Shadow Shot Sunday #48

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #48

A shadow belonging to a public art sculpture that can be found over at Portside Wharf in Hamilton. The sculpture didn't really appeal to me so I ignored it and focussed on the shadow only when taking the photo. The shadow very much appealed to me. As they always do! This is the runny-nosed, hurty head, achy all over, oh-woe-is-me-I-have-a-cold-and-better-get-back-to-bed edition of SSS. I had to get up to find some more tissues anyways. Aaachooo! 'Scuse me. Ew! That was a bit icky coz I still haven't found those tissues...

Happy Sunday!

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robin. said…
Bummer on the cold!!! Who has time for a cold?? Do feel better!! Interesting shadow from the sculpture...looks like the something from the kids cartoons.

I'm off for a day of cleaning and painting at our old house...
Cindy said…
Bless you!!

I love the shadow! I'm just glad I've found some shadows -- that means SUN!

Hope you start feeling better...get back to bed!!
GalleryJuana said…
Sending you well wishes and some pocket tissue. Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick, but you still have your sense of humor!

This is a cool shadow. You visit the most interesting places!
Unknown said…
This shadow is wild! and definitely super cool, love it..have no idea what it was..but still cool! Aw...T, here's hoping you'll get well soon...hugs/M
Tom Hilton said…
That is one great shadow shot. Hope you feel better!
maryt/theteach said…
Hey Harriet, that's a most unusual, decorative shadow! I love it! :)
raf said…
Howdy, Harriet - hope you're soon on the mend! Fascinating shadow shot today and lovely collage compositions as always.
A Wild Thing said…
Take two aspirin and call me in the morning...ha! What a bummer, but you're heading into colder weather now as we're getting warmer and spring colds abound...I was lucky this bugs!

What a cool shadow, looks like Poseidon's trident...too cool!

I'll tell you what I tell Scratchy...HEAL!!! Have a super Sunday in spite of the bug!
I think I would have been fixated on that shadow, too. It's awesome. Get well soon!
Generik said…
I really like this week's Alien Insect Overlord shadow! (That is what it is, right? How could it be anything else?) Brilliant.

Best of luck getting rid of that cold!
bobbie said…
That is a really exciting shadow! Beautiful!

Hope the cold doesn't last too long. That's a miserable thing. I went through it about a week ago. You know they say - it will last 2 weeks without medication, and 14 days with it. Hope you shake it off soon.
Cool shadow Tracy...sorry that you have a cold though! Get lots of rest & fluids so you get better soon!
alexa said…
Hope you are feeling better... we've all got that here too :(
Catherine said…
love that shadow... and I quite agree that it is quite often the case that the shadows are far more interesting and beautiful than the actual objects themselves...why is that??
Unknown said…
Loved seeing everyone's SS's! Hope and pray you will feel better soon and that the sun shines on you! It's still raining in St Louis, but the trees are loving the heavenly moisture! Do raindrops make shadows???
Unknown said…
Lovely to see all of those together - and yours for this week is really wonderful! I've been looking for shadows all week...
Hot Fudge said…
So sorry to hear you have a nasty cold, Tracy - get well soon. In the meantime, your shadow is stunning, as usual. How come I can walk past the same places and see nothing, while you capture these little gems?
Gemma Wiseman said…
I know how you feel. My cold has been lingering for a month and it's not winter yet! The minute the weather zaps into a swift drop in temperature, is windy or simply drizzly, my cold of sniffles and coughs and pains rises to the surafce in all its glory and gives me hell! Did I mention it takes particualr delight in keeping me awake at night?

Enough of me! Adore that shadow! It almost suggests a very sacred icon with its arcing shapes meeting asd if in prayer! Lovely!
Shannon said…
don't blalme ya for ignoring the statue... it's shadow was FAB!!
Terri said…
That's an awesome shadow!

Hope you feel better soon and that you didn't spray too much on your monitor.
EG CameraGirl said…
Very nice shadow!
Funky shadow! I also really like the fossils(?)on the stand for the that a trilobite I see? Hope you are soon feeling better!
Jeri ~ said…
Very cool shadow! Hope you feel better soon!!
Rinkly Rimes said…
Yes! The shadow is more attractive than the object! (That's often true of me too!)
→lisa said…
Get well soon!!!

You've found the best shadow, it's so unusual. It kind of reminds me of Batman's "bat signal" that shines up in the sky...
whizkid said…
That's an interesting shot! and yes, get well soon.
Anonymous said…
That is a very impressive shadow. It doesn't even look like it belongs to the object that's casting it.

