said…
Oh, and thanks for picking the wheel shot....I know I put too many choices up last week...Happy Chomping!
Happy Easter Tracy!
Chris said…
Happy Easter to you too!
picciolo said…
hi, its funny to read your sunday post early - here it is still early evening on saturday!
: )

happy easter!
Generik said…
Love the color in this, but I thought it was an execution chamber at first glance! I half expected to see an electric chair under that green light. Spooky!
Rinkly Rimes said…
Shadow posted a little early. It may have got lost among other stuff. So....

I enjoy your gallery!
whizkid said…
hey T, i really appreciate the efforts you put in making the collages. Thanks for taking the time to do it :) (and including me this week)

Loved the eerie green in your shadow shot.

Happy Easter.
Elizabeth said…
Happy Easter, Tracy.
Such wonderful collages -and this shadow shot thing has taken on a life of its own!
Happy weekend
What a cool...almost eerie shadow - love the green...are the aliens beeming us up?!!
Enjoy your week!
Gemma Wiseman said…
This is quite a haunting shadow! Great for a sci fi movvie! Love that luminous green!

Happy Easter!
jo said…
Interesting shot & it is kind of spooky.
Hoppy Easter!
Ali said…
Spooky shadows Tracy! (a bit too sinister for Easter-time ... but then the sun has been hiding...)
Hope you're enjoying your chocolate-y weekend! :)
→lisa said…
Hey Hi, I've been following your blog for a little while now. I love your photos and your shadow shot meme.

I submitted a shadowy photo -- hope I did it right :)
This is a fascinating picture...very enigmatic.
Thanks for all the work you do making up the shadow collages! i've found some really neat blogs here!
Anonymous said…
Great shadow as usual Tracy. You come up very interesting shadow shots, very creative - I am sure I would have passed this one by.
Wow Tracy...47! You've been at this almost a whole year!! Doesn't that seem crazy?! Did you have any idea it would go on this long when you started? Amazing!!
Cool shot this week. I really like the green color. I don't even know what it is...but it looks cool.
Great collages. People are really getting some neat shots. What an inspiration you've been;D
Hope you've enjoyed your bunny and that you're not in a sugar coma right now:O
Martha said…
Happy Easter to you too! :-)
Dianne said…
I love the light and color!

Happy Easter!
A wonderful and mysterious photo, somehow very painterly. Love the colors.
Hot Fudge said…
Great image, Tracy. There must be something in the water, because my shot this week is also railway related. Have a great Easter.
Ooooo! Neato-bonito! I'm glad that you went underground for this one!
BLOGitse said…
SSS = (chocolate bunny) sweet sunny sunday!
Kranky Granny said…
I too love the color of you shot. Very nice.

Oh! It has been forever since I had a chocolate bunny. Anyone know where you can get them in the sugar free varity.

Oh well, I will settle for my jello jiggler bunnies.
raf said…
Howdy, right back to you, Harriet! Missed getting a shadow shot in last week, but we're back. Great shot as always with your underground find. I've been chomping tonight too on a chocolate bunny and his big ears are now missing... :)
Chubby Chieque said…
More & more excited and good photographer's...

Such a nice collage again!

Anonymous said…
Very interesting shadow shot with the green light. Reminds me of a interrogation scene from a movie. Happy SSS and Happy Easter!! xo
keiren said…
Very arty subway shadows Harriet! Bet there's nothing left of that poor bunny now! Happy Easter!
ahab said…
Happy Easter, Harriet. I hope the sun comes out for you soon.
Anonymous said…
Got to love the cat one!
julie king said…
what a wonderful co9llection of shadows! i love the green glow in yours. i posted my just a few minutes ago. i posted last week as well but forgot to leave a comment to let you know. i'll get the hang of this eventually!

take care and thanks for doing this! it is a wonderful creative outlet for me!
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Beautiful Shadow! Love the color along with the shadow it makes. Enjoy your chocolate bunny!!! Have a great day!!

Anonymous said…
Happy Easter!

Catherine said…
Great interior shot... and Happy Easter to you... I am currently in Antigua, Guatemala where the Easter celebrations are spectacular...will be posting on it very soon...
Little Mary Moo said…
The rain will have been hampering your shadow finding. Cool shot. Hope you've enjoyed your bunny! said…
I'm not sure what I am looking at in your photo, but I still like it very much. I like the colors, the shadows & the light. A great SS all in all.
I'm sorry I missed submitting this week, but I am already looking forward to next weeks SSS.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Enjoy your bunny Tracy!
Ladynred said…
I love your shadow shot. pretty color!
Cool! Love the green.
Hey! These are really cool! I like to photograph shadows too... such an interesting effect!
Underground. Chocolate Bunny. Interesting shadow on the wall...yeah...that bunny didn't stand a chance! HAHAHA! If it were me, the bunny wouldn't have even LASTED on the trip uderground!! said…
love the fish, cat and tulips especially.
hope you had a lovely easter eggy break.
Sarah said…
Happy Easter! I like your subterranean shot. Hope you enjoyed your bunny!
Gina said…
Cool green shadows..reminds me of a Harry Potter scene for some reason.
Glad the easter bunny came to you..lucky thing! Have a great weekend Gx