I hope you find those tissues soon, the thought of your last sneeze is quite horrifying. Rest up and hope you're better soon :)
Laurie said…
i am new at this. I am trying to figure out what Mr. Linky is and where to submit on it.

my new photoblog is

Thanks! Laurie
XUE said…
Wow!,,,very dramatic SSS! Kind of like it ought to be a logo for some wizardry thingy club because it's so phoenix-wings-like! That is if phoenix wings do look like these!
Laurie said…
I found Mr. Linky! :)

Thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Now, THAT'S a shadow. A very interesting-looking one.

Feel better real soon.

What an awesome shadow!!! It looks like a sun salutation!
Ria said…
Hi Harriet!

Joined for the first time :-) Love the theme...hope to be able to contribute more!!!
Kranky Granny said…
Love your shadow shot. I will say a prayer for a quick recovery. Colds at this time of year can be very nasty.
Carin said…
What a fantastic shadow shot and so clear too. Wonderful!

....Bless you!..... hope you feel better soon!

Have a joyful week!
Chubby Chieque said…
What a perfect shot! mum reckoned!

Happy day!
You get the best shadows..What a beautiful shot this is. Hope you are feeling better, this morning.
Happy SSS..
Sarah said…
Hi Harriet!
That is an amazing shadow. I wonder if the artist considered that when making the sculpture? Hope your cold gets better soon!
Sarah :)
Chris said…
I love that shadow. It brings images of spiders and centipedes to my mind (which is not a bad thing, I like bugs).
Elizabeth said…
I agree that the shadow was more exciting than the sculpture.
Isn't that often the way?
Such excellent collages as always.
Hugs. said…
Aww! I hope you feel better real soon Tracy!
I like your idea of noticing the shadow when you didn't care for the sculpture. very creative.
the collages are so cool, just like every week.
; )
Ginger said…
It's an awesome shadow. I wish we could see what the sculpture looked like! Hope you feel better soon.
Bless you...Gesundheit! Hope you shake that cold soon:} If I were there I would bring you chicken soup.

Lovey collages! Your shot is cool. It has kind of a millipedi, hood ornament look to it. Very interesting!
Müge Tekil said…
Very interesting shadow! It's more attractive than the sculpture. I wish you a quick recovery! Take care!
Victoria said…
Poor baby! hope you have found your tissues by now, and that you are feeling much better! Your SS is very cool, looks like some ancient sun dial. Now go drink lots of fluid and rest, rest rest! xo
Kerslyn said…
I hope you'll get better soon. Anyway, my shadow shot is up. :-) Happy Sunday!
Kym said…
That is a truly spectacular shadow shot that you have done! As for me, no shadow shots this weekend (all the shots that were uploaded for today are just as wonderful...great job everyone)...We have had no sun the past two days! This week was too busy to try and capture when the sun was out! Take care of that cold and get better soon!
MyMaracas said…
Wonderful shadow! It looks alien and mystical. I love alien and mystical.

Colds are miserable. I hope yours is gone soon!
hejoko said…
This is really something.
I keep reading about the SSS and finally tuned in. These are fabulous images...will keep watching for more!
picciolo said…
hope you found your tissues, and that you feel better soon
: )
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
I love your shadow! It looks so delicate and lacy! Mine is posted. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Have a great day!

storyteller said…
Hope your cold passes quickly! Loved the collages as always and found your Shadow Shot this week most fascinating.
Hugs and blessings,
Dianne said…
really pretty shadow!

feel better
how on earth do you find such beautiful shadows?? that's gorgeous!
I so hope you are better super quick! I HATE being sick and can't focus on anything when I am. Chicken soup with extra ginger, garlic is good, too.

And beautiful shadow, as always.
keiren said…
A great shadow gallery and yours this week is very sharp. Judging by the shadow I wouldn't like to sit on that sculpture! Be better soon Harriet. Lots of rest and keep up the fluids!
Chrisy said…
Teneale said…
Very cool - looks like a Star Wars rebel alliance type symbol. Your not on a death star by any chance are you... lol

Hope ur cold is gone. I've gone through so much polaramine lately, it's flippin sweet for a walking tap like me.

xo Teneale
Anonymous said…
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ahab said…
Fascinating shadow this week, Harriet! Hope you're feeling better soon. said…
i want to buy your etsy picture of the paper cranes. but i want it B-I-G-G-E-R!!

please :)
Gina said…
Such fabulous shadows...and amazing public art..nowhere near as much down south! Gx
Gina said…
Oh..meant to say, so sorry to hear about your computer..hope you get it fixed soon!